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    42 Things You're Probably Going To Want On Your Next Bad Day

    So. You had a bad day.

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    1. An I DEW CARE Mini Scoops set that comes with three skin nurturing and refreshing face masks — Berry Groovy which has glycolic acid, antioxidant-rich raspberry extract, and exfoliating strawberry seeds, Matcha Mood made with soothing green tea, skin-restoring vitamin B3, and cooling glacier water, and the colorful Cake My Day designed with hydrating rainbow sprinkles and a birthday cake scent.

    2. A pack of wine filters designed to remove sulfites and histamines from the one beverage you need on a poopy day — and maybe even the headaches you might get the day after.

    3. A linen pillow cover to immortalize one of the greatest moments in TV history and that you'll use to rest your head on while you rewatch The Office for the 782nd time this week.

    A customer review photo of their dog with the pillow case that says "dwight you ignorant slut"

    4. A Migrastil Migraine Stick that uses aromatherapy and essential oils to help you deal with those overwhelming headaches.

    5. A perfectly sized ceramic mug, because sometimes you just accept that you're going to have a cruddy day.

    A person holding The Golden Girls Dorothy I Will Not Have A Nice Day mug

    6. A cushioned foam acupressure mat and pillow set, because it's literally impossible to function at full potential when you're suffering from neck and back pain.

    7. An unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook filled with more than 100 recipes to help you recreate your favorite amusement park eats right at home.

    8. A pair of cotton crew socks that say "nachos" — honestly, with these and a plate of actual nachos I think I'd be set to ride out any bad day.

    A person pulling up the nacho socks

    9. A hefty little bag of what might honestly be the best non-chocolate candy the world will ever know — gummy peach rings! My mouth is literally salivating at the thought of them.

    10. A meditation coloring book filled with 75 patterns and images designed by a freakin' neuroscientist to help focus your brain, improve your mood, and get your creative juices flowing.

    11. A set of 50 adorably funny affirmation cards for help staying motivated on even the crappiest of days.

    The deck of Affirmators

    12. Or a deck of beautifully designed affirmations for help remembering how to love yourself — seriously, give yourself a break! Bad days happen even to the most awesome of people (aka you).

    The How to Love Yourself Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations

    13. A giant 750-ml wineglass you can fill with the optimal amount of a liquid you may *actually* need to help get through the day.

    14. A very handy guide book to work out all of life's problems — all of them.

    The cover of Knock Knock Inconsequential Dilemmas: 45 Flowcharts For Life's Peskier Questions

    15. A pair of super soft control leggings you can use to work out, stretch out, sleep off...honestly, whatever.

    16. An ergonomic and compact Shiatsu-style back and neck massager so you can literally deal with that pain in your neck.

    17. An Amazon Fire TV Stick for a solid day in front of your TV doing absolutely nothing — sometimes that's the best medicine.

    The Amazon FireStick

    18. A delicious box of British treats filled with 10 of the top-selling Cadbury British chocolate bars that you may or may not eat in one sitting.

    The box of British treats

    19. A mulberry silk eye mask for when all you really need to do is block out the haters who have really just f'ed up your day.

    A person wearing the eye mask as they sleep

    20. A timeless and totally seductive portrait — if this doesn't put a smile on your face, I dunno what will!

    The Seinfeld George: The Timeless Art of Seduction poster

    21. A super comfy pair of French terry knit sweatpants because nothing is better than slippin' into a fresh pair of sweats after a long day of wearing a different pair of sweats.

    A model wearing the joggers

    22. An inspiring weekly journal filled with activities, prompts, and encouragements to help you get it all out — and onto paper.

    23. A pair of the cutest and coziest animal-shaped socks that'll keep you mooooving when you feel like giving up.

    A variety of the fuzzy socks folded in a basket

    24. A super comfy embroidered Jen Zeano Designs sweatshirt that simply says, Feliz. Because sometimes we just need the reminder that we're generally pretty happy.

    A model wearing the Feliz sweatshirt

    25. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription so that you can get deliciously roasted beans from all over the world delivered to your door — just in time to give you that morning caffeine fix. Wouldn't want this to turn into an even worse day.

    A bag of their Honduras roast

    26. An uber-relaxing lavender candle that'll burn for up to 65 soothing hours — because, let's be real, sometimes bad days turn into bad weeks.

    The relax candle

    27. A pack of collagen-infused eye masks to help combat your lack-of-sleep look and any other general under-eye puffiness that tends to add to your bad day.

    28. A pair of ultra-soft MeUndies PJs already covered in an adorable noodle print so you won't feel bad when you inevitably spill on them.

    29. A subscription to Chingona Box, a delightfully curated assortment of products created by Latinx brands. Each month the box has a different theme of products that range from beauty to treats to office supplies.

    The Chingona Box

    30. A relaxing six-setting Moen shower head designed with the patented INLY Technology which allows you to insert custom aromatherapy capsules that'll infuse essential oils directly into your shower water — there are also dilution settings that let you decide how much you infuse your water, plus it has a powerful magnetic dock for the hand shower.

    31. Gmorning, Gnight!, an encouraging little book filled with affirmations and pep talks that'll help remind you of just how awesome you are!

    The cover of Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You

    32. An inspiring vinyl wall decal that'll be your daily reminder to leave your house and kick some serious ass.

    A customer review photo of the vinyl on their mirror

    33. A plush and ultra-comfy onesie, because some days the only way you're gonna get through it, is by curling yourself up in playful happiness and binge-watching 800 hours of Parks and Recreation.

    A person wearing the Walrus shaped onesie

    34. You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job, a delightful book filled with over 200 reminders of how absolutely incredible you really are.

    The cover of You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job.: And Other Reminders of Your Awesomeness

    35. A pretty awesome Make Your Own Face Mask kit that'll have you whipping up your self-care routine in no time.

    The face mask kit laid out

    36. A gorgeous rose-quartz roller and scraper massager for that just-went-to-the-spa feeling.

    The rose quartz roller and scraper

    37. A pair of earrings for a discreet way to show everyone how notorious you are on these streets.

    38. A set of letters you can write to your future self in anticipation of all the bad days life throws at you.

    The Letters to My Future Self notebook

    39. A nondated Simple Elephant daily planner with weekly and monthly review pages including pages to create a vision board and mind map so you always remember why you're doing what you're doing.

    The inside of the planner with a vision board laid out on the pages

    40. A loveable little ceramic planter complete with an adorable plant to keep you company on even the prickliest of days.

    The Costa Farms mini succulent in the love planter

    41. A cozy soy candle designed to smell like your favorite hoodie — what does that smell like you ask? It's aromas with strong notes of tobacco, musk, leather, and just a hint of vanilla.

    The hoodie candle on a nightstand

    42. And a pint* of Ben & Jerry's designed specifically for your pup! Yes! Ben and Jerry's makes tasty treats just for our favorite furballs now. The recipes are made using all doggy safe ingredients and are flavor approved by the 9–5 pups at the Ben & Jerry's offices.

    Here's to better days ahead!

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