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Here Are All The Times Celebrities Apparently Photoshopped Their Instagram Photos In 2014

You're better than this, ladies.

1. Kim Kardashian kicked the year off by sharing these two photos after a work out session with a friend.

But look at the door frame. It has a very obvious curve. Distortions like this are commonplace in digitally re-touched images and are usually the give-away that Photoshop or something similar has been used.

Instagram: @kimkardashian

The distortion also occurs around Kim’s torso, which usually happens when waistlines are digitally altered.

There are several suspicious things happening in the second image.

Instagram: @kimkardashian

For starters, the curvature of the door is completely different to the first photo. The floor is also wobbly, following the exact shape of Kim’s waist and hips. And the outline of Kim’s perfectly flat stomach is also blurred.

2. Here's Kim Kardashian hanging out with her friend Jonathan on a yacht. But on closer inspection, it appears that half her arm is missing.

It's unclear what's happened here, but the arm disappears at the waist area which may have occurred due to re-touching.

3. There are also a couple of images on her Instagram account which don't have any visible distortions, but comparing them with paparazzi photos from the same day is pretty interesting. Take this photo, for example.

A professional photograph taken hours later shows Kim's torso looking slightly fuller, and her exposed skin less smooth than the Instagram image.

Getty Images Gustavo Caballero

Here are the images side by side for a closer look.


Although it could, of course, just be a series of clever, more flattering filters.

4. Then there's this image which she posted on her Instagram before going out...

...Where she was promptly photographed. And her hips look slightly wider here than they do in the Instagram snap.


Judge for yourself.

instagram / FameFlynet

5. There was also this "throwback" photo that she shared, where she reminisced about her "skinny days".

But we found the original image, taken back in 2010 and there are a few subtle differences between the two.

Jason Merritt / Getty

Kim’s breast and nose have been reshaped, her waist pulled in, her arm ever so slightly slimmed down and a bruise on her leg removed. Weirdly, the zip down the back of her dress has been removed too.

Jason Merritt / Getty

What's unclear is whether Kim altered the image herself or whether she just grabbed an edited version from the internet.

6. Kim's half-sister Kylie Jenner ran into trouble as well, after she posted this photo on Instagram.

However, within minutes that image was deleted and replaced with this one.

In the original photo, there’s a fuzzy outline around Kylie’s body which fans immediately suggested was the result of Photoshop or a photo editing app.

Instagram: @kyliejenner

Fans were also quick to say that Kylie deleting the first image so quickly suggested she’d uploaded it by accident, and had only meant to post the second edited version.

7. It's not just the Kardashians who have been accused of Photoshopping their Instagram photos. Miranda Kerr has, too. Here she is at a red carpet event, wearing a dress with cut-away sides.

But this professional photograph from the event is slightly different.

Jun Sato / WireImage for Michael Kors

Not only does her waist look slimmer, but Miranda’s hand looks like it could’ve been caught up in the editing, with it appearing bigger and a different shape.

Getty /

8. Beyoncé has also faced criticism this year. She shared this image of herself golfing back in April.

It was followed by this second image, in which her inner thighs appear uneven and considerably slimmer than the first photo, sparking Photoshop suspicion. Beyoncé has never commented on the claims.

9. A few months later this photo surfaced on her Instagram. But both the wine glass and the phone in the image appear distorted.

The wavy edges of the phone and the distorted shape of the wine glass suggest that this image was altered too.

10. Here's Beyoncé on her 33rd birthday, hanging out on a yacht. However, when you look closely at the stairs between the tops of her legs, there is one spot that appears to tilt up at a diagonal angle.

This kind of distortion could be caused as a result of digitally altering the size and shape of her legs.

Here's a closer look at the wonky stair.

And then have a look at the reflection next to her. The stair appears completely straight in this reflection.

11. And finally, just last month Beyoncé posted this image on her website. And yes, she looks amazing.

But if you look closely at the curtains in the background, you'll see that the lines appear to bend inwardly towards her hips in the way they would if her hips had been slimmed down digitally.

Her fans were also quick to point out that her "thigh gap" looked pretty unnatural too.

Publicists for the stars have been contacted for comment.

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