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The 22 Hottest Bearded Men In Britain

Because if anything increases fanciability, it's a bit of stubble.

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22. Jamie Dornan.

Ian Gavan/Stringer / Getty

OK, OK so he's northern Irish - but look at him, we couldn't not include him. Jamie's beard serves to draw attention to his cheekbones which look like they've been sculpted by the ACTUAL HANDS of God himself.


Not so much any more...

Now it's all got a bit weird.


10. Louis Tomlinson.

One Direction* are probably secretly envious of his manly facial hair.

*Apart from Zayn.


2. Michael Fassbender.

Jason Merritt / Getty

Okay, so technically he's Irish-German, but we're counting him in the round-up. The quiffed hair and the shades and the tux and the beard. IT'S ALL TOO MUCH.