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21 Products To Make Your Home Look Like It's Out Of A Magazine

It's all in the (totally affordable) details.

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1. Some marble contact paper for easily making over meh picture frames, lamps, tabletops, and more!

Promising Review: "This is seriously so worth it! It's amazing quality and a really good price! Definitely going to buy more!" --N

Get a 15.9" x 6.5' roll from Amazon for $12.99.

3. Some agate bookends for making your shelves look considerably fancier.

Promising Review: "I decided to get the 7-8 lb. set. I'm happy with them and the look nice in my space. One was a little bigger than the other one but that would be typical for such a unique product. A product like this at West Elm or Z Gallerie would be half the size and double the cost, so this is a great value." --Kim Possible

Get them from Amazon for $19.99+. / Available in three sizes, six colors.


5. Some trivets to pull double duty as objets d'art.

6. A kid-size chandelier that looks perfect in a variety of spaces, like nurseries, bathrooms, and playrooms.,

Promising Review: "Purchased for a small area in our bathroom where I just wanted to hang a small, pretty light. This is definitely the look I was going for. The chandelier arrived exactly as described and is just what I was hoping it would be without breaking the bank!" --Nicole M. Zimmerman

Get it from Amazon for $38.71. / Available in four colors.

7. A tissue box house so you won't have to stash your Kleenex when visitors stop by when you have the sniffles.

Promising Review: "It looks perfect on my vanity and the tissues come out easily. It's like a having a small joke on the counter and makes me smile to see it. The 'house' is heavy enough to stay down when the tissue is pulled out." --diedrebird

Get it from Amazon for $9.47+. / Available in three colors.


10. A beautiful runner for warming up a hallway or high-traffic area that's too skinny for a proper area rug.

Promising Review: "You sometimes worry about the color your computer monitor shows you and the color listed in the description. I read some reviews and figured I was safe to think this rug was more leaning toward turquoise. The color is a perfect match. It isn't a heavy rug, but is good quality." --M. Harshberger

Get it from Amazon for $39+. / Available in six sizes, 12 colors.

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11. An adjustable lamp that'll give some grown-up style (and light!) to a console or desk.,

Promising Review: "Great aesthetic. You can fine tune the the height and angle of the lamp pretty easily, by tightening the screws between the joints. Not a lot more to add except that the combination of wood and metal looks great with my set up." --Michael Ian

Get it from Amazon for $36.99. / Available in three colors.


16. Artfully arranged coffee table books about the most important things in life...cute dogs, gorgeous patterns, and aerial views of beaches.

17. A faux sheep-skin rug that looks way better draped on your seating than on the floor.

Promising Review: "Exactly as described, this chair cover looks amazing on my Eames rocking chair. Nice materials and well constructed. Very happy with the purchase!" --Carlos Monge Bonilla

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+. / Available in three sizes, five colors.

18. A peel-and-stick chalkboard panel to make any surface ~safely~ writable.

Promising Review: "I cut a piece and put it on the inside of a kitchen cabinet and write down what is in fridge to eat or cook because my family is famous for just standing there at the fridge and finding nothing. They go there with a mission now and I really am tossing out less food that has gone bad. So in fact, it has saved me money." --sj

Get a 17.7"x78.7" roll from Amazon for $6.98.

19. A sleek, modern wall clock that won't make you feel like you're in a school or office.

Promising Review: "It's unique, stylish, slightly edgy, and goes great with my condo decor. There are hundreds of clocks one could purchase at the same price as the Ribbon S.S. that are plastic but veneered to resemble wood, metal, etc. -- this is a great deal." --T. Jones

Get it from Amazon for $39.99+. / Available in three colors.


21. And an LED diffuser that'll cast a soothing glow and pack a big punch when it comes to aromatherapy.

Promising Review: "This diffuser has been so easy to use! I use my Scentsy essential oils in it and I have it in my living room. It is quiet and very efficient. I don't typically use the light function, but I wanted a small diffuser to try out since I've never had one." --MJB727

Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.