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24 Of The Coziest Blankets You Can Get On Amazon

For fulfilling all your winter hibernation goals.

Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

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1. Get lost in this extra-thick microplush fleece blanket.

Promising review: "I needed a soft throw for an oversized arm chair and this twin size is exactly right. It's big enough to snuggle up under in cold weather -- even when sharing the chair with a dog." —Dogs & Horses

Price: $19.99+ // Rating: 4.7/5 // Sizes: Available in Throw, Twin, Queen, King. // Colors: Available in 19 colors.

2. Keep it on the lighter side with this charming color-block chevron herringbone blanket.

Promising review: "I'm 5'5" and it's the perfect length for me! And I love the combination of the light grey, dark grey and the lime green yellow herringbone stitch!" —Lauren Fowler

Price: $23.99 // Rating: 4.3/5 // Colors: Available in Yellow (shown), Wine, Blue.

3. Take a bite out of nap time with this cute kid's shark blanket.

Promising review: "I got it as a gift for my 8-year-old nephew and he LOVES it. The fabric is soft and the colors are vibrant, just like the photo. The size is perfect for another two years." —Shopaholic

Price: $36.95 // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: Available in blue (shown), orange, green, and pink.

4. Stay inside for the whole friggin' weekend with this quilted Berber reversible throw.

Promising review: "I picked up a throw pillow from a boutique, and I wanted to match it with a less-expensive throw. This blanket was perfect. Soft, inexpensive, but still decent quality. Would recommend for any purpose." —Ellen

Price: $19.99+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: Available in six colors.

5. Wrap up in this big tartan plaid blanket while you ensure the neighbors' kids aren't stomping all over your lawn.

Promising review: "I was hoping this blanket was a soft, flannel material, but it's more like fleece. However, it was a pleasant surprise because it is SUPER soft and cozy. Perfect for winter nights! The advantage of this blanket's material is that it never pills or snags. Such a bonus!" —Mai Huynh

Price: $28.20+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Sizes: Available in sizes 50"x60", 66"x90", 80"x90".

6. Create a winter cocoon with this unbelievably soft throw.

Promising review: "When this came in the mail and I opened the blanket, it was so soft it shouldn't be real. I've also been sleeping with two blankets because it's winter, now all I need is this one. It's not too cold and doesn't make you too hot. It's perfect." —Dyllan R.

Price: $21.90+ // Rating: 4.4/5 // Sizes: Travel, Twin, Queen, King // Colors: Available in nine colors.

7. Keep it simple with this soft, woven cotton blanket.

Promising review: "Really nice medium-weight blanket. Well made and substantial, yet breathes and is very comfortable. Not heavy at all. I turn the heat down at night and put this over the top sheet with a comforter over that." —M

Price: $21.99+ // Rating: 4.4/5 // Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King // Colors: Available in seven colors.

8. Go retro with a reproduction Swiss army wool blanket.,

Promising review: "Love it! It had a petroleum aroma upon arrival, but after washing it with COLD water and cleaning-strength vinegar, then tumbling on NO HEAT for a couple hours, it was much softer and odor-free! Looks nice, feels nice, and my dog Myles likes it too!" —Donovan N.

Price: $25 // Rating: 4.3/5

9. Make your own lap of luxury -- aka your own damn lap -- with this fringed, chenille throw.

Promising review: "The blanket is large, great quality, and luxuriously textured. I really like how saturated the color is. I'm very happy with my purchase." —Amazon Customer

Price: $24.99 // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: Available in 11 colors.

10. Turn up the temps with this microplush heated throw that comes in 20 color, pattern varieties.

Promising review: "My husband loves his heated blanket. He comes home from work, and since he works out in the cold all day, he is beyond ready to warm up. This he can wrap up in and warm up faster. This is a great soft blanket that is also able to go in the washer. I think I am going to get me one for myself." —melissa

Price: $37.95+ // Rating: 4.2/5 // Colors: Available in 20 colors and patterns.

11. Find your comfort level with this knitted tweed throw.

Promising review: "Used on my balcony chaise lounge. Perfect for a cool night." —Chasiti

Price: $29.90+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: Available in 25 colors.

