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    29 Hair Tutorials That Will Help You Look Like Your Favorite Celebrities

    The makeup has been covered and now onto luscious locks!

    1. Mary-Kate Olsen

    YouTuber: Claire Ashley

    Tutorial: This loose version of the milkmaid braid would be ideal for the summer.

    2. Blake Lively

    YouTuber: Jennifer Johnson collaborating with Birchbox

    Tutorial: Watch this video of Jennifer recreating the Bridette Bardot-inspired look she often used on the set of Gossip Girl.

    3. Lana Del Rey

    YouTuber: Dieu Linh

    Tutorial: You can copy Lana's polished look here.

    4. Rihanna

    YouTuber: Sammi from Beautycrush

    Tutorial: Her fun tutorial is based off of Rihanna's hair in the "We Found Love" video.

    5. Kim Kardashian

    YouTuber: Hollie Wakeham

    Tutorial: This tutorial will help you perfect the beachy waves Kim is often seen sporting.

    6. Katy Perry

    YouTuber: Emma Pickles

    Tutorial: The hair in this video would be an excellent choice for a date.

    7. Sienna Miller

    YouTuber: Ree from BaByliss UK

    Tutorial: This tutorial will help you achieve Sienna's effortlessly chic waves.

    8. Jennifer Lopez

    YouTuber: It'sjudytime

    Tutorial: Judy teaches you how to copy this voluminous 'do here.

    9. Anne Hathaway

    YouTuber: Holly from Beauty Base

    Tutorial: This video teaches you how to recreate this incredibly simple pixie 'do.

    10. Janelle Monáe

    YouTuber: MrsFabBeautyBlog

    Tutorial: This super fun updo can be copied by watching this video.

    11. Gwen Stefani

    YouTuber: Lilith Moon

    Tutorial: This version is super simple to copy.

    12. Rose Byrne

    YouTuber: LillianMasie

    Tutorial: While Lillian's video was actually meant for styling short hair, it looks similar to Rose Byrne's pretty waves.

    13. Emma Watson

    YouTuber: Steph from Hair and Makeup by Steph

    Tutorial: Steph recreates Emma's messy updo here.

    14. Charlize Theron

    YouTuber: Luxy Hair

    Tutorial: This side bun would be perfect for a wedding or formal occasion.

    15. Lauren Conrad

    YouTuber: Lauren Elizabeth

    Tutorial: Watch this tutorial to learn how to master the LC's boho waves.

    16. Ciara

    YouTuber: Jasmine from MsJazzy2Classy

    Tutorial: While her video teaches you how to add curl to a bob, it would also work great if you want a style similar to Ciara's at the Grammy's (with or without the ponytail).

    17. Zooey Deschanel

    YouTuber: Julia from Hello Julia xoxo

    Tutorial: Zooey's sweet look can be recreated by following this video.

    18. Emma Stone

    YouTuber: POPSUGAR Beauty

    Tutorial: This video shows you how to do the perfect recreation of Emma's romantic waves.

    19. Jennifer Lawrence

    YouTuber: Itsjudytime

    Tutorial: Jennifer's simple look can be copied by watching these directions.

    20. Scarlett Johansson

    YouTuber: Lilith Moon

    Tutorial: This video is perfect for learning how to do a cleaner version of the milkmaid braid.

    21. Angelina Jolie

    YouTuber: Hollie Wakeham

    Tutorial: You can rock Angelina's '60s inspired 'do by watching this tutorial.

    22. Carrie Underwood

    YouTuber: Nikki Cory

    Tutorial: Carrie's side braid is quite simple with the help of this video.

    23. Beyonce

    YouTuber: UKHairWeaves

    Tutorial: These spiral curls can be achieved with the wand technique shown here.

    24. Taylor Swift

    YouTuber: Hannah Twig

    Tutorial: Hannah's ponytail is actually inspired by Taylor's "Begin Again" music video. She included this one and two others in her tutorial.

    25. Kate Middleton

    YouTuber: Kayley Melissa

    Tutorial: This elegant updo can be completed by following these instructions.

    26. Halle Berry

    YouTuber: Toi Box

    Tutorial: Although her pixie video wasn't directly inspired by Halle Berry's, it has to be included! Such a classic look.

    27. Kelly Osbourne

    YouTuber: Holly from Beauty Base

    Tutorial: This sleek bun can be achieved by watching this video.

    28. Lorde

    YouTuber: Anneliese

    Tutorial: You can achieve your own voluminous style here.

    29. Gisele

    YouTuber: Amy from MahaloStyleAndBeauty

    Tutorial: Gisele's luxurious locks can be accomplished with the help this video.