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Louis Tomlinson Was Praised For Seemingly Supporting Gay Rights But Took It As A Comment On His Sexuality

"I am in fact straight."

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Last week, Louis Tomlinson arrived at The X Factor studios wearing a T shirt with the original rainbow-striped Apple logo on it.

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The Independent then published an article which praised Louis for appearing to support Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who recently came out.

In the article, Jenn Selby wrote positively about Louis appearing to support Cook and did not at any stage comment on or speculate about Tomlinson's sexuality.

The full piece can be read here.

However, rather than being pleased at the association, Tomlinson quickly took to Twitter to express his anger at the publication of the article. In tweets that have since been deleted, Tomlinson was very quick to clarify his sexuality.


And it seems that a lot of people sided with Selby over the issue. Tomlinson lost over 20,000 Twitter followers after his outburst, and others said they were canceling their pre-order of One Direction's new album.


It's unclear whether the coverage of Harry Styles' comments from earlier in the week prompted Tomlinson to respond so publicly.

During an interview, One Direction were asked what traits they looked for in a partner. Liam responded: "Female, that's a good trait."

Harry chipped in: "Not that important."