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    61 Outdoorsy Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Woods More Than You

    Stuff that'll help 'em thrive outside of those four walls or while they're dreaming about escaping to the woods.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A water filtration straw that'll lighten their water load on remote trips without weighing down their pack. Plus, it's more or less a magic trick.

    person using the straw to drink directly from a stream

    2. A 3-in-1 photo lens kit to help capture the great sights they go off the beaten path to witness with their own eyes. And then of course they can email them to you and make you jealous. (It always works!)

    3. A bug bite suction tool that'll help them out with existing bites to remove the irritating venom, and help reduce itchiness, pain, and swollenness. Plus it works on other insect stings!

    4. A phone lamp to corral their phone's flashlight in times of need...even while camping!

    lamp that clamps onto a phone

    5. And a pack of glow-in-the-dark playing cards in case they don't want to use up their phone battery to pass the nighttime with Go Fish.

    glow in the dark playing cards

    6. A book about nature so next time they're taking a stroll through the woods they can learn about how the clouds, stars, tree roots, and even a butterfly can be natural cues!

    cover of the book "The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs"

    7. A hiking logbook for anyone who's always ALWAYS posting the most amazing nature views on the weekends.

    hand holding the logbook with a watercolor mountain motif on the cover

    8. A fishing caddy as an all-in-one helper for their next fishing trip. It has a padded seat, waterproof light for night fishing, and holders for drinks and fishing poles.

    the bucket-life fishing caddy

    9. A good pair of folding waterproof binoculars so they can better spot wildlife (like whales emerging from icy depths, mountain goats balancing on ledges, and buffalo traveling in packs).

    the binoculars

    10. Bag Balm — farmers have used it for more than a century to help soothe cattle's chapped skin, but it can also be a great addition to a human skincare routine!

    hold handing the bag balm tin

    11. A foldable kayak as a splurge-worthy way for them to get outside ASAP. I mean they're GONNA wanna show it off for sure. But it'll also be great to actually use. (Just think, they could even carry it on a subway or bus!)

    the full-size kayak beside a folded up version with a carrying strap.

    12. Adorable toddler National Geographic x Vans sneakers for the smol advnturer.

    small shoes with the National Geographic logo on it

    13. And some hand tie-dyed National Geographic socks for people with grown feet. Maybe the matching hoodie for good measure?

    14. A Grand Canyon–loving shirt for anyone who loves them a national park (it me) and wants to keep the parks beautiful.

    person wearing a shirt of the grand canyon that says "keep it grand; nurture our nature"

    15. An insulated cooler that can hold seven cans of beer plus the one that's in the coozie. This could be just the thing they've needed for their hikes!

    16. A Badlands-inspired soy candle they can light when they start mapping out their next trip. It's the best national park, do not @ me.

    brown glass candle with minimalist label

    17. Or a trio of outdoorsy candles to give 'em a fresh whiff when they're stuck in the not-as-great indoors.

    the three candles with illustrations representing each park

    18. A funny mug any fearless camper will adore.

    coffee mug that says "go outside. worse case scenario a bear kills you"

    19. An outdoorsy subscription box — it could be perfect for people who're always posting beautiful Instas like this, but also *really* enjoy spending time outdoors and know good gear when they meet it.

    20. A picturesque calendar from the ~official~ charity of America's National Parks to grace their walls when they're forced to be indoors.

    cover of the national park calendar

    21. A copy of the Ken Burns national parks doc. It just may spur them to book up another outdoorsy vacay.

    the dvd cover

    22. A lightweight (but durable!) wallet made of weather-resistant material that'll get 'em through allll kinds of adventures their leather wallet wishes it could.

    blue wallet

    23. Espadrille water shoes made of neoprene they'll want to wear even when they're land-locked with a 0% forecast of precipitation.

    foot wearing the espadrille show in the ocean water

    24. And a neoprene waterproof pouch (from the same brand) where they can stash their phone and other essentials that need to stay dry.

    silver zippere pouch

    25. A lightweight backpacking hammock built for two — complete with everything they'll need for setup.

    26. A buffalo sticker with their personal mantra on it that'd look so adorable on their laptop.

    buffalo shape sticker that says "roam free"

    27. A 20" snow thrower for doing the difficult job of clearing a pathway because maybe you won't be in town the next time they get a couple feet. (Pssst, this would make a great group gift!)

