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    Want To Make Your Life A Bit Easier? These 45 "Shark Tank" Products May Help

    A phone-sanitizing gadget, thermos-cleaning tablets, and a wash-and-go system for curly hair might make the everyday run a bit smoother.

    1. Scrub Daddy sponges who, if you're a frequent BuzzFeed Shopping reader, you'll recognize as the hardest lil' worker in anyone's kitchen. Trust me, this smiley face is worth the hype 10x over!

    scrub daddy sponge being used to clean a dirty casserole dish

    2. A CreaClip Set to help you finally pull off the at-home trim that you've been scared to try up until now or have seriously messed up in the past. Its built-in level will help create an even chop!

    3. And The Cut Buddy, a super versatile grooming template you can use to make sure you get the perfect line on the beard, moustache, hairline... basically any hair on your head. A fade without a barber visit? It's possible with this.

    4. Wondercide Spray that'll serve as a naturally derived alternative to your pet's monthly treatments because fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are horrible! Your pet doesn't need to speak human words to tell you that!

    person spraying the product on a calm looking golden retriever dog

    5. A Phonesoap to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria with UV light on that tiny computer you clutch onto like your life depends on it every dang minute of the day (and insist on taking to the bathroom with you). Also we're *all* cleaning our stuff more often these days.

    6. Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner (you could spray in your mouth if you wanted but why would you waste it?!) that'll be safe to use around kids and pets or anyone who's super sensitive to smells.

    person spraying a wooden cutting board with the cleaner

    7. A pair of Drainwigs, which is just fancy talk for some hair catchers that can hang out in your shower drains. Nothing throws a wrench in your day like a clogged drain when you're just trying to shower in the morn.

    8. Bottle Bright cleaning tablets to revive the look (and taste!) of the stainless-steel thermos you use every dang day (whether you're WFH or not) but aren't so great at washing like you should.

    reviewer pic of a "before" dirty coffee stained thermos with an after of a clean thermos

    9. A Squatty Potty which, if you don't already know what it does, helps position your body in a way that'll feel more natural for your colon and, therefore, make going no. 2 easier. (More or less.)

    model wearing clothes sitting on a toilet with their feet propped on the stool-like squatty potty

    10. Controlled Chaos – a line of hair products for folks with curly hair that has some devoted fans, especially for the leave-in conditioner. But you may just swap your whole hair routine to these beauts!

    company pic of before and after using product

    11. A Q-flex acupressure tool ready to step in for your normal massage therapist. After all, no matter how many times you try to convince your puppy to walk across your back, it's just cute instead of providing some relief.

    12. Vibes earplugs to help protect your hearing from incredibly loud noise by blocking out the decibels, but not the music! (I wore my pair at an arm hair-shaking EDM show and can report back that they work SO well.)

    the ear plugs in the packaging and different size ear pieces

    13. The Lip Bar vegan lipstick – it was just the beginning on Shark Tank, but the brand now has a full suite of *very* good beauty essentials that come in customizable shades and do exactly what they sound like.

    14. A Blueland essentials starter kit to help you transform your mishmash of cleaning product bottles and cut down on one-use plastic. Plus, there's a subscription model to help you re-up. No more staring at a toothpaste-flecked mirror and an empty bottle of glass cleaner.

    the cleaning kit with empty bottles and tablets

    15. A Beard King trimmings catcher that'll make cleaning the bathroom sink SO much easier if you can convince your currently bearded bae to actually use it.

    16. Spretz, a 2-in-1 hand sanitizer and mouth freshening spray so there'll be one less thing to carry while you're doing errands. (Have you worn a face mask with stinky breath? Not great.)

    person spraying hand with the product

    17. A tube of Nerd Wax because think of all the time you could put toward saving the world by *not* having to scoot your glasses up the bridge of your nose a million times a day.

    18. A Stasher reusable silicone bag that's actually *airtight*, so you won't want to throw it away after a few uses like so many you've tried before. (You can even throw it in the dishwasher and microwave — the dream!)

    person holding the bag with asparagus in it pouring olive oil into the bag

    19. A Mission leather belt with lots of adjustable 1/4-inch positions (normal belts have 1-inch positions) so you can comfortably get dressed instead of squeezing yourself into a lil' torture device. No worry about adding a hole to your belt.

    person wearing the belt with pants and a T-shirt

    20. Safe grabs silicone mats for putting a safe barrier between hot things and important stuff, like your hands, in so many situations.

    person using the mats to get a hot bowl out of the microwave

    21. The Spatty and Spatty Daddy spatulas – they're flexible enough to help you get the dregs of that luxury conditioner out of the container you got as a free sample at Sephora and have sworn by ever since.

    22. A HoodiePillow that'll give you the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and privacy on your next flight or bus ride because you don't want to start off that trip of a lifetime with neck cramps or a talkative neighbor that kept you from napping on a red eye.

    person on a large bus wearing the pillow that's a neck travel pillow with a hoodie attached to it

    23. Glow Recipe products – they have sooo many deliciously effective beauty goods from their fruity cruelty-free line that'll fit comfortably into your everyday routine. But! Items like their Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask will feel like a low-lift way to keep your skin right.

    bathroom counter

    24. A Smart Cart rolling bag for helping you tote all sorts of groceries in its *water-resistant* structure and then you can fold it down once you're done for easy storage in your car's trunk.

