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15 Convincing Reasons Tom Hiddleston Is An Actual Disney Prince

Let's look at the facts, shall we?

1. Let's start with the obvious. He's insanely good looking in period clothes.

2. He looks dashing rowing you across the lake at sunset.

3. All the while reciting thinly veiled sex poetry because SWOON.

4. He speaks multiple languages* because of course he does.

*Let's be honest, he could be reciting his grocery list as long as it's in French.

5. Which he can recite while whisking all the ladies around the dance floor.

6. He's not above giving up his jacket in case of unforeseen cold weather.

Because he's a gentleman.

7. Don't believe us? What other celebrity would bring soup to a red carpet journalist? NONE.

8. He puts the happiness of ladies above his own.

9. And he's not above sweeping a maiden off her feet.

10. Tom definitely knows how to wield his sword...and he's pretty good with a blade too.

IF you know what we're sayin'.

11. He sheds light on important charities, like helping children through Unicef.

12. Which means he's great around children. In case your ovaries were still intact.

13. He's got the necessary witty repartee down to an art.

14. But most importantly, he knows what's up when it comes to love.

15. In conclusion, it's all mathematical:

Therefore, Tom Hiddleston is an actual living Disney Prince.