12. Layer on the cozy feels with this microfiber blanket.

Promising review: "This blanket is fantastic, and especially for the low price. After buying this one, I bought four more. It's very warm, cozy, and feels like a cloud. I haven't experienced any of the shedding that other reviewers reported. My cats really love it, too." —Z. Thorkildsen

Price: $14.99+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Sizes: Available in Twin, Full/Queen, King, 50"x60", 60"x80". // Colors: Available in nine colors.

13. Pack light (but toasty) with this travel blanket that'll also be your new couch-side favorite.

Promising review: "This blanket is exceptionally soft, and did a great job of keeping me warm in a cross-country trip. Its dimensions are larger than most of its competitors, so it should be able to keep most of your body covered, depending on your height. I really like the travel strap, so I could attach this on the outside of my bag, leaving much more space within." —sweetolive

Price: $11.99 // Rating: 4.7/5 // Colors: Available in burgundy, blue.

14. Add some cozy interest to an armchair with this fuzzy, luxurious throw that has pretty color variation.

Promising review: "I bought this blanket to add to my bed or transfer over to the couch when it was especially cold. Not only is this blanket warm (and delightfully oversized), but incredibly soft, as well. I like that the two sides are different feels, so you can switch it up. Only minor complaint is that it can get static-y!" —Alexander Charters

Price: $28.99+ // Rating: 4.7/5 // Sizes: Available in Full/Queen, 50x65 inches, 60x70 inches. // Colors: Available in 10 colors.

15. Get all rustic with this cool wood-grain fleece throw.

Promising review: "The picture makes it look like the bark pattern was drawn in with a black outline. But the outline of the bark pattern is actually indented in the throw, and It looks absolutely amazing!" —Sangin

Price: $12.95+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: Available in tan, gray.

16. Sport some sweater camouflage in the wild of your living room with a cozy cableknit throw lined in Sherpa.

Promising review: "Warmest throw ever! The lining is soft and great to snuggle into on chilly evenings. Did not shed or pill after washing...well worth the money!" —Bonnie McLafferty

Price: $26.49+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: Available in eight colors.

17. Pretend like you're in much warmer climes while huddled around a campfire in this chic Mexican siesta blanket.

Promising review: "Absolutely loved it, arrived right on time and was exact to the description. I use mine for beach days and it seems perfect for bonfire nights." —Miguel Q.

Price: $17.95+ // Rating: 4.3/5 // Colors: Available in six colors.

18. Convey that you're used to the finer things in life by casually draping this (faux) polar fur throw on your couch.

Promising review: "Everyone who touches this blanket falls in love. Seriously. It's 'lamb-y' on one side, 'mink-y' on the other side, and crazy soft. I have to wrestle it away from my kids and guests. Buy at least one. You won't be sorry." —Amanda S

Price: $35.62+ // Rating: 4.7/5 // Sizes: Available in 50 x 60, 63 x 87.

19. Sink into your bed and stay there forever thanks to this pretty printed throw.

Promising review: " I own a Pendleton blanket, but not going to ruin it for everyday. This is just right and I can always pull the wool robe out of the blanket chest." —Rich K.

Price: $29.99 // Rating: 4.4/5

20. Get a little decorative with this diamond-print blanket.

Promising review: "Thin, but warm and cozy. Love it." —TD

Price: $22.95 // Rating: 4.2/5 // Colors: Available in eight colors.

21. Skimp on cost -- not quality -- with this mircrofiber down-alternative blanket.

Promising review: "I immediately washed the blanket and it is perfect! Warm but not heavy and easy to wash. It is just what I expected!" —Kim Lovingood

Price: $39.94+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King. // Colors: Available in five colors.

22. Cuddle up to a good book (and reading selfie) with this patterned Eddie Bauer quilt.

Promising review: "Very cozy and pretty enough to leave on the couch." —Joce

Price: $28.49+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: Available in two color combos.

23. Add some ~lively~ texture to a stuffy armchair with a brushed herringbone blanket.

Promising review: "Too small for a large adult, but very soft and great for a kid. Almost too small for me since my feet sneak out sometimes, but it's the softest blanket I have." —E. Thomas

Price: $27.54 // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: Available in six colors.

24. And fulfill your mermaid couch dreams with a crochet mermaid blanket.

Promising review: "Bought for my teenage daughter for Christmas. It's absolutely adorable and 'adult sized.' I washed and dried it on gentle before wrapping and it still looks great." —Kelly J

Price: $28.88 // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: Available in 42 color combos.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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