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    30 Tips For Making Campfire Cooking So Much Easier

    Let's face it, camping is all about the food.

    1. Do as much prep as you can at home, and plan your meals ahead of time.

    2. Speaking of food prep, meet your new best friend Ziploc bags.

    3. Minimize dirty dishes and meet your other best friend, tin foil.

    4. Give your cooler some ~chill time~ before you pack it with all the food.

    5. Freeze water bottles and juice boxes to save space in your cooler.

    6. If you don't want to pack a cooler, pack freeze-dried meals instead.

    7. Bring the spice you need in your life with this straw hack.

    8. Get things going instantly with a fire starter.

    9. Or make an easy DIY fire starter at home.

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    If you have dryer lint, wax, and an egg carton, you can make this happen. Learn how from Nifty here.

    10. Make sure you build the right fire for your cooking adventure.

    11. If you're building a fire pit, avoid waterlogged rocks, slate, and shale, so there are no explosions.

    12. When you only have wet wood to work with, dry things out with candle wax.

    13. Cook over an open fire with ease using a tripod grill.

    14. Or, DIY with a high-suspension bar over the fire.

    15. Get the right cast-iron cookware, because cast-iron and campfires go together so well, they are relationship goals.

    16. Use that cast-iron skillet for a one-pan breakfast that's so good, you'll want to eat it twice.

    17. Learn how to properly care for your cast-iron so you can use it again and again.

    18. Or, skip all of the cookware (okay, you might still need a fork) and cook on hot rocks.

    19. Skewer up some sausage, onion, and pepper kabobs for a convenient campfire meal.

    20. Save tons of space with a compact 12-piece campfire cooking set.

    21. Or, skip the set and opt for the compact cooking stove on its own for camp coffee in minutes.

    22. Sure, you've fire-baked potatoes before, or baked them in hot coals – but have you turned them into s'mores?

    23. Satisfy your popcorn craving with some kernels and a soda can.

    24. Make a super easy pancake batter that will have you ~flipping~ out.

    25. Get ready-to-go eggs by scrambling them beforehand, and storing them in a water bottle.

    26. ~Sandwich~ a grilled cheese over the open fire in a broiler basket for the perfect campfire snack.

    27. Invest in a quality camping thermos to keep your coffee, tea, and soup hot for hours on end.

    28. Make single servings of coffee with this coffee filter hack.

    29. Disinfect and clean your cookware with salt.

    30. Tired of cooking? Pack a frozen pizza and throw it on the grill.

    Oh, delish.

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