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Which Products Help You The Most With Your Limited Mobility?

We wanna know which products make your routine a bit easier.

Do you have limited mobility and rely on certain products to help make your little (or big) daily tasks run more smoothly? Well, we want to know about those particular things.

Maybe you've found a pair of adaptive undies that have helped with bathroom trips and getting dressed?

model wearing high waisted black bikini underwear that unhook at that hip for easy removal

Or has a mounted jar opener been a game-changer for meal prep? (TBH, those rubber discs that "grip" jar lids just don't cut it!)

disc-shaped jar opener mounted underneath a cabinet with hand using it to open a mason jar

Has an electric toothbrush and water flosser taken some of the repetitive motions out of your daily dental routine?

Or do you swear by a simple bracelet-clasping tool to help when no one's around to lend a hand?

person using stick-like tool with clasp on the end of it to hold a bracelet end with one hand in place while clasping it with the other hand

Have something in mind? Share it below! It just may be the thing that someone else has been searching for (but doesn't know that yet). We may feature your response in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.