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    57 Gifts You Don't Have To Worry About Them Getting From Someone Else

    "Omg – how did you find this?" —them to you this holiday season.

    1. A pair of light-up chopsticks for when they need the help of the force to get them through a meal.

    2. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey you'll quickly wonder how you ever lived without! Seriously, it's spicy, sweet, and tastes SO good on pizza.

    3. A desktop Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy. Hi. I'm Elena, President and CEO of Elena's Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Emporium and Warehouse. Thanks to a shipping error, I am now currently overstocked on Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guys and I'm passing the savings on to yoooou!

    4. A delicious box of British treats filled with 10 of the top-selling Cadbury British chocolate bars that they may or may not eat in one sitting.

    5. A fierce AF mad libs you'd better buy bitch or risk being forced to sashay away.

    6. A set of 50 perfect little vinyl stickers they can use to fully describe their day to life in the office.

    7. A super helpful chart filled with all the best insults they could ever possibly deliver to all their foes.

    8. A magically inspired cookbook filled with the recipes that all your favorite wizards would probably love.

    9. A changing sequins pillow cover that transforms from a sparkling piece of home decor to one of the greatest moments in TV history.

    10. A box of tea filled with delicious flavors and amazing literary quotes — these bags are just asking to be in the opening credits of a rom-com!

    11. A charming 300 large piece jigsaw puzzle to help them see their inner strength.

    12. A pair of cozy crew socks that'll make the kind of demands that need to be made.

    13. A bidet, because I can almost guarantee it'll change their life!

    14. A coloring book filled with 37 of the most notorious serial killers the world has ever known...and they get to bring them to life with their mad coloring skills.

    15. A pack of ultra-moisturizing face masks formulated with mineral-rich Icelandic water and a perfect mix of vitamins to help them get the bright and clean skin of their dreams.

    16. A dino-mite coated bronze T-rex necklace with a super-sweet and loving message printed on the packaging making it the perfect gift.

    17. A pair of adorably grinning running socks that are just proud of them for living that healthy lifestyle.

    18. A delightful ceramic toilet planter that isn't poopy at all.

    19. A pack of really yummy ChapStick that'll have them asking for some more.

    20. A copy of The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse for all their end of the world survival needs — because the end of the world is coming y'all. There is just no way it's not.

    21. A handmade bourbon lip balm so they can wet their whistle even when they're not having a drink.

    22. A pocket-sized drawing journal filled with 642 prompts to help bring out their inner artist.

    23. A gorgeously scented soy candle, because they don't need no man IRL.

    24. A scratch-off bucket list poster so they can mark off places, classic movies, or songs as they discover and explore them.

    25. A pop-up encyclopedia about dinosaurs that'll be a roaring good time.

    26. A Squatty Potty — I promise you, they'll thank you later.

    27. A copy of Monopoly Cheaters Edition for your brother — that momma's boy has been skimming those multicolored dolla' dolla' bills for too damn long and it's time he paid.

    28. A portable Bluetooth mini printer that'll have you turning your fire Instagram pics into IRL framed beauties.

    29. A very magical game of Uno that'll have them putting a vanishing spell on all their cards and yelling "UNO!" in no time.

    30. A very handy book that could honestly, save their life — or just answer all those questions they're maybe too embarrassed to even google.

    31. A comfy crewneck T-shirt so they can commemorate one of the most cringe-worthy and awkward moments in television history.

    32. A bag of Death Wish — the world's strongest ground coffee, because maybe you actually don't like them all that much.

    33. An intelligence boosting Jeopardy trivia book to help show off their endless knowledge of random information and an Alex Trebek doll, because who else would they be talking to when they say, "I'll take 'Awesome Christmas Gifts' for $800, Alex."

    34. A handy cookbook because they, like myself, aren't Veggies number one fan.

    35. A super relatable and very therapeutic coconut, vanilla, citrus, sea salt, plum, cardamom, and dark musk Cancelled Plans candle, because maybe you can't afford to pay off their loan but you can help them align the money gods.

    36. A dinomite paper towel holder they could also use for their toilet paper.

    37. An enticing 2020 bubble calendar so they can literally pop-off every day of the year.

    38. A perfectly plush Kidrobot toy they'll just want to avo-cuddle.

    39. A comfy crewneck T-shirt celebrating their favorite game in the whole world.

    40. An unbelievable sweet Homesick x Dunkin' candle, because they run on this stuff.

    41. A very competitive quiz book filled with 400 questions and 25 quizzes that'll get even the biggest Friends fan thinking.

    42. A set of handmade cat butt coasters — just get them these and don't say a word.

    43. An energetic enamel pin they'll wear to help keep them awake and feeling magical all day long.

    44. A delightful hardcover children's book filled with the kind of life changing advice only you can give.

    45. A classy scratch-and-sniff guide to learn all about wine!! Guys, it's an adult scratch-and-sniff book — I can smell the notes of leather and two-buck-chuck from here!


    47. A delightful mug to let them know how lovely they are — even if they prefer tea over coffee.

    48. A pretty super Lip Smacker's keychain so they can harness all their strength and prevent the evils of a chapped lip.

    49. A whimsical book of poetry for all the literary elites who run in your social circle.

    50. A linen and cotton tea towel, because, art.

    51. A pink velvet stool they can rest their little piggies on.

    52. A two-piece enamel pin set they won't want to let gogh of.

    53. A timeless portrait so you can teach them the intricate art of seduction.

    54. A beautifully detailed Fantastic Cities coloring book filled with images of Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Rio — just to name a few — that they can bring to life with color.

    55. An informative, handy, and definitive guide to knowing what creatures from our planet fart.

    56. A charming and delightful cookbook that'll fill your kitchen with so many yummy dishes your guests will be begging you to drop them while they're still hot.

    57. And a pack of puuuurrrrfectly illustrated playing cards any cat lover will find meowvelous.

    Their reaction when they see their gifts.

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