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    61 Outdoorsy Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Woods More Than You

    Stuff that'll help 'em thrive outside of those four walls or while they're dreaming about escaping to the woods.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A water filtration straw that'll lighten their water load on remote trips without weighing down their pack. Plus, it's more or less a magic trick.

    person using the straw to drink directly from a stream

    Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals. Does not require batteries and has no moving parts. Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns; surpasses EPA filter standards.

    Promising review: "I frequently hike and camp in the backcountry all over the United States. Carrying the amount of water that I need to survive during these trips is just not feasible due to the weight. I recently took a LifeStraw out for a test on a backcountry hike in the Rocky Mountains. Every stream, lake, or other water source that I came across, I stopped for a drink. I was drinking fresh snow melt and also from lakes that are home to beavers and other wildlife. There was no added taste to the water and I didn't get sick during or after the trip. The one drawback to the LifeStraw is that it does take a bit of suction to start and keep the water flowing. When you're at high altitudes in the mountains this leads to longer 'drink breaks' because you can get winded pretty easy while trying to suck up water through the LifeStraw. However, its size and weight advantages when hiking mountainous terrain vastly outweigh this minor drawback." —Charlie

    Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

    2. A 3-in-1 photo lens kit to help capture the great sights they go off the beaten path to witness with their own eyes. And then of course they can email them to you and make you jealous. (It always works!)


    Promising review: "Love using these clip-on lenses. The pictures I have been able to take using them look great. The macro lens is a lot of fun to play around with. I am including some photos I took using these lenses." —T. Rossi

    Get them from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in seven colors).

    3. A bug bite suction tool that'll help them out with existing bites to remove the irritating venom, and help reduce itchiness, pain, and swollenness. Plus it works on other insect stings!


    Promising review: "I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times — so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. It arrived on Monday and on Tuesday morning I woke up with a bug bite on my arm. I used this little tool (3x per the instructions) and documented with photos. Immediately after using, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bump/bite was gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" —Rebecca

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    4. A phone lamp to corral their phone's flashlight in times of need...even while camping!

    lamp that clamps onto a phone

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    5. And a pack of glow-in-the-dark playing cards in case they don't want to use up their phone battery to pass the nighttime with Go Fish.

    glow in the dark playing cards

    Promising review: "These cards worked great. A great way to have fun in the dark, hanging with friends, camping etc. we added glow in the dark sticks for a game of spoons." —LB

    Get them from Amazon for $14.63.

    6. A book about nature so next time they're taking a stroll through the woods they can learn about how the clouds, stars, tree roots, and even a butterfly can be natural cues!

    cover of the book "The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs"

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+.

    7. A hiking logbook for anyone who's always ALWAYS posting the most amazing nature views on the weekends.

    hand holding the logbook with a watercolor mountain motif on the cover

    Promising review: "I recently joined the 52-Hike Challenge and I wanted to write down my experience each hike. This was the perfect journal for the challenge. I wish it had a section to put my pictures but I can always insert them or staple on the page. Something to look back later on when I finally completed 52 hikes!" —Margaux B.

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    8. A fishing caddy as an all-in-one helper for their next fishing trip. It has a padded seat, waterproof light for night fishing, and holders for drinks and fishing poles.

    the bucket-life fishing caddy
    Bass Pro Shop

    Get it from Bass Pro Shop for $69.99.

    9. A good pair of folding waterproof binoculars so they can better spot wildlife (like whales emerging from icy depths, mountain goats balancing on ledges, and buffalo traveling in packs).

    the binoculars

    Promising review: "My father owns an $800 pair of Leica binoculars. These are 90% as good. The clarity at 12X is astonishing, I can count blades of grass at 200 yards. I am completely blown away by the fact that you can get a sturdy, near-perfect pair of binoculars for under $50 these days. Simply amazing. There is no chance that these will disappoint." —W. Hoover

    Get them from Amazon for $35.99.

    10. Bag Balm — farmers have used it for more than a century to help soothe cattle's chapped skin, but it can also be a great addition to a human skincare routine!

    hold handing the bag balm tin

    Gotta love a beauty product both you AND your dog can use for your dry nose! My dad uses this stuff on his cows and our dog Hank, and I'm 99.9% sure he's used it on his dry hands too.

