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    33 Pairs Of Shoes That Are Definitely Worth The Splurge

    You can never have enough shoes. Never.

    1. Black and white Oxfords that'll provide a bit of a retro vibe, but will never go out of style.

    2. Timberland lace-up dress boots built to be tough, but also look chic with a wingtip design.

    3. Stylish water shoes you won't be embarrassed to wear around the beach or on the boardwalk.

    4. Leather studded slingbacks for those fancy nights when you fully intend to dress to the nines.

    5. Original Vans to dress up or down, according to your mood. And where you're going, obviously.

    6. Hunter rain boots so you can splash around in puddles, successfully keep your feet dry, and look cute doing it.

    7. Comfy sneakers that'll become your go-to for everyday errands and travel.

    8. Dr. Martens boots because everyone needs a pair of combat boots to make them feel like a true badass.

    9. UGG slippers can keep your feet nice and warm during the colder months. Toasty toes = happy toes.

    10. Adidas Stan Smith sneakers to help you rock that crisp, all-white outfit without sacrificing comfort.

    11. Over-the-knee Steve Madden boots that'll give off the sexy thigh-high look while showcasing your legs.

    12. Classic Bean boots for all types of messy weather. Rain, snow, and mud approved.

    13. Slingback flats you'll want to wear with every pair of cutoff jeans you own.

    14. Clark's suede booties you can pair with tights and a corduroy skirt for the ideal fall outfit.

    15. Platform sandals to wear with the dreamiest maxi dress. Helloooo, goddess.

    16. Calvin Klein dress shoes that'll look incredibly sharp with a well-fitted suit.

    17. Frye riding boots for a more sophisticated equestrian look. Now just find a horse for that Insta.

    18. Cheetah booties so you can show off some pattern when you're feeling bold.

    19. Pencil flats that are sure to look exactly ~write~ with everything you own

    20. Sam Edelman heeled sandals you'll most definitely want to pack for your next warm weather vacay. And they won't even take up much space in your suitcase, so win-win!

    21. Short cowboy boots with enough Western flair to make you feel like you're running a farm during the old ranching days.

    22. Nike sneakers to add to your collection of incredibly cool kicks. Fellow sneaker heads will be proud.

    23. Chelsea boots because they're a wardrobe staple. How do you not own them already?!?!

    24. Polo Ralph Lauren penny loafers you can wear to work literally every day.

    25. Cat-inspired Mary Jane flats that'll be purrrfectly adorable on your feet. Every time you look down, you'll smile.

    26. Insulated snow boots to fight the days when Mother Nature decides to dump snow on us and turn the outside world into a tundra. TYSM, Mother Nature.

    27. Incredibly sleek formal boots that'll make you feel like a million bucks.

    28. Sam Edelman embroidered heeled boots so beautifully detailed, you won't be able to resist adding them to your shopping cart.

    29. Peep-toe slides you'll want to slip into immediately. They'll also let you show off a fresh pedicure.

    30. Leather sneakers that'll totally help you ace that streetwear look. Like, where's the paparazzi at?

    31. Birkenstock sandals to replace those ratty flip-flops that provide literally zero support.

    32. Snakeskin pumps so you can strut your stuff as if you were on a runway. Just kidding, the world IS your runway!

    33. And finally, hightop Converse that'll make you feel like a part of the cast of The Sandlot. And who doesn't want that?

    When your family gets on you for having "too many pairs of shoes" as if that's a thing:

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