    28. A duck call–crafting kit anyone who'd rather craft their own outdoor gear will wanna carve into.

    the parts of the kit

    29. A Rumpl x Parks Project blanket with a groovy design to wrap up in when waking up to some stunning views (or watching documentaries with sweeping views on the couch).

    30. A kayak patent print as a solid step up from that faded glossy poster of The Colorado River they bought ages ago.

    31. A bundle of hand warmers to make the elements *that* much more bearable!

    32. An airtight backpack sure to make several appearances on their Insta feed because it looks that dang good and will become the go-to for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

    person holding a dog in their arms with the pack on their back by a river

    33. Or a lightweight water-resistant backpack they can use as a backup in case of ~outdoorsy~ emergencies.

    orange backpack

    34. A cool (but actually toasty!) Pendleton beanie with a retro flair that'll make 'em wanna wear it everywhere... even to the dinner table!

    white beanie with a white pom on top with the pendleton stripes and a mountain range

    35. A picnic backpack that'll help lengthen their hikes and outdoor rendezvous so they don't have to retreat indoors in search of food.

    36. Merino wool hiking socks for the person who does NOT mess around with lackluster outdoor gear.

    person wearing the socks and walking up a rock

    37. A lightweight mess kit so they can whip up some delish meals in the great outdoors without lugging around a whole kitchen.

    different parts of the mess kit

    38. And a portable camping stove to whip up some tasty meals without hogging space in their pack.

    39. A campfire safety cover that'll keep them *and* their fire stoked.

    blanket-like cover over a campfir

    40. A portable campfire sure to have even the most seasoned of campers scratching their head, oohing, and ahhing.

    log-like fire starter

    41. A sonar/GPS they can use on their fishing boat to find the perfeeeeeeect spot. Everybody knows that's the first step to success.

    fishing sonar

    42. A trailblazing sign for the resident hiker, whether they've trekked this Mount Rainier one or it's on their to-do list.

    Wonderland trail wall sign

    43. A night-vision trail camera to get a glimpse at all kinds of wildlife on their property.

    44. A regional enamel pin — it'll remind them of that awesome trip you took there together.

    pin of a mountain range and evergreen trees that says "Pacific Northwest"

    45. A pocket-size travel blanket with built-in ground stakes for when they see a view worth sitting down for a spell to admire.

    46. Or a sand-free mat they'll rely on for beach trips and camping setups.

    people sitting on the mat beside a camping tent

    47. A double sleeping bag for the couple who's *always* camping. Always! And if they get in a fight, it converts to TWO sleeping bags.

    double sleeping bag

    48. A kid's camping set to keep them busy in the great indoors, too.

    kids playing with camping toys

    49. A hunting knife set that'll help them field dress big game. Y'know, the stuff you're going to be hearing about for MONTHS.

    the knife set

    50. A butterfly puddler that'll still look adorable during wintry weather and attract all kinds of winged beauts to their garden during warmer temps.

    triangle shape stone with leaf pattern engraved with water collection part in the middle

    51. A 10-pack of telescoping roasting sticks so everyone can get their marshmallows just how they like them without getting too close to the campfire.

    set of telescoping sticks

    52. A military-grade compass to easily fit on their belt loop or in their glove compartment.


    53. A beekeeping guide because they've been talking about starting it as a hobby for awhile and maybe this'll be a push in the right direction.

    the book cover

    54. A horse-head squirrel feeder as a hilarious outdoor distraction they can enjoy inside.

    squirrel eating out of the horse head feeder

    55. And a window-mount bird feeder to help everyone *safely* get up close and personal with the neighborhood songbirds.

    clear stick-on bird feeder

    56. A wild game cookbook from the host of the TV show MeatEater that'd be ever so helpful for hunters and fishers.

    the book cover

    57. A celestial fire pit perfect for nights spent stargazing in the backyard.

    fire pit with fire in it

    58. A floatable cooler that'll become an essential for their annual tubing trip. They need their bevs!

    59. A pretty necklace to show their love for the outdoors has range.

    hand holding a necklace with a charm of a mountain range and a sun

    60. A bendable LED light rope they'll find a new use for every time they venture outside.

    person hanging up a string of lights on a camping van

    61. A solar charger so they can still keep in touch when they wanna.

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