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    Kylie Jenner Has Gone Full Kim Kardashian With Her New Hair

    And tbh, the likeness is pretty undeniable.

    Kylie Jenner has tried out just about every hair colour imaginable, but most of the time her changing look is down to wigs.

    However, over the weekend Kylie took the plunge and bleached her hair peroxide blonde. Obviously she charted the process on Snapchat.

    Now she's unveiled the new look in New York, where she's been hanging out for Kanye West's latest fashion show.

    And a lot of people have noticed the similarity between newly-blonde Kylie and a particular sister of hers.

    kylie jenner looks like an identical replica of kim kardashian now it's so freaky

    @KylieJenner looks like a mini @KimKardashian with this blonde hair

    @KylieJenner looks like @KimKardashian when she had platinum blonde hair 👸🏼!

    And tbh the likeness is quite uncanny.

    I mean, this could literally be Kim exiting a hotel, right?

    Like, seriously.


    The neutral tones in their clothing and their makeup are virtually identical here – and the hair makes them look like actual twins.

    IDK which one is Kylie and which one is Kim, tbh.

    And she's even got Tyga in on the imitation game.

    I don't blame them, Kimye are the ultimate couple goals.

    It's not the first time Kylie has been likened to Kim. When Kourtney Kardashian saw this photo of Kylie, she thought it was Kim.

    And this image compared just how similar their faces have become.

    We're not sure how all of this will go down with Kim – after all, she hasn't reacted that brilliantly to imitation in the past.

    One thing is for sure – Kylie is killing it as a blonde. 🔥