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    49 Products Under $10 That'll Basically Pay For Themselves Over And Over Again

    A 10-in-1 hair treatment, chic mat for your WFH setup, bandages that'll actually match your skin tone, and more things you'll use countless times.

    1. Bandages that'll ACTUALLY match your skin tone so your healing process will be seamless, quicker, and therefore less-painful. Also, maybe those Minions bandages look cute on your kid, but you don't want to wear one on your hand!

    Black reviewer with a bandage on finger that blends into their skin tone

    2. And a mini first-aid kit you can fill with your own supplies (like ^ bandages) and keep on you at all times for when minor catastrophes happen.

    the rectangular shaped tin

    3. A holographic highlighter palette because you wanna shine without spending your weekly disposable income on a shimmery cheek bone.

    4. And a high-wattage glow booster you can use alone or on top of your fave splurge-y highlighter in case you'd prefer that your shimmer is seen from space.

    three forearms of people with dark, medium, and fair skin tones with the silver highlighter swatched on the wrists to show the pigmentation

    5. A bedside caddy you'll congratulate yourself for purchasing next time you need your headphones and would pay $50 to NOT crawl out from underneath your covers.

    bed with the organizer hanging off the side of the bed frame

    6. A wood polish with astounding "before" and "after" pics — it might just have you seeking out all sorts of worn-out wood surfaces to rejuvenate.

    7. Elastic shoelaces you may just use on every last pair of shoes once you realize how much time they buy you in getting ready in the morning or just getting through security at the airport. (They also make putting on shoes easier for people who have a hard time bending over to tie laces.)

    athletic sneaker with the laces on it that look like normal shoelaces

    8. A 10-in-1 spray you can spritz on your damp hair and let take care of basically every styling need for blowouts except finishing hairspray. It'll give you a super smooth blowout without filling up your medicine cabinet with products.

    9. A super specific but incredibly helpful microwave cover to help you heat up leftovers and avoid gross splatter. Plus, it collapses for easy storage!

    dome-like cover over a plate of food

    10. A dry shampoo (that smells like warm sugar and is made with gentle tapioca starch) that can perk up dirty hair without leaving weird white spots in dark locks.

    reviewer with flat greasy hair before and then volumized clean looking hair after using the product

    11. A setting powder made for oily skin to keep your T-zone looking like matte perfection during seasons when it normally feels like your makeup is sliding down your face after being outside for a few minutes. But that's a thing of the past!

    the compact and puff

    12. A box of slow cooker liners that'll make cleaning up after yourself (and delicious concoctions) criminally easy. Just toss the liner when you're finished!

    slow cooker with plastic liners creating two sections for two different kinds of dip

    13. A bright accordion folder where you can file important papers because no matter how many bills you go paperless for, there'll still be SOME physical papers you'll need to locate quickly.

    folder with a floral motif on the front and tabs on the side

    14. A box of Magic Erasers to brighten dingy sneakers, remove wall scuffs, scrub away marks on stainless-steel sinks, and clean up grout stains on shower walls.

    15. A pair of Drain Wigs, which is really just a funny name (that sounds like an excellent Drag Race insult) for drain hair catchers.

    16. A set of pastel highlighters to call your attention to the essentials during study sessions or organize a bullet journal without giving yourself eyestrain — and therefore rendering that life helper a life hurter.

    17. A pair of Fiskars scissors (I own and adore!) with a soft grip that'll cut as smooth as buttah without turning your poor hands red.

    person holding the scissors in front of a bunch of thick fabric they cut with them

    18. A shampoo brush can target buildup and hurt so good with the teeth massaging your scalp like you're at the salon. Plus it is SO CHEAP.

    19. A desk mat in a chic Dalmatian print to help step up your WFH sitch. Even if your laptop is dusty as heck and covered in crumbs (like mine), this mat will look so GOOD.

    looking down at a desktop with a white desk mat with black spots under a keyboard and mouse

    20. A cotton tote in a cute pattern you can easily identify — like something fruity or floral — to keep in your car or at your desk when today's bag just won't cut it for your storage needs.

