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24 Things You're Definitely Going To Want On Your Next Bad Day

All the things that could maybe help get you past a really shitty day.

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The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

1. This mug that's there to remind you that you'll make it through whatever challenges you're facing.

2. This eye mask that'll let you take a timeout from all the blah that's filling your day.

3. These sticky notes because, if nothing else, at least it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

4. This embroidery pattern that'll have you stitching out your new mantra.

5. This pillow cover that'll remind you that, no matter how this day is treating you, you're absolutely stunning.

6. This cozy-ass sweatshirt so you can get comfy and maybe curl up for a nap.

7. This print because how can any day be rough when somewhere, out there, there is a dog wearing a donut.

8. This coloring book that'll let you get your aggressions out in the most artistic way possible.

9. This pin because it's totally okay to be sad sometimes.

10. This movie because nothing will help you deal with this overwhelming sense of ickiness like the kids of America.

11. These face masks that'll surely cheer you up.

12. This portrait of your favorite curse word because today's the day to say it loud and say it proud.

13. This lipstick that you can treat yourself with on this crummiest of crummy days.

14. This notebook because, actually, maybe it will.

15. This bag of dark chocolate Milanos so you can relish in their perfect sweet deliciousness.

16. This book of feminist theories provided by Ryan Gosling, so that you can be soothed by his gentle soul.

17. This yoga mat that you can use while you stretch out and clear your head.

18. These socks because even if you're feeling down, your absolute bottom is still pretty badass.

19. These bath bombs that'll help you relax and keep calm.

20. This notepad that'll help you decide if you should blame this shitty day on your mother.

21. This giant wine glass that'll be filled with the real therapy.

22. This jellyfish light you can use to relax while staring at its glow of nautical nightlife.

23. These adorable little robots that just want to remind you that your are sucCUTElent.

24. And this body pillow so you can nap through grossness of this day.

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