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    35 Things That People With Limited Mobility Swear By

    From rubber shoelaces that transform lace-ups into slip-ons to a kitchen stand that tilts bowls and pots for pouring, these products may just be under the definition of "game-changer" in the dictionary.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community members with limited mobility what products they rely on to make their daily routines a bit easier. Here's what they swear by:

    But please note that these are not one-size-fits-all!

    1. A bidet attachment for your toilet to make a world of difference in assisting you with "going" — especially if you have back issues or are recovering from surgery. Plus it can help curb your TP usage!

    closeup of the white bidet seat attachment with dials

    2. A weighted blanket that might be the missing step in your bedtime routine to help you sleep more soundly and reduce morning inflammation and pain.

    person under the weighted blanket asleep in bed

    3. A roll-on lotion applicator to reach all the places you can't while you moisturize.

    4. A mini colander that'll fit over a tuna can and come in handy if limited dexterity has been affecting your go-to lunch recipe.

    5. A cordless can opener to *safely* take that can of food's top off with very minimal effort on your part. Did I mention it leaves the top with curved edges to help avoid cuts? Well now you know.

    6. An ergonomic trigger grip that rotates 360 degrees and has a magnet on the end to help you "go go gadget" when you need to reach something.

    person holding the long grip with a claw at the end reaching for cans in a food cabinet

    7. A jar opener — mounted or automatic — as a welcome addition to any household but can take lots of strain off your hands if dexterity is already an issue.

    8. Or a trio of multi-purpose lid openers for jars or bottles. (I own these and they help A LOT without taking up much storage room.)

    hat-like rubber opener used to open jar lid

    9. An electric potato peeler to help you get from spud to fry without feeling like you're being punished with hand peeling.

    reviewer pic of potato peeler in use with stack of peels on kitchen countertop beside a plate of four peeled potatoes

    10. Kitchen tongs that can do so much more than mix pasta or flip something in a frying pan. They also can help serve as a grabby extension of your own hand.

    three kitchen tongs in three sizes and colors red, blue, and green

    11. A rollator (a walker with a seat and brakes) to help keep you on balance *and* give you a place to rest without having to look for a spot.

    person using the walker to walk across a living room.

    12. A shower chair (or teak shower bench!) that'll serve as a steady seat while you go through your shower routine.

    13. And a detachable shower head to make the water flow come to *you* and hit all the right spots. (You can install this one without tools and it has lots of fans in the reviews who sit down to shower.)

    detachable shower head with a hose spraying water

    14. A firm neck travel pillow that'll help cradle your neck comfortably while you're awake!

    gray velvet texture C-shaped travel neck pillow

    15. A remote-control adjustable bed for anyone who gets way comfier when they aren't horizontal. This bed will bend to your whims and comfort levels!

    bedroom with gray bed base curved thanks to adjustable remote control bed base

    16. A sock tool to help you get dressed without bending over to pull on your trusty pair of tube socks.

    four steps of person using the curved piece of plastic with ropes attached to slip on a sock

    17. A book holder that'll keep your current read in place without gripping or straining your neck. This wheeled beauty will move with you around the house.

    stand with tablet on it bent to in front of a chair in a living room

    18. Ring splints made to help with arthritis, mallet finger, swan neck and Boutonniere injuries, trigger finger or thumb, hyper-flexible and crooked fingers, and so much more. But one reader finds them super helpful for dislocations.

    person knitting with the loop-shaped support over a knuckle

    19. An ULU rocker knife that'll be a welcome mealtime addition if you're working with the use of one hand. Also it just looks really cool, even though that's not the main reason to buy it.

    rocker knife with handle to use with one hand

    20. An over-the-tub grab bar to lend a helping hand while you're hanging solo in the bathroom. The clamp design makes it easy to move. And when you're not using it, your shower curtain can cover it!

    bathtub with white grab bar that clamps onto the side of the tub

    21. A patella stabilizing strap for your knee in case you could use a little more support and relief there.

    22. Crocs as a cushiony but supportive footwear choice you can easily slip on to get where you need to go.

    red pair of Crocs on a geometric print bedspread

    23. A pair of hiking sticks to help you explore your fave place (the outdoors, naturally) with a bit more reassurance. This set is lightweight and has soft cork grips.

    24. A garment steamer that'll de-wrinkle clothing for a lot less work than an iron, even if dexterity isn't an issue for you. (IMO everyone should use one, I don't even own an iron.)

    the fabric steamer

    25. A pot tipper (a reader's dad invented!) to help tip over a pot or bowl for you, pouring the contents in your baking dish perfectly. Plus it folds when not in use for easy storage. *Chef's kiss*

    26. No-tie rubber shoelaces that'll look like the real deal! They're really just strips with flared ends to keep 'em in place in your shoelace holes. That means you can slip into your shoes instead of tying laces.

    27. An Echo Show for easily chatting up friend and family members without moving from your go-to spot.

    video device with person doing a video call on it

    28. A PopSocket (a collapsible grip/stand) you can adhere to your phone case so you'll more easily grip your fave device without bending or straining your fingers.

    29. A big thermos to help you get your H2O (or other bevs) without making constant trips to the kitchen.

    person in the outdoors opening a tall thermos

    30. An electric kettle so you can make yourself a cuppa from any room in the house. Plus this model's cord is on the base instead of the kettle, so it'll make for easier pouring.

    reviewer pic of stainless steel kettle with water indicator on side and black handle on marble kitchen countertop

    31. And a cup warmer to keep your beverage nice 'n' toasty. No trips to the microwave needed here!

    32. A button tool (that also works zippers!) to grab on your behalf while getting dressed. Even if going to work just requires looking nice from the waist up on video calls.

    button loop with handle with inset of person using it

    33. A steering wheel attachment that'll make it easier to control the wheel.

    view of steering wheel with person holding knob to control it

    34. A walking cane to help prevent trips and falls while you're on the go. This one has a versatile grip, loop that goes around your wrist, adjustable height, and sturdy base. Plus, it folds up for easy storage!

    pics of older person walking up and down stairs, and on a flat sidewalk using the different parts of the top of the cane for support

    35. And a mobility scooter that'll help you get from Point A to Point B.

    a three wheeled mobility electric scooter with a cushioned seat and basket at the front parked on a sidewalk in a park full of leave

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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