    Promising review: "Too many uses to list here. My dad's hands crack badly year-round. This is the only product that helps to soothe those cracks, especially around his fingers (he's in his 80s). It also works for his lips. It's thick enough to stay on while he's out feeding the critters, and he doesn't lick it off because his lips feel moisturized, unlike other lip balms." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.47. If you don't wanna carry around a tin, check out the moisturizer in a tube for $5.06.

    11. A foldable kayak as a splurge-worthy way for them to get outside ASAP. I mean they're GONNA wanna show it off for sure. But it'll also be great to actually use. (Just think, they could even carry it on a subway or bus!)

    the full-size kayak beside a folded up version with a carrying strap.
    Oru Kayak

    Get it from Oru Kayak for $1,199 (and check out the other sizes here).

    12. Adorable toddler National Geographic x Vans sneakers for the smol advnturer.

    small shoes with the National Geographic logo on it
    Nordstrom Rack

    Get them from Nordstrom Rack for $29.97 (available in toddler sizes 1-13.5).

    13. And some hand tie-dyed National Geographic socks for people with grown feet. Maybe the matching hoodie for good measure?

    Parks Project

    Get them from Parks Project: socks for $15 and hoodie for $78 (available in unisex sizes XS-XXXL).

    14. A Grand Canyon–loving shirt for anyone who loves them a national park (it me) and wants to keep the parks beautiful.

    person wearing a shirt of the grand canyon that says "keep it grand; nurture our nature"
    Keep Nature Wild

    FYI, this company puts a portion of every sale toward funding local public cleanups to keep Mother Nature looking her best.

    Get it from Keep Nature Wild for $30 (available in sizes S–XXL).

    15. An insulated cooler that can hold seven cans of beer plus the one that's in the coozie. This could be just the thing they've needed for their hikes!


    Get it from Backcountry for $19.96.

    16. A Badlands-inspired soy candle they can light when they start mapping out their next trip. It's the best national park, do not @ me.

    brown glass candle with minimalist label
    Elsewhere Candle Co. / Etsy

    Get it from Elsewhere Candle Co. on Etsy for $20 (available in more national park scents).

    17. Or a trio of outdoorsy candles to give 'em a fresh whiff when they're stuck in the not-as-great indoors.

    the three candles with illustrations representing each park
    Uncommon Goods

    Includes candles inspired by Redwood National Park, Yellowstone, and Yosemite.

    Get them from Uncommon Goods for $38.

    18. A funny mug any fearless camper will adore.

    coffee mug that says "go outside. worse case scenario a bear kills you"
    Ultimate Gifts Shop / Etsy

    Get it from Ultimate Gifts Shop on Etsy for $14.99+ (available in two sizes).

    19. An outdoorsy subscription box — it could be perfect for people who're always posting beautiful Instas like this, but also *really* enjoy spending time outdoors and know good gear when they meet it.


    They'll get a box of three to six outdoors-y products based on their personal profile.

    Get a monthly subscription from Cairn for $29.95/month.

    20. A picturesque calendar from the ~official~ charity of America's National Parks to grace their walls when they're forced to be indoors.

    cover of the national park calendar

    My national parks–loving dad loves these calendars.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.49.

    21. A copy of the Ken Burns national parks doc. It just may spur them to book up another outdoorsy vacay.

    the dvd cover

    This is another recent Christmas gift for my dad and I watched it with him. It's wonderful.

    Get it from Amazon for $40+.

    22. A lightweight (but durable!) wallet made of weather-resistant material that'll get 'em through allll kinds of adventures their leather wallet wishes it could.

    blue wallet
    L L Bean

    I got one for someone for Christmas and it's great IRL!

    Get it from L.L. Bean for $10 (also available in black).

    23. Espadrille water shoes made of neoprene they'll want to wear even when they're land-locked with a 0% forecast of precipitation.

    foot wearing the espadrille show in the ocean water

    Some reviewers suggest going a size up, but I own (and adore) these and found them true to size for me! Seriously, people have NO CLUE these are water shoes.

    Get them from Nordstrom for $95.95+ (available in nine colors and women's sizes 6–10) or Amazon for $20.99+ (four colors and women's sizes 6–10).

    24. And a neoprene waterproof pouch (from the same brand) where they can stash their phone and other essentials that need to stay dry.

    silver zippere pouch
    Sea Star

    Get it from Sea Star for $40 (also available in black and navy).

    25. A lightweight backpacking hammock built for two — complete with everything they'll need for setup., Amazon

    Includes one double camping hammock 118”x78”, two ropes (each 137”), two tree-friendly straps (each 52”x1”), and two solid steel carabiners. Supports up to 500 lbs.

