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33 Cool Latinx Products You'll Wonder Why You Don't Own Already

Juan Gabriel mugs, check! Estar Guars sweatshirt, check! Celia Cruz children's book, check! All your money gone, check!

1. An absolutely perfect Paulina de la Mora mug, because if you're not watching House of Flowers on Netflix you need to go do that, like, RIGHT NOW. Go. Stop reading this and GO!

2. A cotton baseball cap to help you express all your frustrations without ever having to say a word.

3. A really awesome T-shirt you can wear around proudly while you live the American dream.

4. A delightful bilingual children's book to teach everyone exactly how they should say "sugar" in Spanish.

5. A very classic tee, because chisme does a body good and you're proof of that.

6. A set of opaque nail decals your mama said you have to buy.

7. A Mexican-made Luis Miguel enamel pin, because did you watch the Luis Miguel series?? The drama around the iconic singer's life is SOOOOO real and I can not wait for Season 2.

8. A cozy sweatshirt so you can show everyone the correct spelling of your favorite movie. (You can wear it while you parquear the car in el parking when you go ver el show in el shopping — just don't forget to Googlear the movie times and get el ticket before they sell out.)

9. A super-cute mint green T-shirt, because you've been making this face for years and it never got stuck that way — so your mom can relax!

10. A deliciously scented tamale bubble bar made with clove and apricot so you can make bath time even more of a gift — and have something to unwrap.

11. A splurge-worthy jacket for when you're ready to mueve, mueve la cintura.

12. A very spiritual veladora pin, because sometimes you just can't make it home to have your grandma pray the bad juju away.

13. A colorful ceramic mug to share with your querida — now sing it with me, QUERIDA!!!!

14. A comfy T-shirt with today's breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials clearly displayed right on the front.

15. A water-resistant vinyl sticker that honestly just makes me think of every badass woman in my family.

16. An enamel pin for when you're feeling a little under the weather — or have an allergic reaction to something, or need surgery, or broke a bone...whatever it is, it'll cure it.

17. A Selena car freshener that even your carcacha needs.

18. A pan dulce fan club patch you should rock with pride — and be self-concha about wearing.

19. A comfy hooded sweatshirt that's almost as soft and cozy as a hug from your mom.

20. A delightful little bracelet for when the tea is hot and you're here to sip it.

21. A gold-plated pin you're gonna have to wear when you're celebrating the awesomeness of being bilingual.

22. A bright and attention-grabbing T-shirt to show everyone just how sophisticated your taste is.

23. A cotton baseball cap that'll confirm all the fears people have when you start speaking in Spanish in front of them.

24. A practical and encouraging canvas tote to remind folks to share the opportunities that vast country holds.

25. A cozy oversized sweatshirt...honestly I don't even know if this sweatshirt is that great but this abuelita rocking it is so badass, I love her so much and I'll buy whatever she's selling.

26. An almost too-perfect T-shirt that shows exactly what you're made of.

27. A handmade pin, because, as your mother would always tell you, the spiritual world is not to be messed with.

28. A cute AF relaxed fit T-shirt designed with an updated take on the classic loteria characters.

29. A heart-shaped balloon to gift the baddest b!T@# you know!

30. A pack of three relaxing elotitos preparados made with patchouli and cinnamon bark so your bath can be as much of a treat as the real thing!

31. A perfect and comfy T-shirt, because you have no shame in your game (nor should you)!

32. A bubble enamel pin to help give you a little encouragement every day.

33. And a cute AF crop top that isn't a threat — it's a promise.

Goodness, it's awesome being Latinx!

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