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16 Truly Savage Kardashian Clapbacks We Were Blessed With In 2018

From trolls, to the media and even each other, no one was safe.

1. This clapback from Kim after someone called her "sooo self-absorbed."

2. And her response to Kanye West saying he needed to "get rid of everything."

3. Which continued even when Chrissy Teigen got involved.

4. This clapback from Khloé after someone judged her for leaving her baby to attend a charity event.

5. Similarly, this response from Kourtney after someone wondered where her kids were.

6. This savage tweet from Kim after Lamar attempted to drag Khloé.

7. And this one to the Daily Mail after they called Kris Jenner "chubby."

Chubby really? That’s the headline? How about beautiful, youthful, stunning?!?!

8. This clapback from Kourtney after someone accused her of not having a job.

9. This tweet from Kim after being accused of leaving Saint West in the hospital to celebrate New Year's Eve.

10. And Khloé's response to a troll calling her baby "ugly."

11. This clapback from Kim to Lindsay Lohan after she said she was "confused" by Kim's braided hair.

12. And this photo/caption combo that she tweeted moments later.

13. Kim's response to this person defending Kourtney after their spectacular argument.

14. Khloé's roasting of Kourtney's ~candid~ photoshoot...

Which resulted in Kourtney trolling her right back.

15. This perfect shut down from Khloé after being accused of "making True materialistic."

16. And, finally, this clapback from Kim after being accused of "making everything about herself."

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