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32 Times Kourtney Was The Most Underrated Kardashian

"OK, your conversations are too long, bye."

1. When she wasn't afraid to give herself a little credit.

2. And was very happy to accept her perfection.

3. Before proving she's perfectly happy with her own company.

4. When she decided this was the most appropriate way to end a phone call.

5. And shut down a conversation like this.

6. When she didn't give a damn about laughing at Kim's crying face.


Because, I mean, really, who doesn't laugh?

7. And when she brought Kim right back down to Earth.

8. Before doing the same for Kim's BFF, Jonathan.

9. When this was the only way she could resolve an argument with Scott.

10. And was quick to put him in his place.

11. As well as having this response to his packing for the birth of their first child.


12. When she had zero time to listen to anyone's crap.

13. Like, seriously.

14. When she gave her opinion on Khloe's new boyfriend.

15. And delivered this ultimate burn to Kim.

16. Before walking in on Kris doing a photo shoot involving no bra and a wet T-shirt, and delivering this line.

17. When she showed support for Khloe during her divorce by rocking this T-shirt.

18. When Scott wanted to spice things up in the bedroom...

19. And responded like this.

20. When she gave herself a promotion.


21. When she didn't even need to use words, because her face said it all.

22. And when she just couldn't even.

23. When she ordered a snack like this.

24. And came up with her own nickname.

25. When she got Scott's hopes up, only to perfectly dash them.

26. When she was honest about her feelings towards Kim following an argument.

27. And wasn't afraid to embarrass her either.


28. When she expertly owned those O.J. Simpson paternity rumours.


29. And delivered this one-liner.

30. When she sassed the hell out of Kris Humphries.

31. And did it again on national TV.



32. And finally, when she had this response to Kim losing her $75,000 earring.