    Promising review: "Very happy with this purchase! Not kidding or exaggerating, it took me 45 seconds to set up by myself. Very durable yet lightweight. Withstands a very rough 4-year-old monkey (my little sister). 100% sure I will be purchasing another one to camp in; instead of a tent. My little sister loved covering herself up and pretending she was cocooned. I bring that up because I saw some questions asking if you can close it up to avoid bugs and if in Florida, as I am, I wouldn't suggest doing that. If the sun is out, it gets quite hot. Not necessarily because it's a thick material, because it's not, it's mostly because there is no ventilation. My little sister didn't seem to mind but the rest of us sure did. Also, the tree straps included are great! Really appreciate that they were included because some national parks only allow hammocks hung if you have tree straps. I hung it up between two Florida long leaf pines (the bark falls off these trees very easily), and they held up amazingly." —Brenda Stewart

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in eight colors).

    26. A buffalo sticker with their personal mantra on it that'd look so adorable on their laptop.

    buffalo shape sticker that says "roam free"
    TurtlesSoup / Etsy

    Get it from TurtlesSoup on Etsy for $2.97.

    27. A 20" snow thrower for doing the difficult job of clearing a pathway because maybe you won't be in town the next time they get a couple feet. (Pssst, this would make a great group gift!),

    Promising review: "Bought this in September to save my back and do thankful I did! Northern Virginia just got hammered with one of the top 5 worse snowfalls on record. We had over 24" inches. We ran this a few times on fresh snow and it worked great. The final clean up was about 20". It was slow going and we had to take a few passes but she did a great job. Will buy again!" —Dobbie

    Get it from Greenworks on Amazon for $126.18.

    28. A duck call–crafting kit anyone who'd rather craft their own outdoor gear will wanna carve into.

    the parts of the kit
    Man Crates

    Comes with everything they'll need to make a duck call, including a 2 walnut carving blocks with drilled barrels, insert, 2 reeds, 1 wedge, 1 Opinel knife, Lin Speed Oil Wood Finish, and 2 10-foot strands of nylon paracord (550 lb).

    Get it from Man Crates for $79.99.

    29. A Rumpl x Parks Project blanket with a groovy design to wrap up in when waking up to some stunning views (or watching documentaries with sweeping views on the couch).

    Parks Project

    This blanket's shell and insulation is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, has anti-static sherpa, carrying straps, and a cape clip. Oh, it's also water- and stain-resistant.

    Promising review: "Yes the price is steep, but the quality of the blanket is so good and the design is beautiful. The sherpa is so soft and warm! Every time we go camping (which is a lot) people ask me where I got this from. My 3-year-old LOVES this blanket. It’s hands down his favorite." —Laura

    Get it from Parks Project for $179.

    30. A kayak patent print as a solid step up from that faded glossy poster of The Colorado River they bought ages ago.

    Patent Prints / Etsy

    Get it from Patent Prints on Etsy for $10.34+ (available in several sizes and colors).

    FYI, there are lots of other outdoorsy prints in this Etsy shop!

    31. A bundle of hand warmers to make the elements *that* much more bearable!, Amazon

    Promising review: "Great value for the money. I bought some last season and they really did the trick. I take them as presents to my friends in Spain. I also bought Penguin brand — more expensive. Although they last longer, they don't do the trick for skiing as well." —Ekaterina Puffini

    Get 20 pairs from Amazon for $15.99.

    32. An airtight backpack sure to make several appearances on their Insta feed because it looks that dang good and will become the go-to for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

    person holding a dog in their arms with the pack on their back by a river

    These bags are *legit.* The bag closure system has been tested by the US Navy to 100 meters submersion without any leakage whatsoever. It has removable, padded shoulder straps, a durable top lug handle, removable waist belt, and is large enough for a couple days' worth of gear. Oh, and it's made in the USA!

    Get it from Watershed for $167+ (available in five colors, with or without a purge valve).

    33. Or a lightweight water-resistant backpack they can use as a backup in case of ~outdoorsy~ emergencies.

    orange backpack

    Made of water- and tear-resistant nylon material, and reinforced in more than 31 places.

