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31 Amazing Books That Just May Help You Be An Adult

Even literary tomes from the 1850s are still relevant to modern life, y'all!

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which books have helped them adult. Here are their tried-and-true recommendations:

1. Dog Medicine, a relatable memoir about the importance of practicing self-care, specifically in the form of dog adoption.

2. My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag, a no-shame guide on cleaning up stuff you'd have to Google to save face, like getting bong water out of your carpet.

3. The Tao Te Ching, which is chock full of simple, centuries-old wisdom that'll help you find peace and contentment.

4. Anything by Christopher Hitchens, who wasn't afraid to go there about subjects like religion, mortality, and historical figures.

5. The Namesake, a novel that follows a first-generation kid's struggles in dealing with parental expectations and honoring his heritage that anyone'll find bits of common ground with while reading.

6. This Is How, for an actually sufferable self-help book that will help you feel like you can climb over that wall, get out of the pit, etc., etc.

7. Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of advice columns from The Rumpus's Dear Sugar and other works that shows we all have more common ground than we think.

8. Mud, Sweat, and Tears, the TV star's tome about his novel-worthy adventures that'll inspire you to pursue your dreams -- even if they don't involve the outdoors.

9. The Anne of Green Gables series, for showing how to tackle life's mistakes...and hard lessons.

10. Breakfast with Buddha, a spiritual road trip (in the literal sense) that'll show you life through a stranger's eyes.

11. The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison's first novel that deals with the obsession with beauty and "normalcy" while growing up is a still-relevant read decades after its release.

12. The Defining Decade, which is actually applicable at any age.

13. Grace’s Guide, a funny read on stuff every adult has to deal with, like making friends and decorating your first apartment.

14. The Road to Character, in which the New York Times columnists traces how famous figures' decisions and struggles determined how history perceived their character.

15. Rising Strong, a social scientist's findings on the value of falling, embracing the resulting discomfort, and then trying again.

16. You Are A Badass, an occasionally swear-y guide to setting goals and actually reaching them.

17. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a wildly entertaining sci-fi read that'll help you deal with anxiety.

18. The Last Lecture, a fleshed-out version of a computer science professor's last lecture on seizing the moment and concentrating on living.

19. White Teeth, a tale of Bengali, Jamaican, and English people in modern London that's can help non-immigrants get a better hold on the immigrant experience -- especially in light of current US politics.

20. To All the Boys I've Loved Before, a YA novel about growing up and taking on familial responsibilities before you think you're ready.

21. The Boys in the Boat, the inspiring story of underdogs that went on to defeat Adolf Hitler's rowing team.

22. Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone, a quick hit on stuff you know you should be doing but need reminders on, like tending to your linens, sitting up straight, and other excellent mom-ish advice.

23. Women and the Blues, a thoughtful survival guide for coping with angst, name it.

24. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a classic worth revisiting through the lens of doing what you feel to be right, instead of what others have told you.

25. Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life, a vintage tome that promotes some LEGIT practices like a "facial" that includes washing your face, gazing upon your reflection, and then eating some candy.

26. Pretty Little Mistakes, a choose your own adventure-style novel that you can apply to your IRL choices.

27. Bridget Jones's Diary, a rom-com go-to that embraces the long journey for self improvement.

28. Fangirl, a coming-of-age tale about transitioning from the comforts of childhood to the intimidating challenges of adulthood.

29. Epic Fantasy as a genre, like The Hero and the Crown, and series like The Mazalan Book of the Fallen and A Game of Thrones, to name a few.

30. And David Copperfield, the 1850 Charles Dickens classic about the still-relatable theme of overcoming awful circumstances to achieve great things.

31. Fifty Shades of Grey, to help conquer any fears of reading potentially titillating (er, or embarrassing) stuff in public.

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