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Scientific Proof That All Celebrity Men Are Hotter With Man Buns

Everything is better with a bun.

Right, listen up, we've made an important scientific discovery: Every single male celebrity looks better with a man bun. It's just fact. And if they don't currently have a man bun, they need to grow one immediately.

Let's start with exhibit A, Chris Hemsworth, whose golden locks undoubtedly look beautiful flowing free.

But just look how he is approximately 946,000 times hotter with the bun.

Just look at that beautiful ball of hair just sitting there looking perfect. And look at his face, which thanks to the bun we can now see more of.

God bless that bun.

Moving on to exhibit B, Jared Leto, whose ombré game is so very strong.

But OH MY GOD this bun is a thing of beauty.

It's like it was crafted by the hands of actual angels.

And I bet you now need a moment to recover from the sight of Jared Leto with a man bun but OH NO that's not happening because it looks like THIS from behind.

Oh hey curly-haired Kit Harington, you're looking fine.

But not as fine as you look wearing a tux with your hair in a bun.

I mean, seriously.

And Harry Styles, who possesses no physical imperfections.

But then this bun happened and it was clear that we had reached peak Harry-Styles-hotness.

It's a work of art. It has ruined us for short-haired Harry forever.

It's around about now that you're probably wondering when Bradley Cooper would get in on the act, because a bun would really compliment those blue eyes.

And as if by magic, he pulled his hair back and it was everything you'd hoped for.

On the left is Bradley Cooper looking the hottest you've ever seen him. On the right is Bradley Cooper with two man buns so take another moment to compose yourself.

When you're ready, take a look at Jake Gyllenhaal with his short hair and intense gaze.

But doesn't he just look better, cooler, HOTTER with a man bun?

Obviously, that's the whole point.

Brad Pitt with short hair is fine and all.

But wow the messy bun makes looking at Brad Pitt taking a photograph almost too much to handle.

And Brad Pitt looking sideways? Better with the bun. Brad Pitt clapping? BETTER WITH THE BUN.

Orlando Bloom and his wild, untamed hair is a beautiful sight.

But his bun is one of the most perfect to have ever existed on a human.

And he knows. He knows the bun makes him irresistible.

And finally, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic was the cause of so many people's sexual awakening.

But just look how fucking majestic he is with that perfect bun.

Just take a moment to imagine Jack with that perfect bun. You will feel so many things.

So please, celebrity men who do not have man buns, do the decent thing and get one. It's the right thing to do.