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    Someone Drew "Hamilton" As A Disney Movie And It's Amazing

    Who lives, who dies, who draws your story.

    If you haven't heard, Hamilton, a hip-hop musical about the Founding Fathers, is the hottest show on Broadway with a huge, growing fanbase around the world.

    (And if you haven't heard it, you should go listen to the Grammy-nominated cast recording. Like, right now. Seriously. You will understand.)

    Some (extremely talented) fans have been making art featuring characters and scenes from the show — to the apparent delight of the cast, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the musical and stars as Alexander Hamilton.

    The arts n crafts cabin of the Internet aka Tumblr is really on some next level ish right now. Thanks "punkscully"

    However, artist Pati Cmak has taken the Tumblr fan art game to a whole new level by imagining what Hamilton would look like as a Disney animated movie.




    Cmak, a second-year student at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, told BuzzFeed that her art "is just me dealing with [the] vast amount of feelings the musical gave me."

    Cmak says these "quick drawings" are all she has time to do right now, but she's considering designing a bigger Hamilton project when her school schedule gets a little bit lighter.

    Can't you just SEE it? America's Favorite Fighting Frenchman riding around like a damn Disney prince while spitting fire?

    The animated antics of the Revolutionary Bros?


    *sobs quietly*

    If you're not already sold, check out this clip Cmak made of Eliza singing "Burn" and IMAGINE WHAT COULD BE.

    Patrycja Ćmak / Via