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Japanese Husbands Screaming In Public About How Much They Love Their Wives

On January 30th, Tokyo men overcome cultural norms to scream declarations of love to their significant others. (via Reuters)

In Japanese culture, modesty and reticence are traditionally valued over outspokenness and expressions of love and appreciation are uncommon, even among married couples.

For the past 5 years, Tokyo's "Devoted Husbands Organization" has encouraged men to publically declare their feelings for their significant others on "Love Your Wife Day." The annual celebration falls on January 31st.

At the event, husbands stood onstage in a public park to express gratitude for everything from children to homemade lunches.

"I'm sorry that I've gained weight over the last seven years," a suit-clad man yelled. "But that's because the meals you cook are so delicious."

Another businessman took the stage to proclaim: "I can fly higher because you're with me. Please stand by me forever."

"I'll hug you very tight tonight," one husband promised. "Thank you for your love."

"He's very fabulous and manly today," said Yuko Todo, 33, after her husband Takeshi's performance. "It just reminded me how macho he used to be - I'd forgotten that in the eight years we've been married. My heart pounded."

The event ended with all participants shouting "I love you" together onstage.

WATCH the public declarations of love:

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