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    26 Pieces Of Decor To Help Customize Your Space

    Make yourself feel even more at home, even if your lease says you can't paint.

    1. A custom star map to celebrate a special event like a wedding anniversary. It shows how the stars ~aligned~ for your special moment!

    2. A scratch-off world map you can customize more and more as you travel. It'll also be a great reminder that you're eating microwave noodles for dinner tonight so you can eat far superior noodles in Thailand in a few months.

    3. An Instax flip calendar to fill with your faves and help keep good memories at your fingertips.

    4. A ~magical~ reveal pillow that'll provide some gripping entertainment during lulls on movie night. Now your actual dogs can sit beside their beautiful sequined likeness.

    5. A moon phases wall hanging can work perfectly in that sliver of bare wall that could use something there... or horizontally above your couch!

    6. Peel-and-stick wallpaper to transform a side room into a MOMENT for arguably less effort than painting it a cool color. Here's to not having to throw down a drop cloth to protect your floor.

    7. A storage ladder you'll find useful for, well storage, but will also come in handy for storing extra blankets in a living space or towels in a bathroom. This will be where you put your *nice* towels, not the ones that have waterproof mascara all over them.

    8. A Jennifer Fisher x CB2 jewelry storage tower that'll look nearly as pretty as your baubles with all your fave pieces artfully arranged on it. We love a practical storage option that shows off some accessories when you're not wearing them!

    9. Glitzy butterfly cabinet pulls to transform that cabinet door into a spot in a prime photogenic spot.

    10. Amethyst-style string lights you can use to deck out a bookshelf, table setting, desk, all kinds of places!

    11. A Now House by Jonathan Adler vase to hang solo as a gorgeous accent piece, or actually contain the flowers that you KNOW will probably be dead in three days. Not speaking from experience or anything....

    12. An adorable lil' mouse decal the kids will probably love. Just make sure to tell guests that it's FAKE. Besides, mice aren't this cute!

    13. Gameboy-like fridge magnets in case you wanna step it up a bit from travel magnets and post cards (though you can still keep those!). Also, the "screen" is a dry-erase board.

    14. Or magnetic collage frames for bringing some order to a fridge jumbled with pics in case you aren't willing to go the video game route.

    15. A stingray drain cover that'll make you actually enjoy looking in your kitchen sink.

    16. A marble-base table lamp tiny enough to fit on small side tables and bring a whole lot of personality to a reading nook that barely has enough room for a table and chair (or another person to bother you while you read).

    17. Stainless-steel-effect contact paper will get you the look of fresh appliances thanks for chump change. (Why is stainless steel sooo pricey?)

    18. And marble-print contact paper to seriously zhuzh up a countertop or piece of furniture. I mean this cat was already fancy, but now he's even more luxe-looking!

    19. An investment-worthy lumbar pillow that's handmade in Japan you can toss on your couch or bed, really wherever your back needs a bit of cradling. It's here to turn your plain couch into something worth strangers' admiration on Insta.

    20. Carriage-style magnets to pump up the style on your garage door that *now* looks like it cost you a few more zeroes.

    21. A bendable neon light so you can create your own desired shape, or just change when you're no longer feeling all "love"ly.

    22. Custom Scrabble-style tile wall art to help rep every member of the family and finally give you something to put on that empty living room wall.

    23. An enamel pin display because at this point you're wearing at least three pins a day but want to show 'em off all the time. Here's how to do it on that bare wall in the hall to the bathroom.

    24. A lighted photo garland that'll create some ~mood~ lighting while creating an accent wall of memories!

    25. A metal monogram sign you can hang in a variety of spots to make your place feel even more yours.

    26. Floral decals that'll create some drama in a variety of ways. It comes in separate pieces to help you find the perfect fit.

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