    25. A Frywall that'll fit around your pan and contain popping oil or spillover while you work on the house special. Nothing ruins an edible masterpiece like hot grease landing on your hand.

    cooktop with a pan with the cone-shaped frywall creating a larger guard to catch oil from it

    26. InstaFire, an eco-friendly fire starter with four fires in a pouch so you'll be set even if you don't remember how to build a campfire from back in your Girl Scout days. (OK, I could if I had to.) This'll also seriously come in handy if you're all of a sudden interested in camping as a vacay option.

    27. Curlmix that'll help you wash and go with four steps made of nontoxic ingredients (shout out to the label readers, which includes the founder!). No need to do the extra legwork mixing and matching between different brands.

    The Curlmix four-step wash and go hair products in watermelon

    28. An Enso Ring silicone wedding band to wear while you're out and about doing stuff where you don't wanna wear your *real* band (like the playing at the beach, hiking, woodworking, etc.)

    person sitting in the sand at the beach wearing a light orange version of the ring on their ring finger

    29. A T Thompson Tee sweat-proof undershirt that'll cost ya' thanks to fancy features like built-in sweat-absorbing pads. But you know what else costs ya'? Pit stains.

    30. ReadeREST magnetic glasses holders – they can clip onto any of your shirts without leaving behind any damage, lest you forget another pair of reading glasses on a table. Somewhere....

    person placing a pair of glasses into the magnetic piece on shirt

    31. Grease Monkey cleaning wipes for those times when you're working on your bike, wiping off your hands while you admire a job well done, and then realize that your hands are still very much caked with grease!

    two canisters of the wipes

    32. And a bottle of Grip Clean heavy-duty soap made with coconut and olive oils so you can get those exceptionally dirty paws hands of yours back to their normal, clean selves. Yes it cleans THIS well but doesn't dry out your hands!

    reviewer's before and after pic of grease covered hand and then clean hand thanks to the soap

    33. A tube of Wunderbrow, which is a super-long-lasting eyebrow gel that's waterproof so you won't have to worry about your brow filler sweating down your beautiful visage.

    34. A Drop Stop car seat gap filler that'll help you say buh-bye to lost change, french fries, and even dropped phones.

    person pressing the black seat gap filler around a seat belt buckle between the car console and seat

    35. Shower Pill body wipes to help you clean up after that sweaty at-home HIIT session you've been doing during your lunch breaks without being harsh on your skin. (So proud of you!)

    The body wipe package

    36. An EZPZ mat, aka a no-slip placemat/plate, your toddler will try their best to budge but they won't. MUHAHAHAHHAHA.

    top down look at oval silicone mat with walled sections for food on a baby's high chair

    37. A Turbie Twist so the days of balancing a heavy body towel on your head while you put on mascara is a thing of the past. Your poor neck! I have a LOT of hair past and this bb handles it sopping wet, no problem.

    person wearing the turbie twist on head while wearing clothes

    38. Bite eco-friendly toothpaste to make squeezing out o' the tube and then that tube ending up in a landfill so yesterday. Simply chomp on the vegan-friendly bit and brush your teeth like normal. Plus! You can also grab some mouthwash bits.

    the jar of toothpaste bits

    39. Kreyòl Essence features Haitian Black Castor Oil solo and also into their hair and skin products which, for the uninitiated, is a natural humectant that moisturizes by drawing in water vapor. So back to your routine, the oil is mean to help moisturize your scalp, promote hair growth, help fade stretch marks and more.

    Haitian Black Castor Oil

    40. Bambooee reusable towels to replace most (if not all!) of the paper towels you go through on the reg. Look at you, Captain Planet!

    41. A Rapid Ramen Cooker that'll transform a brick of noods into the base for a delish meal in just three minutes in the microwave! 'Tis time to put that ramen you've been hoarding the pantry to tasty use.

    the cooker with ramen ingredients in it

    42. A Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, which is really just fancy talk for a notebook you can take notes or scribble in, move those notes online, and then microwave the notebook to start with an *actual* blank slate. If you go through notebooks fast, you need this! (Use. That. Microwave!)

    43. Makeup Junkie bags to help you round up your everyday essentials in a bag that has everything you could possibly want. It's wide, deep, lays flat when you open it, has a water-resistant interior, AND comes in a variety of designs to suit your liking.

    person holding makeup bag

    44. Proven Skincare – it lets you take a 3-minute skincare quiz to evaluate your skin, lifestyle, and environmental to narrow down ingredients that'll suit you best, rather than a one-size-fits-all deal. No more feeling obligated to finish off a just-OK bottle of moisturizer or crosschecking that ingredients from different brands will mesh well.

    a chemistry beaker with liquid, two bottles of the skincare products

    45. A box of Third Wave Water capsules that'll minerally enhance your subpar tap water to make it taste better, especially when it comes to bevs like coffee and tea. When the caffeine goes down easier, everything feels easier.

    the box of product with a coffee setup

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