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    19 Products That'll Help Make Baking As Easy As Pie

    Put way less of your (metaphorical) blood, sweat, and tears into treats with these must-haves.

    1. A ceramic bird you can park in the middle of your double-crusted pie to release steam, and prevent unsightly bubbles and juices.

    2. And an adjustable pie crust shield for keeping those gorgeous scallops intact and just the right shade of golden brown.

    3. A cake leveler so your masterpiece won't look like the leaning tower of sugar comas.

    4. An oven rack push/pool gadget to let you *safely* take a peek and see how it's looking, smelling.

    5. A dessert decorating tool for piping on the perfect delectable swirls with very little effort.

    6. Non-stick springform pans to help bring cheesecakes and other circular treat recipes from URL to IRL without looking like you sawed off the edge.

    7. A tiered cooling rack for giving your treats the space they need to cool down before eating.

    8. A cake turntable/stand to get an even icing application AND make a drool-worthy time lapse video you can share on Instagram.

    9. And an icing smoother you can use with it to make everyone think you picked up your creation from that fancy bakery down the block.

    10. A cookie scoop that'll finally help you achieve the perfectly sized mounds of dough every single time.

    11. A cook press set to churn out the most gorgeous treats that people won't even want to eat them. Jk.

    12. An adjustable measuring cup built for making sure no drop of sticky ingredient goes to waste.

    13. A slim, flexible spatula to wield icing (the best part, tbh) just as you please.

    14. An adjustable rolling pin so you'll never have to eyeball your dough thickness again — quite the dangerous game.

    15. Silicone baking mats — they eliminate the need for cooking sprays, oil, parchment, and other stuff you normally use to prevent burned cookie bottoms!

    16. And a pastry mat with measurements because baking is a science that'll get all thrown off if you aren't precise.

    17. Speaking of precision, a digital scale to let you know when your ingredients are just a smidge off.

    18. A quartet of bowl and dough scrapers that'll help you make sure you get all those precious ingredients where they need to go.

    19. And a breadmaker with a gluten-free setting because bread can be so easy to mess up when you do it the OG way! (I speak from experience.)

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