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    41 Father's Day Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything

    OK, maybe has everything but these gems.

    1. Magnetic grill lights that I'm sure even Hank Hill hasn't heard of!

    reviewer photo of the lights on a closed grill illuminating the area

    2. A season of Aerial America for when he wants to take in gorgeous, narrated views without leaving the couch. (And perhaps discover Carhenge, like my dad did.)

    3. A Hunt A Killer subscription so you can solve your way through a (faux) case together, now that you've seemingly finished all the true-crime stuff on Netflix.

    the Hunt a Killer box

    4. A custom pet portrait to expand the family gallery wall now that your four-legged sibling is ruling the empty nest and getting the royal treatment.

    portrait of french bulldog head on person's medieval royal body

    5. A fill-in-the-blank book you can put down some of your favorite memories in and he can keep on hand for when he needs a pick-me-up or is just thinking of you.

    open book with written prompts about fatherhood

    6. Or a thoughtful letter set if you're more into the idea of individual letters he can open up at different intervals.

    open book of letters

    7. An engraved fly fishing box to ~lure~ him into doing his favorite outdoor activity even more often. (If that's humanly possible.)

    open fly fishing case on a bed of rocks

    8. A stuffed burger press because he taught you everything worth knowing about hot melted cheese.

    9. An eight-person tent that'll provide plenty of shelter for the fam on all those camping trips you have planned.

    10. A handmade leather belt to replace that one you've been wearing since he dropped you off at kindergarten because, yes, he taught you the value of a solid purchase but maybe it's time to retire that old model.

    person wearing the leather belt with brass hardware with a T-shirt

    11. An Echo Show to make hands-free calling super easy for your catchup sessions — especially if you live at least a few hours away and would feel better having video calls to see how Dad's doing!

    12. A custom peg family that'll nestle in with family pics on his desk at work.

    product shot of two peg parents, one holding a baby, and a peg child

    13. A Gillette heated razor made for a super smooth, soothing experience like a hotel towel shave. I gave one to my dad and he's a big fan!

    model shaving their face with a razor

    14. An album-centric book related to one of his faves, like Black Sabbath's Master of Reality or Neil Young's Harvest, to bring fresh perspective to some familiar tunes.

    15. A pair of blackout sunnies for sleeping. Or looking cool. Both OK?

    person sleeping on a plane wearing the sunglasses

    16. A super soft pair of novelty socks with a few of my favorite things on it. Maybe take him to a beer garden for Father's Day? There are worse ideas.

    sock with a cartoon print of beer steins and pretzels

    17. A customized skincare regimen because you recently discovered he's been washing his face with that green strong-smelling soap (you know the one!) after he complained about his face feeling dry and weird.

    group of skincare products

    18. A pair of enamel pins for your hometown library's most loyal patron, especially since he discovered the branch's e-book offerings and has been speeding through them.

    enamel pins made to look like a library stamp and library checkout card

    19. But if he's in need of a new e-reader, a waterproof Kindle could be just the thing for the main man who has gotten so sucked into a tome that he spilled a mug of coffee all over himself. Multiple times. It happens!

    20. A fancy Roomba robot vacuum with Alexa connectivity you and your siblings can go all in on because he's obsessed with gadgets and could use another pet.

    product shot of vacuum with app on smart phone

    21. A special cereal bowl because apparently no matter how old you are, getting the perfect non-soggy cereal/milk ratio is humanly impossible. *Also* it has a grip on the bottom that makes it easy to hold while eating on the couch.

    cereal bowl with a separate part for the milk

    22. A set of NES coasters so he can wax poetic about his OG standbys without compromising the coffee table finish.

    the coasters with a coffee mug

    23. A Super NES Classic in case you'd like to wax poetic on something you're actually playing rn. Plus, these have the games built right in so there's no worries about keeping track of game cartridges!

    The Super NES Classic

    24. A ~customized~ Levi's trucker jacket you can have embroidered with something that's uniquely him, putting it in the running for outerwear nearly as cool as that jacket with fringe on it you found a pic of him wearing in high school.

    person wearing the jacket

    25. A decorative wooden duck decoy that'll make a cool accent anywhere.

    the lifelike duck decoy

    26. A GoPro combo pack with everything he needs to capture all sorts of ~wild~ adventure, even if for the moment those adventures are regelated to mountain biking in the woods behind his house.

    27. Flex Seal to play around with in areas that could use a flexible barrier, like an unfinished basement, backyard pond, workbench, or hand tools.

    person painting flex seal onto a table

    28. A handsome wallet made from a used MLB jersey that'll help him rep his team on the reg.

    29. A fresh team T-shirt in a cool design he's allowed to wash, unlike that one special jersey.

    red Chicago Bulls shirt

    30. A luxurious scented upgrade to Jo Malone or Maison Margiela everyone will appreciate.

    31. A scrimshaw knife-making kit so he can craft his own masterpiece because he can't get enough of Forged in Fire.

    scrimshaw knife

    32. A spice grinder he could probably use for grinding an assortment of wonderful things!

    the grinder

    33. A tortilla swaddle for the dad who already has an Insta handle reserved for the next kid.

    baby sleeping in the tortilla swaddle

    34. And a matching adult burrito blanket so he has as many chances to make the joke that he's a total snack... because he just learned that joke.

    35. A tasty pool float in the form of a pizza slice or a tricked-out floating canopy as an Insta-worthy lounge spot this summer.

    36. A funny mug to help fuel your D&D games.

    coffee mug with "Guess I'll just Die" and a Dungeons and Dragons die illustration on it

    37. And a coffee subscription that'll help him fill up his new coffee mug.

    person holding mug of coffee and the coffee package

    38. A BBQ-of-the-month club in case you want to help feed him for a few months with stuff like Memphis ribs, sliced brisket, and other carnivorous treats.

    table setting of rack of ribs

    39. A Jack Black travel toiletries kit that'll take the hard work out of second guessing if the hotel bar of soap is OK to use on his face. (It's not.)

    the kit

    40. And a travel shoe-cleaning kit to keep his kicks in tip-top shape on the road, too.

    the kit

    41. A scrumptious neck pillow that'll help you track him down in the airport STAT. Also if he loses it, he'll easily find it.

    person holding the neck pillow that looks like a shrimp

    Now think about your dad. What's your dad like? Then apply that info to pick out a gift (obviously).