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Sexy Body Pillows For All Your Fandom Needs

Thanks to the Internet, you can cuddle superheroes, Sherlock Holmes, characters from Supernatural and SO MANY MORE of your favorites.

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Hey girl, we thought it was about time you were able to cuddle with your favorite characters.

Doctor Who / Via

Make Batman YOUR bed man.

Batman / Via

Is Loki what you're looking for?

Because we've got that (un)covered.

I mean, doesn't every member of the Cumber Collective need this in their bed?

Benedict Cumberbatch Body Pillow Cover / Via

Your friends will be dead of envy.

Deadpool / Via

You can hold a hobbit (or dwarf) all through the night...

Or just stare into your pillow's glorious eyes.

Want the Avengers to assemble in your bed? Done.

Iron Man Body Pillow Cover / Via
Captain America Body Pillow Cover / Via
Thor Body Pillow Cover / Via

Even Agent Phil Coulson gets in on the fun. If that's the right word.

Phil Coulson / Via

Supernatural fans, you're all set.

You might be wondering, "Do people actually buy and sleep with these pillows?" The answer to that question is, "YES."

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