Andrew Garfield Responded To Tom Holland Claiming Someone's Butt Was "Fake" In "Spider-Man: No Way Home"

    "I think Tom is very good at marketing."

    A few months ago, Tom Holland coyly sipped from a water bottle while apparently spilling tea about Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, the actor's Spider-Man predecessors and costars in No Way Home.

    Reflecting on the trio's reunion in last December's superhero movie, Tom claimed that one of them — though he didn't reveal which — sported some extra enhancements to fill out their costume. "I'm not going to tell you who — but one of us has a fake ass in their suit," Tom shared during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. "You can figure out that for yourselves."

    Tom opening a water bottle and smiling while on Seth Meyers' show

    People were quick to exchange theories about whether Tom's vague teaser referred to Andrew or Tobey. Well, Andrew has now addressed those questions during his own appearance on the late-night show, and he would like to formally state for the record that nope, it wasn't him.

    "He's just stirring the pot, old Tom. He can't help himself," Andrew said.

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    "You know, there's an expression that we have in entertainment, which is, 'We want to put bums on seats,'" he continued. "You know, we want to get the audience sat and paying their tickets."

    Andrew suggested that Tom's fake-butt claims were merely an example of his talents at "creating sub-genres of games" for audiences that draw them to theaters.

    "You're in the cinema going, 'Well that butt doesn't look real. Tobey's looks like it might be real. Could Andrew have that much ass? Maybe, potentially.'"

    "All I know is that I am totally unmodified," Andrew said. "And that's all I can share."

    Andrew also thinks "Tom is very good at marketing," which may very well be true. Just a note that, given the immediate, record-breaking success of Spider-Man: No Way Home at the box office, there was really no need for additional promos, so...

    You can check out Andrew's interview here or via the clip above.