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    20 Times Celebrities Wanted To Remind You How Rich They Are

    Because making a table out of money is totally normal.

    1. Oh just Kim Kardashian hanging out in a Rolls Royce in the middle of a desert in Dubai. Nothing to see here.

    2. Ditto, just Khloe Kardashian swigging champagne while she chills with her boyfriend who's inexplicably brandishing a gun.

    3. And this is P Diddy slumming it in economy.

    4. Justin Bieber only travels by private jet. Wearing fur.

    5. And when he's not in the air he stands in front of his Rolls Royce.

    6. Sidenote, he's really a fan of leopard print and cars.

    7. And here's Mariah Carey dressed in a perfectly low key and practical way for an outing to the park with her kids.

    8. Kylie Jenner likes to stand around next to her $100,000 Mercedes SUV.

    9. Or, you know, just lie on it. Whatever.

    10. Dinner at Professor Green's house consists of a fuck load of champagne.

    11. Tamara Ecclestone's eight-month-old daughter has her own Hermès bag.

    12. And her 30th birthday celebrations were pretty low-key.

    13. Scott Disick has A LOT of cars, and he would like you to admire them.

    14. He's also got a couple of Rolexes. You can admire them too.

    15. And he likes to take his watches and jewellery on camping trips.

    16. In fact, he has so much money he sometimes just throws it over family members.

    17. Kim Kardashian spied an excellent photo opportunity involving her $3 million engagement ring and her one-year-old daughter.

    18. While her mother posed on the steps of her private jet, with a glass of champagne.

    19. 50 Cent has so much money he has made a table out of it.

    20. And tbh if you have loads of cash just lying around you may as well make the outline of a person on your bed.

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