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    37 Things That Won't Be A Disappointment Like Everything Else In Life

    People can get married to things, right? Guess what, I'M ENGAGED!!!!

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post is actually from 2017, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. For our most up-to-date recommendations, check out the 2018 version of this post!

    1. A retractable lint roller so you can erase traces of lint and dirt from your person and then shove it in your bag for touchups throughout the day.

    2. A benzonite clay mask people on the Internet are OBSESSED with that'll help vacuum out your pores.

    3. An Instant Pot you've most definitely heard of and just may drink the Kool-Aid once you actually use it for ONE OF SEVEN USES.

    4. A pair of unassuming earbuds as a backup to your expensive pair that'll end up being your go-tos on the reg.

    5. A vegan beard oil (aka your new desert-island product).

    6. A nail polish holder to act like an extra hand when you're just trying to save some coins by painting your nails at home.

    7. A handheld garment steamer for smoothing out all sorts of fabrics in just a pass or two.

    8. A 12-cup drip coffee maker with a wide-mouth carafe that'll keep your coffee piping hot for hours and make for super easy washing in between brews.

    9. A legendary coffee grinder the person who insists upon a fresh grind is sure to fawn all over.

    10. An adjustable under-sink organizer for bringing some order to the storage depths that kinda remind you of a Goosebumps book.

    11. A bag of garbage disposer-cleaning tablets to loosen up all the gross gunk from your kitchen's second hardest worker.

    12. A mess-catching pet feeder that'll be so much easier to clean than any other pet bowls.

    13. A far-reaching back shaver to get at all the tough areas without the help of a partner (or barely willing victim).

    14. A pair of laundry-detergent drip catchers to help you save on that precious cleaning goo.

    15. A Wet Brush for detangling the nastiest of mane snares when it's dripping wet OR completely dry so you can stop spending a small fortune on detangling spray.

    16. A KitchenAid standup mixer to serve as an assistant in the kitchen every single day. Then you can pass it on down to your kids.

    17. A three-pack of soft-grip Fiskars scissors that'll help you tear into Amazon packages with lightning speed and cut a super clean line on wrapping paper.

    18. A Tubshroom drain catcher to substantially lessen your Drano habit and gross you out when you see how much hair you're losing in the shower.

    19. A pet odor-neutralizing candle that won't smell like an odor-neutralizing candle. (I swear.)

    20. A Makeup Eraser towel for erasing all traces of your makeup from your face with *just* water. Tap water! It's nuts.

    21. A sheet of pimple-zapping patches to zero in on blemishes as soon as they reveal their nasty selves.

    22. A pantry organizer rack for keeping all sorts of baking sheets, cutting boards, and muffin tins from noisily clashing with each other in your cabinets.

    23. A six-pack of famous Scrub Daddy sponges that'll rinse clean and last for weeks longer than your typical sponges. (Is it legal to marry a sponge yet?!)

    24. A Nutribullet set to quickly whip up all sorts of single-serving smoothies, potions, and more without the bulk, hassle of a full-fledged countertop blender.

    25. A Pantene 3-minute conditioner — it just may revive your strands as well as any pricey hair mask.

    26. A super-sturdy dog toy you can stuff with treats that'll last nearly as long as an *actual* tire.

    27. A 3-in-1 avocado tool for making prep for tasty stuff like guac, avocado toast, and other dishes that much easier.

    28. A whiskey wedge ice mold to keep your drink perfectly chilled without watering it down like crazy.

    29. A cordless hand vac with attachments capable of tackling detail cleaning, like between appliances and in baseboard grooves.

    30. A pair of pet de-shedding gloves — they can feel like a bonding treat for both your pet AND you.

    31. A set of blackout curtains to help you sleep like a baby, even if it's the middle of the dang day.

    32. A 10-pack of super grippy hair ties that won't give your ponytail the slip like every other hair tie you've worn in your life.

    33. A five-pack of bamboo deodorizing bags so every corner of your home can smell fresh to death.

    34. A Himalayan salt lamp to add a cozy ~glow~ to your room and satisfy your Insta feed while you're at it.

    35. A tiny knife sharpener that won't scare off people terrified of cartoonishly villainous knife sharpeners.

    36. A sous vide precision cooker to mind your mouth-watering meal that's in the making.

    37. A blister-prevention spray your lil' piggies and the rest of your feet will thank you for using.