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    39 Stylish Basics You'll Be So Glad You Bought

    Wardrobe fillers good enough to become da belle of da ball.

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post is actually from 2018, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. For our most up-to-date recommendations, check out the 2019 version of this post!

    1. A cowl-neck tunic dress that'll look so incredibly chic and low-key that people may assume you're a heroine of a Nancy Meyers movie.

    2. A metallic pleated skirt that'll look ANYTHING but basic YET will match so many things that it'll earn its keep in that category. (And this story.)

    3. A trusty leather tote to contain all the everyday items you require on the reg.

    4. Or a ~reversible~ faux-leather tote that'll give you a little more flexibility when you realize your outfit would look so much better with a black bag. Dump the contents, flip it inside out, rake everything back in, and be on your merry way!

    5. Hunter rain boots for keeping your feet dry while frolicking through fields of wild flowers or dodging suspiciously dark puddles on city streets.

    6. Knit jeggings so you can get away with wearing not-pants while wearing a socially acceptable semblance of pants.

    7. Ankle booties in a range of colors (not just animal print!) that'll look fantastic with all kinds of ensembles. Dresses and tights, shorts, jeans, soooo many possibilities.

    8. A water-resistant packable puffer coat for everyday wear or that bucket-list trip to Iceland where you plan to *just* carry on.

    9. A minimalist faux-leather bag roomy enough to fit the essentials you just may carry for weeks on end because it goes with everything.

    10. A rubberized rain coat for gloomy mornings when you can't stay indoors. Sigh.

    11. And a vinyl smock as a lighter option that won't fall prey to sudden showers.

    12. Dr. Martens that'll be a tough go-to for days when the sun is shining or it's gray AF.

    13. A solid-color sweater with a lil' something extra in the back so you'll look anything but boring.

    14. Pointed-toe flats with just enough flash (and a few colors) to add a little fancy flair to an outfit you picked up off your bedroom floor.

    15. A solid T-shirt (and cute lil' pocket!) for elevating a pair of old jeans without sacrificing your comfort level.

    16. A trendy teddy coat in a neutral tone that'll help you ease into the style without feeling like you're committing to a fad.

    17. A plaid scarf you can nuzzle into allll winter long. And into the spring when it's still a tad chilly.

    18. Toasty lines jeans that won't feel (or look) bulky on that day you agreed to go to a bowl football game. Sigh.

    19. White Superga sneakers as a fashion girl step up from your Keds (sorry Keds).

    20. A Buffalo plaid flannel shirt for a winter classic that'll be the next best thing to wearing your flannel PJs out in public.

    21. A seamless turtleneck bodysuit as a base for a multitude of cute outfits. Your skirts will wonder why it took you so long to make an intro.

    22. Versatile ballet flats you'll throw on in a million different ways on the days when you can't or won't with heels.

    23. A solid dress with pockets for so much wardrobe versatility, you'll wonder why you didn't buy it in every color from the start.

    24. A cozy eco fleece sweatshirt ready to replace that old stained one. Or at least you can wear this one out in public and the stained one *just* in the house, k?

    25. And a sweatshirt dress for the times you'd prefer to leave the house in a sweatshirt and no pants. Well now you can!

    26. High-heel ankle booties as a boost for really most anything in your closet.

    27. A belted denim skirt to give your old band T-shirts new life. (BTW, the belt is removable.)

    28. A Carhartt beanie that'll look good on anyone and everyone. And it comes in so many colors, everyone in the fam can have their own. Maybe even two!

    29. A lightweight tunic that'll easily go with whatever pair of leggings are clean atm.

    30. A simple cardi you can throw on in your frigid office for a toasty layer that'll keep you looking polished.

    31. A slip dress with cool details like a low back and raw hem that'll let onlookers know they can bow down now. Thanks.

    32. Stud earrings as a finishing touch before you head out the door.

    33. A ribbed turtleneck ready and willing to bring a little more texture to your look.

    34. A faux-leather motorcycle jacket to throw on over nearly anything, even when you're running to the gym!

    35. Slip-on sneakers in a perforated metallic style that'll make every well-cushioned step look a bit fancier.

    36. A lacy LBD (that comes in other colors!) to get you through the rest of holiday party season. And weddings. And cocktail hours. And any other events where you need to look like a slightly better dressed version of yourself.

    37. A mock turtleneck in a range of colors that'll be perfect for layering under your fave summer dresses or flying solo.

    38. A colorful wrap dress for something that's office dress code-approps without being a total snore.

    39. Rubber flats with a fancy lil' bow on top for drizzly days when you can't bear to pull on rain boots.