48 Things Celebrities Wore 10 Years Ago That They Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In Now

    RIP ties, bandanas, and statement leggings.

    1. Ten years ago, ~celebrity fashion~ was very different to 2015.

    2. It was a time for purple dresses and headbands and tiny Chanel handbags.

    3. It was a time for crop tops and statement leggings. Leggings never make statements nowadays.

    4. It was a time when you weren't anyone unless you wore your trousers tucked into your boots.

    5. See?

    6. Ten years ago, celebrities cared an awful lot about coordination. Like, if your bag, shoes, and belt didn't match, you could forget it.

    7. If you could coordinate with your friends, that was even better.

    8. Especially when the colour scheme was orange.

    9. Back then, bandanas were really important too.

    10. In fact, Victoria Beckham went through a phase of REALLY caring about her bandana game.

    11. Nicole Richie coordinated hers with her top, because obviously.

    12. And Christina matched hers with a chic mesh vest, which were also very important back then.

    13. They also cared a lot about wearing thongs and making sure everyone knew about it.

    14. Would you see Cheryl Fernandez-Versini doing THIS in 2015? No you would not.

    15. Even Halle Berry got involved.

    16. Ten years ago, celebrities cared about wearing denim miniskirts with cowboy boots.

    17. It was a lovely trend.

    18. They also liked really thin scarves that didn't really serve any function at all.

    19. But they looked so damn stylish when paired with a velour tracksuit.

    20. No outfit was complete without a bit of fur back then.

    21. It just gave the look a certain je ne sais quoi.

    22. Ties were a thing for a while.

    23. But the trend was fleeting.

    24. And was replaced by flat caps.

    25. No one really knew why, but they were a big deal.

    26. A really big deal.

    27. Remember when statement belts were the most important part of an outfit?

    28. And if you were really alternative you wore your studded belt to the side.

    29. There was also a period where they were really into dresses with massive chunks of material missing.

    30. Don't ask why. It was ~~fashion~~.

    31. And Paris took fashion to a whole new level.

    32. You just weren't cool unless you wore massive shades like these.

    33. Kim really loved hers.

    34. But VB got in on the act too.

    35. But the coolest thing of all was combining your shades with a bandana and your phone on a cord around your neck. 👌

    36. There was nothing chicer than pairing a floaty skirt with edgy boots.

    37. Feminine and fierce all at the same time.

    38. And sometimes cutting the feet off a pair of tights created a lovely pair of leggings.

    39. Then there was the time when jeans were inexplicably really baggy.

    40. And Rihanna owned this trend.

    41. Kim Kardashian cared a lot about wearing all the gold jewellery she owned, all at the same time.

    42. While Paris was all about her Savage Art.

    43. Let's face it. The '00s were when style hit its peak.

    44. Because there's nothing better than prom dresses and butterfly hair clips.

    45. Never again will we see Kim Kardashian in green satin.

    46. Or Christina in a pink satin gown.

    47. Or Paris rocking metallic eyeliner.

    48. But mainly we'll never see Jessica Simpson in this get-up ever again. And that is a crying shame.