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    22 Pantry Essentials From Walmart You Need ASAP

    Having the "We have food at home" talk just got so much easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Barilla spaghetti noodles you can transform into all kinds of delectable, no-effort meals.

    Price: $4.98 for two 32 oz. boxes.

    Also available in thin spaghetti, and thin whole wheat spaghetti.

    2. Chickpea penne pasta which, I know sounds weird, but will be GREATLY appreciated by anyone in your family who's gluten-free or diabetic!


    Check out our full review of Banza pasta and why it's great for gluten-free and diabetic folks!

    Price: $7.32 for two 8 oz. boxes.

    Also check out the shells, rotini, and elbows.

    3. And some tomato and basil pasta sauce you can easily doctor up come spaghetti or eggplant parm night! (Plz invite me to eggplant parm night.)


    Price: $8.13 for four 24 oz. jars

    4. Sriracha sauce because if you aren't already putting this over half the stuff you eat, you're doing it wrong.

    But really, it makes 99.9% of things taste so much better.

    Price: $5.98 for two 17 oz. bottles

    5. Coarse kosher salt that'll just stick to your food better than fine salt. (Sorry, I don't make the laws!)


    Price: $4.88 for two 3 lbs. boxes

    6. Soy sauce they probably use at your fave sushi restaurant in case you're craving takeout when you KNOW you have the makings of a perfectly good stir fry in the fridge.

    7. Long-grain white rice (5 lbs. of it!!) – it'll blow your minute rice out of the water.


    Price: $4.13 for 5 lbs.

    8. Tri-color quinoa to bulk up your sad desk salads and maybe even put all those pinned quinoa recipes to use!


    Price: $10.23 for three 16 oz. bags

    9. Vegetable oil as your go-to neutral cooking oil of choice.


    Price: $4.56 for two 48 oz. bottles

    10. Cold-pressed olive oil in a really cool can or EVOO in a no-frills bottle, depending on your pantry style. Either way, you'll have plenty of a recipe staple on hand.


    Price: Zoe for $11.68 (33.8 oz.) or Bertoilli for $7.94 (25.5 oz.)

    11. Unsalted chicken stock to help you whip up all sorts of Insta-worthy recipes with your preferred amount of flavor. After all, adding a lil' stock is an easy way to up the ante with all kinds of dishes!

    Price: $8.08 for three 32 oz. containers. Also check out beef stock and vegetable stock.

    12. Canned tomatoes that'll come in handy for a variety of recipes because even the pros know that tomatoes aren't always in season!


    Price: $7.41 for four 28 oz. cans

    13. Garlic powder for adding a dash here and here. And, tbh, serve as an understudy for those times when a recipe requires fresh garlic but you're halfway through the cooking and realize you have NONE.


    Price: $5.98 for 8.75 oz.

    14. Crushed red pepper to sprinkle on so many things, like some quick scrambled eggs for dinner or avocado toast for a weekend lunch.


    Price: $5.96 for two 2.62 oz. shakers

    15. Pure vanilla extract as a baking essential, even if all the baking you do is microwave mug cakes. (I should know.)


    Price: $8.12

    16. Nut butters like natural creamy peanut butter or vegan and GF almond butter because dang if nut butters aren't filling and delicious as heck.


    Price: two Jif 40 oz. jars for $9.77 or one Justin's 12 oz. jar for $7.98

    17. Raw clover honey you'll find so many uses for beyond sweetening your morning tea.


    Price: $5.52

    18. And some Mike's Hot Honey you can drizzle all over pizza, stir fry, SALADS, even. Oh, and it makes a mean side to a cheese plate!

    You've probably seen this in other BuzzFeed shopping stories because it's SO GOOD that I use it all the time. Same for other colleagues.

    Price: $8.48

    19. Canned black beans for when you're trying to eat less meat for any reason, really.


    Price: $5.08 for eight 15.25 oz. cans

    20. Full fat mayo if you like tasty things and know which mayo is the best — I'm southern, you will not sway me.


    OK, so you don't KEEP it in the pantry after you open it. But you should always have an extra unopened jar on hand so you can whip up your famous potato salad in a snap.

    Price: $7.98 for two 32 oz. jars

    21. Canned tuna, which people hate on a lot, but can make for a delicious sandwich, rice bowl, lettuce wrap, casserole... need I continue?!, Walmart

    Price: $7.88 for eight 5 oz. cans in water

    22. Organic apple cider vinegar to make some DIY salad dressings, mix with your fave face mask, and do so many other tasks.


    Anytime you read a story about the beauty and health benefits of ACV, I'd bet that this is the stuff they recommend.

    Price: $5.98

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