    Promising review: "I took this on a hike today and it worked out great. Fit a water bottle on each side, carried a hiking book, reading glasses, cell phone, husband's extra shirt, my wallet, and keys. It was still comfortable and not heavy, and I am a petite person. The straps are comfortable and not too far apart. I was worried about that because of my size. I appreciate that there are tabs by the zippers so that you can pull the zippers while holding the bag taut." —neanderthalgirl

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99 (available in 12 colors).

    34. A cool (but actually toasty!) Pendleton beanie with a retro flair that'll make 'em wanna wear it everywhere... even to the dinner table!

    white beanie with a white pom on top with the pendleton stripes and a mountain range

    Get it from Backcountry for $37.12.

    35. A picnic backpack that'll help lengthen their hikes and outdoor rendezvous so they don't have to retreat indoors in search of food.


    Includes 2x Stainless Steel Knives/Forks/Spoons with Plastic Handles; 2x Washable Cotton Napkins; 2x Plastic Wine Glasses; 2x 8" Plastic Dinner Plates; 2x Plastic Salt & Pepper Shakers; 1x Stainless Steel Corkscrew+Bottle Opener;1x cheese/butter knife and a plastic chopping board perfect for cutting breads or cheese on, and a waterproof-back fleece picnic blanket (size 45x53 inch)

    Promising review: "This backpack is a GREAT buy! I can back my coffee thermos, books, water bottles, wallet, key AND food with no issues. Also, the blanket is a great addition. I received this as a gift." —Lt. D

    Get them from Amazon for $51.98+ (available in 2- or 4-person, and six colors).

    36. Merino wool hiking socks for the person who does NOT mess around with lackluster outdoor gear.

    person wearing the socks and walking up a rock

    Promising review: "As others have commented, the customer service offered by this company is simply outstanding and very efficient (I ordered a 3-pack in the wrong size as a gift for someone else, so went through an exchange process ). And the socks themselves are awesome!!! I bought some for myself based on reaction to the gift socks that I bought, and loved them so much, I have worn them consistently with my running, hiking and walking shoes even though the weather is summertime and hot. Also, I followed the directions and they washed up very nicely (didn't wrinkle or shrink). I highly recommend this company and their merino wool hiking and trekking socks!!!" —PG

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $25.95+ (available in four color combos and five sizes).

    37. A lightweight mess kit so they can whip up some delish meals in the great outdoors without lugging around a whole kitchen.

    different parts of the mess kit

    Includes folding stainless-steel spork, spoon, fork, knife, mini stove with piezo ignition, anodized aluminum nonstick pot, nonstick frying pan, pan cover, two BPA free bowls, BPA-free soup spoon, rice ladle, loofah sponge, carabiner, nylon bag, and fire starter.

    Promising review: "If you’re looking for a good kit for backpacking look no further. Thing compacts down small and is practically weightless in your pack. Love it!" —Adam

    Get them from Amazon for $28.99.

    And check out our best campfire cooking tips.

    38. And a portable camping stove to whip up some tasty meals without hogging space in their pack.


    Promising review: "Worth the money. I have two of them. Used one for several years. No issues." —Michael Ruff

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    39. A campfire safety cover that'll keep them *and* their fire stoked.

    blanket-like cover over a campfir
    The Grommet

    This vented campfire cover can keep embers warm for up to 8 hours and protect fires from the elements. It also can act as a shield for the surrounding area by blocking blowing ash and smoke, or as an added safety measure on top of extinguished fires. Military-grade glass fabric coated with a silicone polymer lets this cover handle temperatures up to 2500 degrees — more than typical campfires or backyard blaze.

    Get it from The Grommet for $150.

    40. A portable campfire sure to have even the most seasoned of campers scratching their head, oohing, and ahhing.

    log-like fire starter
    The Grommet

    This portable quick-light log is made of kiln-dried pine wood and provides a self-contained flame that lasts up to two hours!

    Get it from The Grommet for $23.95.

    41. A sonar/GPS they can use on their fishing boat to find the perfeeeeeeect spot. Everybody knows that's the first step to success.

    fishing sonar

    This 77/200kHz CHIRP transducer makes fish easier to see, marks hotspots and shares them, has smooth scaling depth-range adjustments, and a 3.5" color display with intuitive controls.

    Promising review: "Works great on my two-man bass boat. Easy to read and operate. Have it mounted on my trolling motor. Best 100 bucks I've spent in while. Should have bought one a long time ago." —Nauch24

    Get it from Cabela's for $99.97.