    21. A mattifying makeup primer for a smooth finish that'll stay that way for so much longer.

    22. An easy jar opener — easier than those rubber things — so you won't have to burst a blood vessel in your eye just trying to open a jar of fancy preserves you, tbh, spent way too much on at the *nice* food store in your neighborhood.

    person using the jar opener that latches across the top of the lid and has a handle to move it

    23. A detangling brush for thick hair that can do major things for unruly hair (and maybe save a few bucks of the detangling spray you normally use to douse your hair so post-shower detangling doesn't feel like a torture session).

    the brush

    24. Or a detangling brush for folks with 3a–4c hair types to get at the tangles without the torture.

    25. A minimalist chore chart your family will hopefully get PLENTY of use of of...leading to a super clean and organized house.

    minimalist chore chart with boxes for check marks and lines for writing in chores

    26. A glitter primer for keeping those sparkles in place, whether it's for a sizzling eye look or swatching.

    27. A stick of anti-chafing balm to keep your inner thighs and other parts ouchless when it's time to get physical, physical.

    plus size reviewer at a tourist site of ruins wearing shorts

    28. A makeup sponge storage set with two drying racks that'll let the air circulate so much better when you're drying it out post-wash. Then when you're ready to take a sponge with you, just throw it in one of the adorbs cat cases!

    two cat cases and two egg cup-like sponge holders

    29. And a five-pack of highly rated makeup sponges in case you've been bad about washing your current one and you could use some redemption.

    reviewer pic of teardrop-shaped makeup sponges in various colors

    30. And while we're on the subject, a brush cleansing pad that moonlights as a brush holder for drying. It can take care of your other makeup tools and keep them in fighting shape for drastically longer.

    31. A Tarot-inspired bookmark that'll be a lovely sight when you crack open that spine and dive back into your current read.

    open book with black and metallic bookmarks

    32. A coffee scoop/bag clip so you'll never have to track down a spoon to fill 'er up with caffeine while you're zombie yawning.

    long spoon that's a clip on the handle in front of coffee and a coffee mug

    33. And a pair of reusable K-cups in case you find yourself buying coffee near your office instead of opting for the K-cups your company provides and you're v meh about. (I feel your pain.)

    the cups

    34. A three-pack of SPF 30 lip balm in yummy flavors so sun protection will be far more appetizing.

    hand holding up three sticks of lip balm

    35. And an easy lip stain for delivering major color that'll stay put for so much longer than regular lipstick or gloss.

    36. A "half-eaten" cookie cutter you'll wanna use a few times for every batch of cookies you make. Hehe.

    cookie that looks like someone ate half of it

    37. Bar Keepers Friend powdered cleanser to spiff up just about anything you have around your house like car head lights, pots and pans, porcelain sinks, stove tops.... Really, the limit does not exist.

    38. A waist bag to free up your hands for stuff like wrangling a toddler, putting up your hands on a roller coaster, or fighting off zombies while running for your bunker in the hills.

    waist bag

    39. A sheet of door-dampening bumpers that'll be silent and go unnoticed, much like your deep dive for snacks when the baby's asleep.

    open cabinet door with the bumper on the edge of the cabinet door

    40. A rugged dad cap in a range of colors to keep on standby for shielding your eyes from the sun or helping disguise a lackluster hair day.

    denim baseball cap

    41. A 3-in-1 avocado tool for *safely* dismantling the green fruit faster for treats like toast, guac, and more!

    person using the tool to slice open half of an avocado

    42. A heel liner to give some sweet relief for that amazing pair of shoes that slip just enough to leave your heels howling in pain.

    heel protector being put into heel of a shoe

    43. A foot balm for your heels, those poor cracked, nasty-looking heels you've been hiding all winter. It's their time to shine after some spiffing up with this stuff. This is sooo much cheaper than a pedicure.

    the foot balm in a deodorant-like stick

    44. A couple of pairs of gel inserts that'll cushion your foot pads on the DL when you decide to wear heels.

    clear oval shaped shoe inserts

    45. A handy dino here to hold your phone while you take your millionth BuzzFeed quiz of the afternoon. (We support your BF quiz black hole.)

    person with phone leaning up against a dino-shaped stand on a table at a coffee shop

    46. A quick-dry top coat for a lasting finish over your home mani.

    47. A headrest trash bag that'll eliminate your kids' excuses for littering on the car floor.

    back of a car front passenger seat with a bag-like trash bag attached to it