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The 38 Hottest And Worst TV Couples Of 2014

Shake it off, terrible couples of 2014. Shake. It. Off.

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There is good news and bad news in TV couple land. But let's start with the former. Here are the best TV couples of 2014:

1. Poussey Washington and Taystee Jefferson, Orange Is the New Black


Relationship status: They kissed once, and it was a pity kiss from Taystee. :(

Why they're the best: Taystee got herself thrown back in jail just to be with Poussey! And Poussey stood up to the crazy, scary Vee on Taystee's behalf. That is real love. And they always have each other's backs, except when Taystee was a bitch to Poussey under Vee's orders. But mostly, they're just better together. —Emily Orley

2. Claire and Frank Underwood, House of Cards

Relationship status: Married for a long time and the ultimate power couple (though they seem to have an open relationship, as they've had a threesome with their security guard and each had affairs as well).

Why they're the best: Despite all his terribleness, "Francis," as Claire refers to him, is actually really protective of his wife, particularly when the man who sexually assaulted her showed up at their dinner table. And Claire, in all her cutthroat-ness, is beyond supportive of her husband and is willing to go to pretty much any length to help advance his career. —E.O.

3. Sarah Manning and Cal Morrison, Orphan Black


Relationship status: Dated years ago and had a child together (unbeknownst to Cal!) and are currently back together... for now.

Why they're the best: They're kind of just sexy as hell, to be honest. Cal is a programmer/lumberjack and Sarah's a nutcase, EXCEPT when she's with Cal. It's like they should always be around each other, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ —Erin LaRosa

4. Detective Rust Cohle and his six-pack of beer, True Detective


Relationship status: Hooking up on the regular, and borderline "official."

Why they're the best: Rust won't talk to anyone until he gets his six-pack, and that six-pack wouldn't have it any other way. <3 —E.LR.

5. Topanga and Cory Matthews, Girl Meets World

Disney Channel via
Disney Channel via

Relationship status: Together since junior high, and now married with two children.

Why they're the best: CORY AND TOPANGA TOGETHER FOREVER! Need I say more? No, no I need not. But in case you missed the '90s and have never heard of a little show called Boy Meets World, Cory and Topanga met in the sandbox around age 3. And decades later (and on a new spinoff Girl Meets World), they're still a duo and as quirky as ever. —E.O.

6. Virginia Johnson and Bill Masters, Masters of Sex

Relationship status: Currently having an affair (FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES), and pretty much boning all over the damn place. (But mostly in a hotel.)

Why they're the best: Even though this relationship is inherently NOT GOOD because Bill is borderline verbally abusive and cheating on his wife, these two need each other. Bill and Virginia wouldn't be able to function, quite literally, without one another, as we learned this season. —E.LR.

7. Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton, How to Get Away With Murder

Relationship status: Dated for a few fleeting months, but are currently splitsville. :(

Why they're the best: Even though Connor originally hooked up with Oliver to get information (TERRIBLE, I KNOW), he opened up more to him than anyone else. It was the first time Connor allowed himself to be vulnerable with someone else, and they were actually super cute together. RIP Coliver. —E.LR.

8. Elizabeth Faulkner McCord and Henry McCord, Madam Secretary

Relationship status: Married for many years.

Why they're the best: Elizabeth holds a really high-powered job (she's the U.S. Secretary of State) and Henry isn't intimidated by that fact AT ALL. At one point, it seemed like he was having an affair, but he wasn't — he was just spying for the NSA. And he's extremely supportive of Elizabeth, as is she of him. Also, they're really adorable. — E.O.

9. Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead

AMC / Via

Relationship status: Married and basically never leaving each other's sides again.

Why they're the best: In the midst of the motherfucking zombie apocalypse, somehow, these two are still able to remain constants for each other and for us. And that's a damn beautiful thing. —E.LR.

10. Kristina and Adam Braverman, Parenthood

Relationship status: Married for years, will be together forever.

Why they're the best: This isn't a ranking post but, if it was, Adam and Kristina would be No. 1. They are, by far, the best couple on television. They have a healthy, stable, and insanely supportive marriage. And through their fair share of hard times — mainly finding out their middle child has Asperger's, Kristina's battle with breast cancer, and an unplanned pregnancy — they've only become closer. If you didn't cry when Adam got their middle child Max to show up at the school he and Kristina opened together, you're lying. —E.O.

11. Jane Villanueva and Rafael Solano, Jane the Virgin

The CW via
The CW via

Relationship status: In what is surely now every woman's worst nightmare, Jane was accidentally inseminated with Rafael's sperm and is now carrying his unborn child. They've also started dating, which is somehow super cute. Plus, they have "the spark."

Why they're the best: Jane has made wild Rafael calm down and Rafael has been a constant source of encouragement for Jane whenever she feels overwhelmed (which is a lot, because she's a pregnant virgin, just realized she doesn't love her fiancé, and has recently met her long lost father who happens to be a famous telenovela star.) —E.O.

12. Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano, The Mindy Project

Relationship status: They're dating, and Mindy is ready for a ring.

Why they're the best: It's really cute to watch them tease each other. Also, their kiss on the plane was pretty perfect. —E.O.

13. Rainbow and Dre Johnson, Black-ish

Relationship status: Married with four children.

Why they're the best: Dre can get a little worked up when an idea strikes. But Bow is always there to keep him grounded and/or tell him he's being an idiot. —E.O.

14. Anna and John Bates, Downton Abbey

Relationship status: Pretty happily married, and forever protective of each other.

Why they're the best: Anna fought like hell for Bates to get out of jail for a murder he didn't commit. And he protected her, well kind of... in his own way, after she was brutally raped. These two will never give up on one another! —E.O.

15. Daenerys Targaryen and Daario Naharis, Game of Thrones


Relationship status: Khaleesi is currently using Daario as her sex slave, and that is totally more than OK.

Why they're the best: It's really that Daario worships Khaleesi, and is more than happy to be there at her beck and call. #relationshipgoals — E.LR.

16. Molly Solverson and Gus Grimly, Fargo


Relationship status: Married with a bun in the oven, and happily spending nights at Molly's dad's diner.

Why they’re the best: They're just sweet, ya know? Kind of like a vanilla milkshake. They're genuinely good people who happened to find and believe in each other. But they'd be completely boring if people weren't being murdered around them all the time. —E.LR.

17. Mary, Queen of Scots and Francis II, Reign

The CW

Relationship status: They're married and Francis is willing to die for Mary, i.e. true love.

Why they’re the best: This couple proves that distance really does make the heart grow fonder. They truly love one another and always present a united front when together! —E.O.

18. Patrick Murray and Richie Donado, Looking


Relationship status: Not technically together, but there's a very real chance they'll get back together.

Why they’re the best: Patrick is so fucking awkward all the time, and Richie is lovely, and hot, and so down to rim, it's not even funny. They've had some rockiness (due in large part to Patrick being an idiot), but hopefully, they'll be back on track soon (i.e. when Season 2 starts in January). —E.LR.

19. Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser and Jamie Fraser, Outlander


Relationship status: Married and very actively consummating that marriage.

Why they're the best: Jamie is adorable, in that he's a big, strong Scot but also a virgin and completely clueless about women. Meanwhile, Claire loves the sex and cannot get enough of the sex. Now that they're married, it's kind of like watching a beautiful Scottish man be taught the ways of the world by an experienced woman. Actually, that's exactly what it is, and it's wonderful. —E.LR.

20. Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers, Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family

Relationship status: Dating and easily the most stable couple of the four main Pretty Little Liars 'ships.

Why they’re the best: On a show in which one liar is dating her teacher, another is dating a girl who once tried to drown her, and another is dating someone who she once believed was blackmailing her, it's not hard to rise to the top, as far as relationships go. But Hanna and Caleb would certainly earn Cutest Couple in the Rosewood High School yearbook, even if it weren't such an easy competition. Though distance (and a spinoff) split them up, Haleb has come back together stronger than ever this year. Hanna helped Caleb get over his developing drinking habit and Caleb has always been at the forefront of the battle against "A." The show may be tired, but Hanna and Caleb are forever. —contributor Jaimie Etkin

And now for the worst TV couples of 2014:

21. Rebecca and Wes, How to Get Away With Murder

Relationship status: Officially a couple, and especially so since Wes totally helped Rebecca cover up a murder. SHE OWES HIM.

Why they're the worst: Rebecca is usually mean to Wes, and it took him saving her ass roughly a dozen times before she was finally like, "Oh, you're kinda the best, huh?" Plus, Wes loses any sense of rationality when he's around Rebecca, which doesn't bode well for his career and life, in general. —E.LR.

22. Stefan and Ivy, The Vampire Diaries

The CW

Relationship status: Unofficially broken up.

Why they’re the worst: This pair went on two dates. TWO. Then Ivy was unceremoniously killed off the show simply for dating him. Worst. Boyfriend. Ever. —E.LR.

23. Sarah Pfefferman and Tammy Cashman, Transparent


Relationship status: Together after leaving their significant others for each other, and possibly getting married(?).

Why they’re the worst: Their sex is actually super hot, but they're also two of the most self-involved people on the planet. They seem to have little to no concern for their families and are constantly only worried about themselves... not hot. —E.LR.

24. Fiona Gallagher and Mike Pratt, Shameless


Relationship status: Officially over, even though Mike bailed Fiona out of jail...

Why they’re the worst: In a lot of ways, Mike is the best and most stable thing to happen to Fiona. And she ends up being extremely vulnerable in front of him when she admits her mistakes, and actually seems to be learning from them. But having to watch Fiona fuck up her life, and fuck over the nicest man to enter it, is just way too much. —E.LR.

25. Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant, Scandal


Relationship status: On and off. Fitz hasn't been earning Liv lately.

Why they're the worst: Liv and Fitz have become the most annoying couple on television. They're so whiny and unhappy whenever they're together. And honestly, I've been to Vermont — it's fine, but nothing to get so worked up over. MOVE ON. Also, they both have people at home waiting for them that neither of them deserve. —E.O.

26. Katrina and Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow


Relationship status: Married and working through some... issues.

Why they’re the worst: Katrina is boring. There, I said it. She's like a warm glass of milk you're forced to drink and then choke on halfway through. And Ichabod is a gentleman and a scholar who deserves more than a lying witch. (That's not a euphemism, she really is a liar and a witch.) —E.LR.

27. Eugene Porter and his mullet, The Walking Dead


Relationship status: The two spend half their time partying, and half their time fake science-ing.

Why they're the worst: Eugene KNOWS that he gets judged for his choice in hairstyle. He gets that. But frankly, dear, he doesn't give a damn. It's just Eugene and his lying liar of a mullet, until a zombie gets him and then it will be zombie Eugene and his undead mullet forever. —E.LR.

28. Quinn Perkins and Charlie, Scandal

Relationship status: On and off, in between trying to kill one another.

Why they're the worst: Pretty much the same reasons that Quinn and Huck are the worst, without the face licking. Quinn really just needs to be on her own for a while. —E.O.

29. Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins, Grey's Anatomy

ABC via
ABC via

Relationship status: Recently separated. Let the underwear dance parties resume!

Why they're the worst: I know many, many people loved Calzona. I loved them at one point! But as the years went on, and they grew to just hate and resent one another (if I heard one more argument about "the leg"...), it was just too unbearable. They're both good people, but they're not good together. After countless breakups and makeups, I'm relieved it finally seems over for good. —E.O.

30. Cyrus Beene and the male prostitute Michael, Scandal


Relationship status: They're screwing each other, physically and metaphorically.

Why they're the worst: You mean, aside from the fact that Michael is being paid by Cyrus' enemy to sleep with him and find out White House secrets? —E.O.

31. Piper Chapman and Alex Vause, Orange Is The New Black


Relationship status: Temporarily on hold, seeing as Alex took a plea deal and royally effed Piper over.

Why they're the worst: Alex ruined Piper's life by having her help smuggle drugs around the world. And then Piper ruined her own life by forgetting that Alex is a terrible person and having an affair when they found themselves in the same jail. And THEN Alex ruined Piper's life AGAIN when she took a plea deal after begging Piper to stay quiet on the stand. When will we get off this merry-go-round? —E.O.

32. Alana Bloom and Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal


Relationship status: Unofficially broken up, and Alana is possibly dead.

Why they’re the worst: Alana is the worst for ignoring all of the warning signs and sleeping with a serial killer. And Hannibal is the worst because, well, he fed those people he killed to Alana. Just a sad state of "what the fuck?!" all around. —E.LR.

33. Megan and Don Draper, Mad Men


Relationship status: Soon-to-be divorced, because duh.

Why they’re the worst: Megan spent much of Season 7 in Los Angeles, pursuing her dreams, while Don was sad and getting fat on the couch in New York. This has become a boring, mostly sexless marriage that needs to just go away. —E.LR.

34. Quinn Perkins and Huck Finn, Scandal


Relationship status: On and off, much to everyone's dismay.

Why they're the worst: All they do is beat each other up, smack each other down, choke each other, pull out one another's teeth, or lick each other's faces. And then they have weird, raunchy sex in inappropriate places, like the OPA conference room. —E.O.

35. Alison Lockhart and Noah Solloway, The Affair

Relationship status: Hooked up for three months, called it off when he found out she was selling drugs, saw each other once and couldn't keep their hands off one another, and spent the day screwing in Noah's home while his wife and children were out. Noah just left his wife for Allison, but Allison isn't quite on the same page.

Why they're the worst: HELLO! They're both married! —E.O.

36. Sansa Stark and Lord Baelish, Game of Thrones


Relationship status: Lord Baelish is regrettably courting Sansa.

Why they’re the worst: Aside from the fact that Baelish admits he COULD HAVE been her father if things turned out differently with her mother, he's also a terrible human and forced a kiss on poor Sansa. Now her only defense is to play along so she doesn't end up dead. —E.LR.

37. Polly Harper and Larry Bloom, Orange Is The New Black


Relationship status: Horrifyingly started dating while Polly was STILL married, and Larry's fiancé was STILL in prison.

Why they're the worst: You don't have an affair with your incarcerated wife's best friend who is married and just had a baby. YOU JUST DON'T! —E.O.

38. Cersei and Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones


Relationship status: ~Not-So-Secret Lovers~

Why they’re the worst: They had sex (consensual in the books, not consensual in the TV show) next to their son's dead body. Also, they are siblings. I rest my case. —E.LR.

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