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    28 Amazing Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products That People Actually Swear By

    Get your home squeaky clean without having to get any animals involved — unless they created the mess.

    1. A toilet bowl cleaner so your throne is as pristine as it should be.

    2. A glass cleaner that'll have you walking into your sliding glass door on the regular.

    3. Some baking soda cream and vinegar gel for an age-old cleaning hack in a convenient little bottle.

    4. Some disinfecting wipes to get everything super clean without having to pull out all your supplies.

    5. Some bleach-alternative pods because harsh chemicals are rough on your clothes — and your wardrobe is too cute for that.

    6. A stain and odor remover for when your pet decides to leave their mark on your new rug.

    7. A floor cleaner so you can have floors clean enough to eat off of.

    8. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend that should 100% be part of your cleaning arsenal.

    9. Some dishwasher tablets because whatever you use to clean your dishes, ends up on your plate, and eventually in your mouth.

    10. A wood cleaner to make all your furniture sparkle like it's brand new.

    11. A room freshener for those harsh smells that smack you in the face when you walk through the door.

    12. A carpet cleaner and deodorizer so you finally get your carpet back to its original color — we all know your carpet didn't come in that shade of brown.

    13. An all-purpose cleaner you can use nearly anywhere and not worry about any harsh chemicals.

    14. Some laundry detergent with a built-in fabric softener that'll leave your clothes smelling f#@%ing delightful.

    15. A bathroom cleaner, shower cleaner, and toilet cleaner because your bathroom should smell like a forest of eucalyptus and peppermint.

    16. A hand soap so luxurious you'll want everything you own to smell like it.

    17. Some dishwashing detergent pods that'll remove those caked-on food remnants you spend far too much time fighting.

    18. A stain remover tough enough to get those makeup, wine, and blood stains out — 'cause apparently you had a wild time last night.

    19. Some fabric softner for the softest, best-smelling clothes the world has ever known.

    20. A garbage disposal cleaner because that smell you haven't been able to find is probably coming from your garbage disposal.

    21. A essential oil that cleans and degreases, helping you get rid of all those price stickers you can't ever scrub off.

    22. A box of dryer sheets, a spot treatment, fabric softener, and some laundry pods so you'll have the freshest smelling laundry ever. EVER.

    23. An all-purpose cleaner made with essential oils so not only will you be cleaning everything you own, you'll be making them smell amazing.

    24. A dish soap that's not harsh on your skin — like actually!

    25. A hand soap you'll probably become addicted to using — it smells and feels that good!

    26. A non-toxic granite and stone cleaner because your kids spend too much time crawling around on your tile floors not to.

    27. Some lavender satchels to get your laundry and closets smelling like you actually live in the south of France.

    28. And a dish soap so lovely you'll never want to take it off your counter.

    All this stuff has me actually wanting to clean!