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54 Things You Overhear At The Toronto International Film Festival

"You know how Meg Ryan has one facial expression?"

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1. "What is this line for?"

2. "Where does the line start?"

3. "This is the line? Shoot."

4. "Would you like a copy of TIFF Daily?"

5. "We can eat in line."

6. "Is my food ready yet? My movie is about to start."

7. *The crunch of people eating popcorn at 8 a.m.*

8. "You know what it is? There's just nothing to see."

9. "Oh, hey! I know you."

10. *Noise of someone typing on their computer during a screening*

11. "Is that seat taken?"

12. "I'm in a theater, so I'll have to talk quietly." (*Screams into the phone*)

13. "I'm going to leave early." (*Leaves before it even starts*)

14. "I saw a movie yesterday I walked out of."

15. "You're kidding?! I heard it was terrible."

16. "You're kidding?! I heard it was great."

17. *Noise of people tripping up theater steps*

18. "You'd know who she was if you saw her."

19. "You know how Meg Ryan has one facial expression?"

20. "Make sure you put an apple in your bag."

21. *People NOT saying, "Excuse me," when they step over you*

22. *Footsteps of people leaving 10 minutes into the film*

23. "How many films did we walk out of yesterday?"

24. "We must have left a dozen films yesterday."

25. *The click of audience members taking selfies in the theater*

26. "I might go to the Netflix party, but I heard it's way across town."

27. "It's supposed to be the best party, man. But I heard the guest list is impossible to get on."

28. "Do you think Benedict Cumberbatch is here?"

29. "Ohhhhh, so The Last Five Years is supposed to be moving forward in time for him and backward for her? I did not get that."

30. "Who do you think is in that car?"

31. "Men, Women, and Children was a total disappointment."

32. "Did you hear what Top Five sold for?!"

33. "It's so annoying. They schedule all the best movies at the same time."

34. "You didn't oversleep. I'm so proud of you!"

35. "She just called to say she was running late for the screening because she was shopping. I don't know what her deal is."

36. "They're totally going to do an award push for that role."

37. "Did you partake in Billy Murray Day?"

38. "I loved The Imitation Game."

39. "Anna Kendrick is in every movie I've seen."

40. "I've slept two hours in the last three days."

41. "You actually won't recognize Jennifer Aniston in Cake."

42. "Remember when Jennifer Aniston was in Horrible Bosses?"

43. "I stood in that Midnight Madness line in that DOWNPOUR for two hours."

44. "I wasn't going anywhere near that Midnight Madness crowd."

45. "What are you seeing after this?"

46. "What do you think of Toronto?"

47. "That was a career-changing role for [insert any actor's name here]."

48. "Did you see Nightcrawler? Go see Nightcrawler!"

49. "I'm just going to close my eyes until the previews are over."

50. *Screams at a poor concession guy*

51. "That movie had the best soundtrack."

52. "I had a quieter day. I only have three movies on my schedule."

53. "I'm powering through."

54. "If I take my bag to the theater and go straight to the airport, I think I can squeeze in one more screening."