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39 Unicorn Products So Cute You'll Think They're Mythical

Slay like a one-horned mythical beauty.

1. Make a plain piece of clothing magical with this enamel piñata pin.

2. Keep it delightfully fragrant with a unicorn puke candle.

3. Cast a light for nighttime mischief in these light-up slippers.

4. Make your lighting situation drastically more interesting with this programmable lamp.

5. Live in your true skin with a pajama onesie.

6. Down some vino with help of a glassy-eyed unicorn.

7. Find a bath buddy with a unicorn rubber ducky.

8. Get all science-y with this tie-dye evolution tee.

9. Upgrade from a rubber mask with a giant unicorn head.

10. Keep it cool with this subtle cuff when you have to hide your sparkles.

11. Stay warm incognito with this horned zip hoodie.

12. Keep it together with heavy-duty unicorn-print tape.

13. Highlight your guns with a pretty temporary tat.

14. Chill your beverage with an appropriately sparkly coozie.

15. Put your best foot forward in these adorable flats.

16. Dazzle in a sparkly unicorn headband.

17. All that glitters is beauty gold in this sparkly makeup bag.

18. Let the cat cosplay with an inflatable horn.

19. Smear on some snotty glitter gel. It's like unicorn camo.

20. Get a blast of skin-soothing moisture from Misty the unicorn humidifier.

21. Convey your true-believer status with this UFO patch.

22. Free up your hands for copying a recipe video with a handy phone stand.

23. Doctor up boo boos with enchanted bandages.

24. Wear a piece of the rainbow with this unicorn poop scarf.

25. Keep a little one's head toasty with a baby unicorn hat.

26. Wear your mythical creature love on your sleeve with a jazzy printed tee.

27. Combine your love for magical creatures and caffeine in a chic phone case.

28. Carry your life in this kids backpack because mini backpacks are in and people won't look at you like an adult weirdo!

29. Rep all that is pure with a rainbow-pizza-cat-unicorn shirt.

30. Outshine everyone at the ugly holiday sweater party by rolling in wearing this cozy unicorn sweater.

31. Add a magical touch to craft projects with a rainbow tape dispenser.

32. Tote around an external battery portable charger because you never log off.

33. Add some color to your footwear with unicorn socks.

34. Dampen the bathroom blow with a before-you-squat air freshener spray.

35. Sport a zero-nonsense shirt as a bat signal to your enemies.

36. Go minimal with a sleek hair clip.

37. Stick on some (temp) whimsy with glow-in-the-dark decals.

38. Do some intense playing with a handicorn puppet.

39. Fully commit to your unicorn ways and splurge on a pair of majestic heels.

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