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32 Unexpected Places You Should Be Cleaning In Your Home

Gross. Just...gross. The products in this post were updated in April 2018.

1. Lampshades

2. Kitchen utensil drawer organizers

3. Knife blocks

4. The tops of ceiling fan blades

5. Dishwasher

6. Cookie sheets

7. Wood cutting boards

8. Clothes iron

9. Hairbrushes

10. Flat irons

11. Jewelry

12. Sunglasses

13. The grooves of sliding-glass door tracks

14. Pet bowls

15. Clothing drawer organizers

16. In between blinds

17. Makeup organizers

18. Around plumbing fixtures

19. Dryer lint trap

20. Basically everywhere in your car

21. Phone and computer screens

22. Toothbrush holder

23. Trash cans and recycling bins

24. Plastic shower curtain liners

25. Bath mat

26. Bedskirts

27. Toaster (the inside and outside)

28. Pet beds

29. Makeup bags

30. Throw pillows

31. The bottom of your shoes

32. And lightbulbs

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