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    Posted on Jan 22, 2017

    Use Elastic Bands And Hook And Loop Tape To Make This Grid Organizer

    It's the little things.... That are so darn hard to organize.

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    We're not gonna judge you for how much stuff you have but you have too much stuff.

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    We're not gonna tell you what to do with all your stuff—that's your business—but you could keep all your stuff under wraps with this grid organizer. You won't be able to fit everything but make 87 of them and maybe....

    Things you'll need:

    Braided elastic of varying widths, $20.88

    Hook and loop tape, $6.99

    No-sew glue, $6.78

    Old clipboard or any long, flat board


    Note: Use varied widths of elastic to hold various things — something heavier or bigger may need a wider strip to keep it in place, while something smaller will be easier to grab if its strip is narrower.

    # Loop a piece of elastic around the length of the board and cut where the two ends meet. Cut enough pieces of this length to cover the board.

    # Loop a piece of elastic around the width of the board and cut a few similarly sized pieces.

    # Use no-sew glue to attach a pieces of hook and loop tape to the inside ends of the elastic to make a tight loop around the board. Repeat for each length of elastic.

    # Pull all the length pieces onto the board and then weave the width pieces, leaving gaps to create varying sized grids.

    Watch the full video here.

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