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PSA: There's A Chrome Extension That Blocks "Star Wars" Spoilers

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for spoilers, kid.

Are you excited for the new Star Wars movie?


Are you also afraid that you might accidentally come across a ~spoiler~ online before you have a chance to see it?


GOOD NEWS: There's a new Google Chrome extension called Force Block that will warn you if you're encountering a page with potential spoilers.

Force Block / Priceless Misc / Via

According to the extension's description, Force Block uses "smart pattern detection" to block pages containing Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers, as well as a white list setting for false alarms.

Force Block / Priceless Misc

So you can customize it to allow access to pages (like BuzzFeed's page of Star Wars: The Force Awakens tagged posts or Google search results) if you know they don't actually contain spoilers.

Force Block / Priceless Misc

May the Force be with us all and keep us spoiler-free.


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