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Joseph Kahn Is Trolling His Way To Indie Movie Success

Bodied is the new film from Joseph Kahn, a music video director who's become almost as famous for his outspoken Twitter presence as for his work. But there's plenty of thought behind all his online button-pushing.

Barack Obama Is Suddenly The Hottest Thing In Movies

The director and star of Toronto International Film Festival favorite Barry — about the president's first year at Columbia University in 1981 — tell BuzzFeed News why he's such a great subject for film.

Gabrielle Union Is Carrying Nate Parker's Water

Sexual assault has engulfed The Birth of a Nation, not only because of the film's content, but because its director, star, and screenwriter Parker was accused of rape 17 years ago. Now, only one member of the cast and crew is truly speaking openly about sexual violence, and she's a survivor herself.

7 Insanely Inventive Movies You Have To See To Believe

The just-wrapped Toronto International Film Festival is where many Oscar hopefuls launch campaigns. But it's also an excellent platform to discover movies that are wildly different from anything you might see in the multiplex.

How Jon Stewart Learned To Be A Director

With Rosewater, based on the true story of a tortured journalist, the Daily Show frontman stepped behind the camera for the first time. “I think the best decision I made was to be cognizant of my own ignorance.”

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