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10 Epic Photos Of Seal Vs. Kraken

An Australian photographer captured the battle for the ages.

1. Underwater photographer Phil Davison was diving near Rye Pier on Australia's Mornington Peninsula when he spied a commotion in the waves.

2. The pier's resident Australian fur seal (given the name "Cecile" by local divers) was attempting to snack on "The Kraken," a Maori octopus that had recently moved into the area.

3. "I knew immediately that this was something special and not the kind of thing that you get to see every day," said Davison. "The first thing that came to mind was that I wanted to do it justice in the images I created."


5. "The seal was swimming circles around me dragging the octopus by one tentacle, trying to tear chunks off it."



8. "The winning shot turned out to be one of the first that I took, whilst the octopus was still in one piece. The seal dragged the octopus towards the surface and let go of it almost above my head."


10. Davison's camera died after 15 shots, which he described as a blessing and a curse: "It was a timely reminder to put the camera down once in a while and remember why I’m underwater in the first place."