    42. A trailblazing sign for the resident hiker, whether they've trekked this Mount Rainier one or it's on their to-do list.

    Wonderland trail wall sign
    Trailblazer Prints / Etsy

    Get it from Trailblazer Prints on Etsy for $58.50.

    43. A night-vision trail camera to get a glimpse at all kinds of wildlife on their property.


    My parents have one of these and are forever catching glimpses of deer and other critters that sneak by at night.

    Has 16MP Image and 1080P Video Resolution to ensure full HD crisp, vivid images and sound recording videos in day/night, 2.4" LCD provides you more wildlife realistic details.

    Promising review: "I have been using this camera for over a month now, I love it! No complaints at all. Everything seems to work great with it so far." —Kyle

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    44. A regional enamel pin — it'll remind them of that awesome trip you took there together.

    pin of a mountain range and evergreen trees that says "Pacific Northwest"
    acbc design / Etsy

    Seriously, take a week to drive around the Pacific Northwest. It's unbelievably gorgeous!

    Get it from acbc design on Etsy for $10.

    45. A pocket-size travel blanket with built-in ground stakes for when they see a view worth sitting down for a spell to admire.


    Made of water-, puncture-, and tear-resistant fabric with a satin fabric finish on top to prevent sticking to skin. Comfortable and protects from twigs, rocks, dirt, water, sand and insects. Folds open to 63"x44".

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in three colors).

    46. Or a sand-free mat they'll rely on for beach trips and camping setups.

    people sitting on the mat beside a camping tent

    That's right, sand, dirt, and dust all *go through* this mat like magic with its double-layer weave. Has D-Rings around the edges to affix firmly to the ground, and is easily cleaned and dries instantly should drinks be spilt.

    Promising review: "This mat works great!! We used it outside of our tent for camping, and it really helped to keep the dirt out! Was very easy to sweep clean, and when we got home we hosed it down. Highly recommend!! Can't wait to try it at the beach." —Beckness

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in three colors and three sizes).

    47. A double sleeping bag for the couple who's *always* camping. Always! And if they get in a fight, it converts to TWO sleeping bags.

    double sleeping bag

    Weather-resistant up to 23°F ( -5°C). Made of water-resistant 210T polyester, lined with TC fabric, and filled cotton. Detaches to make two separate sleeping bag. Includes two pillows and a carrying bag.

    Promising review: "We opened the box to find a product appearing the size of rolled sheets and thought OH NO. Then we tried it camping that weekend and OH YES! We were kept plenty warm (45* overnight), was roomy, fabric felt good, and appears quite durable/stitched well. We intend to buy more for gifts." —Jamie

    Get it from Amazon for $48.99 (also available in green).

    48. A kid's camping set to keep them busy in the great indoors, too.

    kids playing with camping toys

    Includes two logs with flame, glow-in-the-dark lantern, fork, hot dog, marshmallow, chocolate bar, two graham crackers, and duffle bag. Ideal for ages 2+.

    Promising review: "Such a cute little playset! My daughter loves it. (Surprisingly) really good quality for the price. No sharp edges or anything. Everything fits into the little green duffel for easy clean up. Seems sturdy and like it will last for years." —Megan H

    Get it from Amazon for $17.23.

    49. A hunting knife set that'll help them field dress big game. Y'know, the stuff you're going to be hearing about for MONTHS.

    the knife set
    Bass Pro Shop

    Includes drop-point camping knife, open faced skinning and gutting knife, and a tree/bone saw.

    Promising review: "These are great knives for field dressing big game." —Boots111

    Get them from Bass Pro Shop for $34.99.

    50. A butterfly puddler that'll still look adorable during wintry weather and attract all kinds of winged beauts to their garden during warmer temps.

    triangle shape stone with leaf pattern engraved with water collection part in the middle
    Uncommon Goods

    This sand-and-water puddler is designed to hold on to natural minerals after water evaporates that then attract all sorts of butterflies!

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $40.

    51. A 10-pack of telescoping roasting sticks so everyone can get their marshmallows just how they like them without getting too close to the campfire.

    set of telescoping sticks

    Includes 10 telescoping and spinning forks, canvas travel bag pouch, 10 bamboo skewers, and a recipes e-book.

    Promising review: "I love these roasting sticks. They are each a different color and the kids enjoy picking out 'their' stick. The prongs hold the marshmallows securely so they don't fall into the fire, and fully extended, they are long enough to roast without fear of burns. I think these would make a great gift for anyone who has a fire pit or goes camping, or even roasts marshmallows in their fireplace." —A. Castleberry

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99.

