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The Only Heart Palpitation-Inducing GIFs Of Semi-Naked Men You Need To See Today

Yes, you are welcome.

1. Oh hey full span of David Beckham's torso.

2. Ah Bradley Cooper, please do remove your shirt.

3. You too, Gosling.

4. Chris Hemsworth, know where those jeans would look good? On my bedroom floor.

5. Then there's Nick Jonas rising majestically from the water.

6. And Theo James who might just have the world's most perfect abs.

7. But then there's Kellan Lutz.

8. And HOLY SHIT Taylor Lautner.

9. Then there's Ryan Reynolds and his bulging biceps entering the bedroom.

10. And Benedict Cumberbatch dripping with water.

11. And Trey Songz and his sex eyes.

12. And Alex Pettyfer having his shirt forcibly removed.

13. Heart...

14. Beginning...

15. To...

16. Race.

17. Yeah, excuse us while we just die.

18. We've recovered at the sight of Jared Padalecki.

19. And Usher.

20. Then there's Tyler Hoechlin breathing deeply as his eyes pierce your soul.

21. And Liam Hemsworth with water cascading over his rippling muscles.


23. And finally, Channing Tatum, holding pizza WITH A CAT <3