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18 Clever Ways To Spend Less Money This Month

Tiny investments and strategies that will make a noticeable impact on your bottom line.

1. Eat well on only $4 a day with this genius cookbook written with food stamps in mind.

2. Scan your Walmart receipts into the Savings Catcher, which will comparison shop retroactively for you.

3. Pack this collapsible water bottle the next time you travel to avoid buying a $5 water bottle after making it through airport security.

4. Follow your heart and buy the bigger bottle of hot sauce because you know you're going to use every last drop anyway.

5. Before you shop for new spring clothes, rediscover your old stuff by sticking to a different category for each week.

6. And then if you do shop for some new spring clothes, prioritize spending at stores with the best return policies so you won't get foiled by a purchase you regret.

7. Invest in a cauliflower prep tool to dismantle the core of this veggie that also happens to be ~cheaper~ in March.

8. Keep track of coupons and weekly circulars for your favorite stores with the Flipp app so you don't have to tote along an accordion folder of coupons everywhere.

9. Visit your friends who live in cool destinations for vacations with $0 lodging and quality bonding time.

10. And plan your vacations with a travel guide for broke people.

11. Use a ball of aluminum foil instead of a dryer sheet for as long as six months or invest in a set of reusable dryer balls to soften your clothes.

12. Create your own drawer dividers with a piece of cardboard.

13. Invest in a makeup spatula that will get every last drop of liquid products like foundation and fancy eye cream out of the bottle, (with a little determination).

14. Freshen your fridge with a container of used coffee grounds.

15. Use a paper towel to keep lettuce crisper for longer.

16. Make good use of the pasta that's already in your cabinet with some easy, meatless recipes because meat is $$$.

17. Save some change on utilities and keep your clothing in good condition for longer by line drying more stuff.

18. When you've been wronged, call customer service and complain! It can earn you a credit, lower rate, money back, and maybe even change taped to a piece of paper.

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