    52. A military-grade compass to easily fit on their belt loop or in their glove compartment.


    It's waterproof, shakeproof, glows in the dark, and has a lens on the rear sight that magnifies the card dial for accurate readings.

    Promising review: "All compasses I've ever bought have been a lie. Sure, they all point north and that's a compass's basic function. But this is no ordinary compass. This compass is the pig among guinea pigs. Yes, it points north. Huzzah! But in addition to that, it can take a beating. Water, dirt, mud, xenomorph acid blood, you name it. This compass can take it. The laser sighting is nice when you're trying to get a bearing of altitude, landmarks, etc." —Frequency Jones

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    53. A beekeeping guide because they've been talking about starting it as a hobby for awhile and maybe this'll be a push in the right direction.

    the book cover

    You can also give the suggestion of signing up for a local beekeeping class!

    Promising review: "This book was recommended by my local bee association, and I can see why. The book has everything a beginner would need to know. Great pictures, very descriptive. Anyone looking to get started in beekeeping should read this book." —mike daughen

    Get it from Amazon for $17.84.

    54. A horse-head squirrel feeder as a hilarious outdoor distraction they can enjoy inside.

    squirrel eating out of the horse head feeder

    Get it from Amazon for $20.64.

    55. And a window-mount bird feeder to help everyone *safely* get up close and personal with the neighborhood songbirds.

    clear stick-on bird feeder

    FYI, this would be an ~amazing~ gift for someone who loves the outdoors but has limited mobility!

    Promising review: "Such an adorable little bird feeder!! It only took the birds two to three days to find the new feeder and trust it. My cats LOVE it and sit and watch the birds for literally hours! They jump up right at the birds, attempt to pounce, and even tap the window with their paws and the birds legit don't care anymore and continue right on eating. I also have a TON of chipmunks and squirrels in my backyard and none of them have even noticed, cared, or touched it because they can't reach it. I would recommend this product 100% for anyone that loves nature/bird watching or has cats or kids for sure! Like I stated, fun for the whole family!" —Nikki

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    56. A wild game cookbook from the host of the TV show MeatEater that'd be ever so helpful for hunters and fishers.

    the book cover
    Barnes & Noble

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99+, Barnes & Noble for $13.99+, or via an independent bookseller on Bookshop.

    57. A celestial fire pit perfect for nights spent stargazing in the backyard.

    fire pit with fire in it

    Has a mesh screen to prevent sparks from escaping.

    Promising review: "We love this fire pit!! So easy to assemble. And it puts me in such a peaceful mood. Fires are always mesmerizing, but with the stars and moons, it creates such a wonderful ambiance :) I would totally recommend this product. Totally worth the investment!" —Ashlie A Christensen

    Get it from Amazon for $119.99+ (available in three styles).

    58. A floatable cooler that'll become an essential for their annual tubing trip. They need their bevs!


    Promising review: "I bought as a cooler and then turned it into a dog boat!! So it was a win win! My dog absolutely loved it!!!" —Bweaver

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    59. A pretty necklace to show their love for the outdoors has range.

    hand holding a necklace with a charm of a mountain range and a sun
    Just Jaynes / Etsy

    Get it from Just Jaynes on Etsy for $35+ (available in three necklace lengths).

    60. A bendable LED light rope they'll find a new use for every time they venture outside.

    person hanging up a string of lights on a camping van

    Plug the Luminoodle into any portable USB battery pack or USB port and hang, drape or stick it nearly anywhere for a beautiful, bright light. Includes three universal ties.

    Promising review: "I used the supplied ties to attach through loops within my tent; and I also had it freely hanging off of a tree branch, which provided enough light in the campsite to put away our tent in the dark." —Andy Roerig

    Get it from Amazon for $17.49+ (available in two lengths, and with or without battery).

    61. A solar charger so they can still keep in touch when they wanna.


    10,000mAh wireless power bank and wireless power bank but wireless charger as well compatible with iPhone XR/ XR MAX/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus S8/S8plus and all qi-enabled mobile devices. Has a built-in compass and flashlight too.

    Promising review: "We bought this for when we go camping. Our son took it camping just recently and it charged his phone 3 times without the sun having to recharge it. He was very surprised how well it worked!" —GrizFan

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in six colors).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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