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Lady Gaga's New Documentary Will Make You Understand The Loneliness Of Fame

Gaga: Five Foot Two serves as a wonderful and moving montage of, truly, how stardom actually takes a village. And that village needs a piece of its star at every turn.

12 Actors You're Probably About To See Everywhere

Get to know these stars now, people.

Joseph Kahn Is Trolling His Way To Indie Movie Success

Bodied is the new film from Joseph Kahn, a music video director who's become almost as famous for his outspoken Twitter presence as for his work. But there's plenty of thought behind all his online button-pushing.

Louis C.K. Is As Close As He's Ever Gotten To Addressing The Allegations Against Him

In his new film I Love You, Daddy, Louis C.K. at the very least points to the elephant in the room.

Idris Elba On Survival, Romance, And Bad Reviews

The actor weighs in on the importance of trust, those Dark Tower reviews, and maybe doing a comedy. (Warning: Some spoilers ahead.)

"Mother!" Is Absolutely Not For Everyone

Jennifer Lawrence's mindblowing new movie is tough to love, but even harder to forget.

Brie Larson Made An Unapologetically Feminine Movie For Everyone

"I'm living my life now and I'm not telling myself 'no,' I’m just going do what I want to do and wait until other people tell me 'no.'"

As Hurricane Irma Ripped Through Florida, This Movie About Poverty In The State Played On

“There are these areas of the tourist capital of the world that are blighted and we don’t even know it.”

Sebastian Stan Wouldn't Tell Me If His "I, Tonya" Mustache Was Real And I'm Spiraling

Sebastian Stan's mustache, you riddle, I will solve you.

Margot Robbie And Jessica Chastain Have Nabbed Two Of 2017's Best Female Roles

But whether I, Tonya and Molly's Game have two of this year's best female protagonists is a more complicated question.

Celebrities Re-Created 1940s Hollywood Glamour Shots And They're Gorgeous

Idris Elba, Brie Larson, George Clooney, and more stars went retro at BuzzFeed and Getty Images' photo studio at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Lady Gaga Is Opening Up About Her Chronic Pain

"I hope people watching it who do struggle with chronic pain know that they're not alone."

7 Movies You Need To Know About This Fall

Fresh from the Toronto International Film Festival and headed to a theater near you, here are the films to look out for (in addition to the already much-discussed Manchester by the Sea and The Birth of a Nation).

Barack Obama Is Suddenly The Hottest Thing In Movies

The director and star of Toronto International Film Festival favorite Barry — about the president's first year at Columbia University in 1981 — tell BuzzFeed News why he's such a great subject for film.

These New Movies Try To Go All "Ban Men," But Only One Succeeds

A fuck-patriarchy streak — uneven though it may be — at the Toronto International Film Festival is uniting a Brie Larson shoot-'em-up, a gender reassignment thriller, and a kaiju drama.

Gabrielle Union Is Carrying Nate Parker's Water

Sexual assault has engulfed The Birth of a Nation, not only because of the film's content, but because its director, star, and screenwriter Parker was accused of rape 17 years ago. Now, only one member of the cast and crew is truly speaking openly about sexual violence, and she's a survivor herself.

Meet The New "Transparent" Character Keeping Privilege In Check

Jill Soloway told TIFF audiences that Season 3 will address intersectionality — of gender, race, class, and queerness — and ask the question: Is god female?

Nate Parker Deflects Question About Why He Hasn't Apologized To Rape Victim's Family

During a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, Parker "respectfully" asked to keep the focus on The Birth of a Nation story, cast, and crew.

The Diversity Is Just For Show In "The Magnificent Seven"

Representation needs more than just characters of color showing up.

Amid Rape Allegation Controversy, Nate Parker Gets Standing Ovation At Major Film Festival Premiere

At The Birth of a Nation's debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday, the filmmaker was not questioned about the 1999 rape case against him that has re-emerged.

The Surprising Winners And Losers Of The 2015 Toronto Film Festival

Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, and Johnny Depp faltered. Brie Larson, Alicia Vikander, and Matt Damon jumped to the front of the awards season pack. And everyone seemed to love movies about journalism.

7 Insanely Inventive Movies You Have To See To Believe

The just-wrapped Toronto International Film Festival is where many Oscar hopefuls launch campaigns. But it's also an excellent platform to discover movies that are wildly different from anything you might see in the multiplex.

