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    27 Things From Forever 21 That Reviewers Absolutely Love

    Affordable and well-reviewed. What's not to love?!

    1. A knit pencil skirt that'll rapidly become one of your go-tos. And luckily for you, it comes in two colors!

    2. A polka dot maxi for those days when you NEED a breeze but are still trying to look put-together with a bun and dangly earrings.

    3. A crochet handbag with a wooden handle to basically embody summer 2019 while carrying all those sultry essentials ;).

    4. Sparkly multicolor hoops for when the regular metal hoops just won't do.

    5. A sheer duster to throw over most anything because you and I both know that indoor AC temps in summer can fluctuate SO much and a thin extra layer can help substantially. And then you can pair it with tons of fall ensembles!

    6. Wide-leg jeans as an oh-so-retro look that'll have ppl whispering "Is that one of Charlie's Angels?!"

    7. A seamless bra can totally pass as a crop top. Gotta love a two-fer.

    8. A sharp jean jacket ready to go with every last thing you own. Really.

    9. A pair of fierce cat-eye sunnies will have you walking into the room like the villain in a teen TV drama. And for less than your go-to coffee order!

    10. A wrap skort people may assume you spent three figures on bc it looks *that* nice.

    11. Platform sandals with cushion-y straps, buckles, and just the right amount of lift you want without having to teeter around in proper heels.

    12. Faux-leather shorts as an edgy option for that festival you have on the books because how are you supposed to PROPERLY enjoy your industrial metal while wearing denim? Ya' can't!

    13. Drop earrings you'll loooove for their versatility.

    14. A tie-back cami for those sweltering days when you're trying to look hot and not feel like it, OK?!

    15. Espadrille sandals with stacks on stacks on stacks of easy, breezy summer style you can pair with all your patterned midi skirts, palazzo pants, shorts, whatever really.

    16. A cut-out swimsuit will have you feeling and looking like a Bond girl. Hullo, casting?!

    17. A faux-fur backpack you can gingerly pet in public like the creep you are. But it'll also be great for carrying around stuff!

    18. A floral flock because even though you already have eight floral dresses in your closet, you could use another.

    19. Lil' black boots with a lotta attitude you should start wearing now, even though it's summer. Listen up sheeple: Ankle boots are great year-round!

    20. A linen-blend wrap skirt to pair with basically any warm-weather top you own. Prepare thyself for an onslaught of compliments!

    21. A cute purse that'll clearly be a stylish addition to your closet.

    22. A lacey bralette with tons of support and style. It'll look so nice that if the strap peeks out a lil' bit, it's NBD.

    23. A ribbed midi dress that's more or less a long-ass tank, so really it'll be the comfiest thing ever but still manage to look ~sizzling~.

    24. A Prince T-shirt because, well, if you don't have one already, your closet is begging for one.

    25. A faux-leather shoulder bag to get you from point A to point B and then maybe to point D with all your stuff in tow.

    26. A sheer floral dress you can layer over a bralette and shorts — or even a swimsuit — for a summer lewk with some serious air flow.

    27. And some nostalgic Pepsi shorts you'll find match most everything in your wardrobe because tie-dye is the ultimate matching pattern!

    Just try not to cause any traffic accidents while wearing your new finds, OK?!

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