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    37 Things Under $25 It'll Be NBD If Your Messy Self Ruins

    You'll wanna hang onto these seashell-shape sunnies, a Lunar New Year-inspired eyeshadow palette, and lug sole boots but it won't be the end of the world if they meet their demise.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gorgeous laptop sleeve with a water-repellent design you'll of course be a little sad about if you spill coffee all over it, BUT your laptop will be fine. And that's the important thing!

    laptop sleeve with light blue and gold marble-like pattern

    2. A cute cross-body bag you can feel OK about taking on every single last errand. And if all those grocery store trips where you swore you didn't need a cart take a toll on this bag, replacing it won't be too painful.

    3. A 45-pack(!!!) of velvet scrunchies in case you're a self-professed VSCO girl or beauty fiend. They're on-trend rn AND won't dent hair as much as other hair ties.

    4. Sparkly fishnet stockings to wear under ripped shorts, ripped jeans, that LBD you wore to every wedding last year... most anything. And if at the end of the season the newly ripped thing is these tights, then it'll be fine. You got your use out of 'em!

    model wearing black fishnet tights with rhinestones on them under white cutoff shorts

    5. Glam flats that'll look fierce for as long as you need 'em to. Even if that's for a short while. They'd be wallet-friendly to replace yet I think you'll want to invest in multiple hues.

    6. Leggings with a peek of leopard you can sport while you're stalking your inbox like a mountain lion.

    plus size model wearing black legging with animal print stripes down the sides

    7. A faux-leather backpack that'll be sooo versatile thanks to its easy-to-change straps and timeless silhouette.

    8. An Oregon Trail pin to constantly rep the iconic game that taught you all about dysentery. You may wanna buy in bulk because your friends are for sure going to ask about it.

    hand holding a pin that looks like the 8-bit style of the Oregon Trail video game with "you have died of dysentery" on it

    9. A 20-pack of stylish hair clips that'll liven up your lewk rotation and if you slowly lose them one by one (as it always happens), you can just acquire a new set.

    various hair clips with designs like jewels, pearls, tortoiseshell print

    10. A printed blouse with a high neck, billowy sleeves, and a loose fit. So basically, it's perfect to wear in most any workplace in case you're looking to beef up that part of your wardrobe without spending your whole paycheck.

    11. A ~wild~ mini skirt in a dozen different prints so you'll surely be able to find a few to throw into your going-out rotation.

    12. A dainty necklace set that'll look oh-so-chic against bare skin or layered on top of a mock turtleneck top. So if you wear out it's welcome in a few months' time thanks to it being THAT versatile, you'll live. We'll all live.

    model wearing a V-neck top with a three layer necklace with staggered lengths and the two bottom strands with plain medallions on them

    13. Or a chunkier necklace in case your worst nightmare is letting an accessory go unnoticed.

    person wearing a silver chain-like necklace

    14. An embellished (or embroidered!) shirt with puff sleeves that'll just ooze $$$. And by oozing, I mean all the cash you saved by buying this instead of something from a department store.

    15. A beginner embroidery kit with everything you need to craft up your own creation. (Nope you won't have to drop a small fortune to get all those supplies! Which would be even worse if it turns out embroidery isn't your thing.)

    embroidery hoop of a mountain scene

    16. Chunky ankle boots to get you through at LEAST the rest of winter 2021. Though you have quite the reputation for being tough on those lug soles. (And by "you" I mean "me.")

    17. Or some affordable Chelsea boots because they're a staple you'll find yourself reaching for on so many mornings with zero regrets. Plus, that rich cognac hue will look so much more expensive than their friendly price tag ;).

    18. A set of cord wraps that can take a beating inside your everyday tote. And if they take *too much* of a beating you can always swap to the next of the trio.

    thin leather straps that snap at the end with one wrapped around a set of ear buds

    19. A flared skirt you could get away with wearing with chunky sweaters and boots rn, then feel easy breezy in come spring and summer with your go-to tanks. What's that? More money for your vacation fund?

    20. A Kraken tentacle ring that unlike the real(?!) thing, won't strike fear in your heart because you left it on a bathroom sink.

    a ring that is made up of octopus-like tentacles

    21. A glitzy eyeshadow palette inspired by the Lunar New Year with potent but super blendable shadows you'll wanna experiment a ton with...even if it's just for a video check-in with your boss.

    22. A pretty bralette set you'll wanna buy in all nine styles. Y'know, just in case things get a little heated.

    teal color lacey bralette and boy shorts

    23. Or a cami-like bralette you can wear as regular clothes outdoors. We love a multi-use item!

    plus size model wearing cami-like white lace bralette as a top

    24. A trio of contoured eye masks so you can flutter your lashes as you awaken from a five-hour nap. If your leftover mascara or a sleep mask gets all of one? Eh. Move on to the next.

    25. A glorious tote bag featuring an iconic line I always ask my first dates. You'll wanna show it off everywhere you go and — great news — you can because it's affordable! None of this saving-it-for-something-special nonsense.

    tote bag with a pink phone on it with a speech bubble saying "what's your favorite scary movie?"

    26. Polarized sunnies that, as you can see from the reviewer pics, look great on everyone! But they're cheap enough that you can wear them with abandon while you're living your glam life.

    27. Or some seashell sunnies to help bring the beach to you. But it's fine if you leave 'em in the sand on your next actual beach excursion.

    woven basket with five pairs of differntly colors sunglasses with the frame that look like seashells

    28. A velvet cami as a fancy as hell way to drape yourself in the lush fabric when your friends drag you outdoors and you break out your moto jacket. Throw it under a blazer. Or just use it as some loungewear. Talk about versatility.

    petite reviewer wearing a light pink velvet camisole with jeans

    29. A faux-fur collar you can use to zhuzh up your go-to fall jacket, wear like a shrug with a cocktail dress, or warm up your four-legged BFF. Regardless of how you use it, it's gonna like incredibly glam without hitting your cc bill too hard.

    30. A pretty printed scarf in dozens of designs you'll find dozens of ways to wear.

    31. A Golden Girls magnet you won't be *too* upset if your group's resident Sophia snags from your own fridge.

    hand holding a square purple magnet with a cartoon of Sophia from the Golden Girls on it with "Picture it, Sicily 1922" on it

    32. A ruffle-sleeve bodysuit to wear tucked into skirts or your fave high-waisted jeans for a lil' ~DRAMA~. But if that drama turns into you dribbling bloody Mary all over the front of it while cackling at brunch, it'll be fine. It will ALL be fine.

    33. A cruelty-free Milani eyeshadow palette packed with gorgeous neutrals you'll be able to use in about a million different ways. But if you drop it and it busts (like so many palettes before it!) you can easily buy a backup.

    the neutral color eyeshadow palette

    34. Razzle dazzle door knockers to zhuzh up most anything, including that crumpled-up top you found on your floor before a video happy hour.

    square shape drop earrings covered in rhinestones

    35. Or some minimalist spiral earrings that'll easily become a part of your rotation — but you can easily replace in case you lose one!

    model wearing simple drop earrings in a spiral metal design

    36. A silky robe you can wear around the house while you sit on your bed with wet hair and pause your phone game to scroll through Instagram. Very important stuff!

    model wearing a light blue robe with floral pattern on it

    37. A nine-pack of cute earrings that'll come in handy if you lose 'em left and right like I do.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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