There's A Lot Missing From Johnny Depp And Tom Hardy's Gangster Movies

The actors make impressive crime bosses, but Black Mass and Legend can't get into the heads of their showy mobsters.

Kristen Stewart Talks About Honesty, Privacy, And Her New Movie "Equals"

"I'm not private. I just really want to be true to myself," Stewart told BuzzFeed News during an interview with Equals director Drake Doremus at the Toronto International Film Festival.

"The Martian" Proves That Science Is Totally Action-Adventure Worthy

Matt Damon goes to Mars and shows that when it comes to space sagas, nerds rule.

Two Young Actors Give The Year's Most Heartachingly Mature Performances

Beasts of No Nation and Room tell stunning stories about the strength of children.

Everything You Need To Know About The Man Behind Lord Varys

Conleth Hill, who plays Lord Varys on Game of Thrones, talks to BuzzFeed News about his new film, A Patch of Fog, the lies of Wikipedia, and Varys memes.

Optimism Doesn't Look Good On Michael Moore In His Secret New Movie

The provocative filmmaker goes searching for good ideas overseas in his new documentary Where to Invade Next.

32 Movies We're Excited To See At This Year's Toronto Film Festival

Lots of biopics, lots of LGBT visibility, and double helpings of Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston — these and more are among the promising highlights of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, which starts Sept. 10.

Ben Stiller's New Comedy Is Secretly About "Catfish"

While We're Young is actually a comedy about fleeing adulthood, filmmaking, and the doc that spawned MTV's hit series.

The Winners And Losers Of The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

This year, A-list actors (Jake Gyllenhaal! Reese Witherspoon! Benedict Cumberbatch! Kristen Stewart!) remarkably reinvented themselves in movies that were not quite as fantastic.

54 Things You Overhear At The Toronto International Film Festival

"You know how Meg Ryan has one facial expression?"

Welcome To The Year Of Adam Driver

With three films at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Girls star has impressively found a way to both stand out and separate himself from the character that made him famous.

How Reese Witherspoon Got Messy And Saved Her Career

In The Good Lie and especially in Wild, the 38-year-old actress has finally rekindled the spark that launched her career.

How Jon Stewart Learned To Be A Director

With Rosewater, based on the true story of a tortured journalist, the Daily Show frontman stepped behind the camera for the first time. “I think the best decision I made was to be cognizant of my own ignorance.”

This Harrowing Movie About Early Onset Alzheimer's Is Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

Still Alice, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, brings the audience on the painful journey of a woman living with a disease for which there is no cure.

13 Pieces Of Advice From Connie Britton

WWCBD? The actress formerly known as Tami Taylor, who stars in the upcoming movie This Is Where I Leave You, answers that question for us.

The Crazy Horror Movie That Made Kevin Smith Fall In Love With Filmmaking Again

The fanboy king and Clerks director has made something shocking, funny, and fresh in Tusk.

Why Samuel L. Jackson Is Playing The U.S. President As A Wimp

In Big Game, an action film that recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, Jackson's U.S. president cannot throw a punch. But that is not an (intentional) dig at Obama.

5 Reasons You Need To See "Top Five"

Chris Rock is back in a big way with his latest film, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival.

What "Men, Women & Children" Gets Wrong About The Internet

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, and Ansel Elgort star in Jason Reitman's movie that reaches for big themes about online life, but just doesn't connect.

Ansel Elgort Stands Behind Social Media Despite Recent Photo-Hacking

The star of Men, Women & Children explains how the recent leak changed his online behavior, but here's why he also thinks it's important for celebrities to be active on social media.

The Most Explosive Film Of The Fall

Why everyone's going to be talking about Jake Gyllenhaal's performance as a gleefully amoral cameraman in Nightcrawler.

The Twilight Of Studio Ghibli Births Two New Films

Hayao Miyazaki may have retired, but a new doc about his company offers an unprecedented look at how he worked. Meanwhile, Ghibli's latest animated release turns an old folktale into something truly epic.

The Movie For The DJs Who Never Quite Became Daft Punk

Watch the trailer for Eden, the new movie from Mia Hansen-Løve set in the '90s French dance music scene, only on BuzzFeed.

24 Movies We Can't Wait To See At The Toronto International Film Festival

Benedict Cumberbatch, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrick, and Reese Witherspoon? Yes, please.

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