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"Iron Man 3" Toy Posters Look Better Than Most Movie Posters

Way to set the bar for future product photography unnecessarily high.

Bully Gets Owned By Victim In #Jaide Fight Video

This video of a bully named Jaide getting taken down after provoking another girl into a fight is going viral on Twitter. (WARNING: violence and NSFW language).

A Photo Of Hillary Clinton In Every Country She's Visited

Clinton set a new record for travel for a Secretary of State. Friday is her last day at the State Department.

Girl On Afghanistan's "Idol" Risking Her Life

Latifa Azizi wants to be the next "Afghan Star."

Beyoncé Sings National Anthem Live At NFL Press Conference

"I love haters," she says, finally responding to that inauguration lip-synching criticism. "Due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, I did not feel comfortable taking a risk." Today she did.

HMV Workers Hijack Company Twitter Feed As They're Being Fired

A reminder to change your passwords if you fire your social media team.

47 Of Beyoncé's Absolute Best Dance Moves

If you can do all of them, you are, by the rules of divahood, Beyoncé.

David Bowie's Response To His First-Ever American Fan Letter

"My real name is David Jones and I don't have to tell you why I changed it."

Reporter Owns Drunk 49ers-Fan Videobomber On Live Television

Note to drunk football fans: Don't approach television cameras.

Japanese Husbands Screaming In Public About How Much They Love Their Wives

On January 30th, Tokyo men overcome cultural norms to scream declarations of love to their significant others. (via Reuters)

11 Reasons Why Michael Jackson's Super Bowl Halftime Show Was The Best

Before Michael Jackson, Super Bowl halftime shows only had marching bands and stuff and they were super lame. He single-handedly made halftime better for you and for me and the entire human race.

Adorable "Come At Me Bros" Of The Animal Kingdom

The act of the 'Come at me bro' did not originate exclusively in the Jersey Shore. One can find many 'come at me bros' naturally occurring in the animal kingdom.

10 Stunning Photographs Of Wolves And The Man Who Lives Among Them

Werner Freund, 79, has devoted the last 40 years of his life to wolves. To learn more about them and defeat the stigmas surrounding them, he became part of their pack.

Gabby Giffords Makes Surprise Appearance At Senate Gun Control Hearing

"You must act. Be bold, be courageous. Americans are counting on you," Giffords tells lawmakers.

Salvador Dali Once Illustrated "Alice In Wonderland"

It was a match made is psychedelic Heaven. Surreal and melty, just what you'd expect from Dali.

28 Parents Who Are Trolls At Heart

What's the use of having children unless you can mess with them constantly?

Champion Surfer Rides Terrifying, World Record-Breaking Wave

Surfer Garrett McNamara may have broken his own world record by riding a 100-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal. And even if he didn't break any records, it's still a really big wave.

How Google Is Putting Mass Torture On The Map

A Google Maps search for "concentration camps in North Korea" will now find you actual, working prison camps. A new form of activism?

10 Epic Photos Of Seal Vs. Kraken

An Australian photographer captured the battle for the ages.

Soldier Receives Incredible Double Arm Transplant

Army Sgt. Brendan Marrocco lost all four limbs in an explosion while serving in Iraq. After a 13-hour surgery, he's currently working through physical therapy with a brand-new pair of arms.

16 Reasons You MUST Revisit "Murder, She Wrote"

She may look like your grandmother, but J.B. Fletcher is a crime-fighting force to be reckoned with. Here's why everyone should re-watch this Angela Lansbury classic.

Amazing "Gangnam Style" Sketchpad Animation

This isn't your average flip-book. This took some serious talent (and time).

Bikers Shut Down Los Angeles Freeway For Epic, Illegal Marriage Proposal

Three hundred bikers stopped traffic on the 10 Freeway so one of the riders could propose to his longtime girlfriend.

Someone Made A Resume That Works Like A Fully Functioning Amazon Page

Philippe Dubost, a Paris-based product manager found a new way to sell himself to future employers: By turning his resume into a product page. In an email to The Today Show blog, Dubost said he's received over 100 job offers since his resume started going viral.

How To Make The Ultimate 47-Layer Dip

Seven-layer dip is fine, if you're some kind of BABY. The Super Bowl calls for a BIG DIP.

10 Beautiful, Unreal Photos Of An Underwater Cave In Russia

According to legend, the "Lady of the Cave" protects divers who venture into the world's largest crystal cavern.

Video Showing This Last Weekends Tough Guy Challenge

Easily the hardest obstacle course race in the world. Competitors battle hypothermia, ice shards, live electricity and broken bones.

Serving Sizes Are Stupid And Wrong

Are you serious, serving sizes? Because this isn't a game.

Take Your Drag Mother To Werk Day

Three editors were transformed into drag queens for a day when RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Alaska, Detox, and Ivy stopped by the office.

All The Title Cards From "Batman: The Animated Series"

Batman: The Animated Series was, by far, the most badass part of Saturday morning cartoons. It single-handedly made 9 AM on Saturday worth being awake for.

13 Ways To Be "Tough"

England's annual Tough Guy Challenge involves an eight-mile run through fire, ice, barbed wire, and tunnels made of tires.

Feeding The Homeless With A Phone Call

Hopefully, this is the start of an online trend of more random acts of kindness.

First Look: The Dwarves Of The Hobbit

These continual image releases are a slow burn of happiness.

Pixel Glasses

SAMALdesign has been making these glasses in an '80s retro pixelated style. If they weren't so spendy I would already own a pair. (via The Uniblog)

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