28 Celebrities With The Siblings You Never Knew Existed

    We are family.

    1. Here's Matt Smith with his sister Laura who, despite not being famous, is seriously working that red-carpet pose.

    2. Jennifer Lawrence has two bearded brothers, Blaine and Ben, but her parents had grown tired of alliteration by the time she came along.

    3. Miley Cyrus' sister Brandi proves that an inability to control one's tongue is not genetic.

    4. Rupert Grint actually has five siblings, but only James has hit the red carpet in his best tie and blazer.

    5. Alexander Skarsgard likes to do hilarious* 'Who IS this guy who isn't mega rich and famous?' poses with his brother Gustav.

    6. Meanwhile, Jansen does Hayden Panettiere proud with his best 'Nonchalant Face' for the cameras.

    7. But Jared Leto's brother Shannon hasn't quite mastered it.

    8. The Styles siblings are quite the successful pair — Harry has achieved world domination, while Gemma has a degree.

    9. We like to think that Jennifer Lopez's sister Lynda is the main reason she's managed to stay a humble Jenny from the Block.

    10. Apparently Jude and Natasha Law are 'like chalk and cheese,' but they're mainly included in this list as an excuse for us to gaze at Jude's face.

    11. We'd like to personally thank Mr. and Mrs. Levine for their services to Eye-Candy Production.

    12. Pictorial proof that Kate and Oliver Hudson are the most genetically blessed siblings in the whole of Hollywood.

    13. The Saturdays' Frankie Sandford and her sister Tor are so close, they even have matching hairdos and cobalt-blue accessories.

    14. Just look at how proud James Franco's mother is of him and her other son Dave.


    16. Fergie introduced her sister Dana into the public eye by bringing her along to the unveiling of her waxwork at Madame Tussauds.

    17. Lauren Conrad, however, kept her sister Breanna out of the spotlight despite Heidi's, Spencer's, Audrina's, and Whitney's sisters all appearing on The Hills.

    18. Playing a game of Spot the Difference between The Saturdays' Mollie King and her sister Laura is quite the mental challenge...

    19. ...And Nicola Roberts' sister Frankie could definitely be an understudy for her if Girls Aloud were still a thing.

    20. Kirsten Dunst's brother Christian is basically just her with short hair.

    21. And Jessica Alba's brother Joshua is basically just her with untamed eyebrows and a beard.

    22. Sarah Jessica Parker's brother Pippin has exceptional taste in ties.

    23. And Blake Lively's sisters Robyn and Lori have shiny auburn hair and asymmetrical hemlines.

    24. Penelope Cruz may have taken her sister Monica to the Oscars but it's quite clear who had first dibs when it came to selecting a showstopping dress.

    25. Nicole Kidman, however, lent her sister Antonia some diamonds.

    26. The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran doesn't just have a brother, he has a twin brother called Kumar who looks virtually identical to him.

    27. Pictorial proof that Claudia and Ann Schiffer are the most genetically blessed siblings in the whole of Germany.

    28. And finally, we present to you the most physically dissimilar siblings in the world, Renee and Drew Zellweger.